Portas Property Management

Portas Property Management – Buying a home is probably the most complex investment you will make and a lawyer will offer you legal advice on all the possible complications that may arise. In addition to vague and ambiguous terms, legal and property issues can happen. A lawyer’s role is to guide you through this process. From the beginning, he will offer you legal advice about the transaction and the tax consequences that may arise during the process.

Here at Portugal Homes, we have been listening to our clients for years to find the legal advice they are looking for in a law firm. Although all lawyers in Portugal are trained in the same way, we believe that companies that deal with international clients on a daily basis are more efficient and complete the process faster than lawyers working in most of the Portuguese market.

Portas Property Management

Portas Property Management

It is important to mention that real estate requires a lot of attention from the parties involved, as there may be unfamiliar processes during this transaction. To avoid inconvenience and loss, it is necessary to provide real estate legal advice.

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The attorney will take care of all the details of the transaction to ensure that your interests are served and the transaction documents are accurately reflected.

Remember that notary and legal representation are two different terms. While a Portuguese notary will only ensure that all property documents are in place and taxes have been paid, your independent legal representative will guarantee your property and contractual interests when you pay a deposit or sign a contract. Depending on the nature of the transaction, before closing the real estate contract, the lawyer should:

Get the investigation of the title of the property, assess the status of these titles and call Ask for appropriate legal solutions;

Guide you on how the topic should be received, as well as the impact it may have on your business.

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The real estate buying process does not have to stop if you want to travel back to your country. If you live abroad and have invested in Portuguese real estate (or are looking to), you will be represented by your lawyer. They should have a power of attorney (POA), which allows them to act on your behalf during the sale of property, transfer of ownership, signing of contracts, property lease or rental; Make sure your process will be in good hands.

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In addition to legal representation, supervised by your lawyer, Portugal Homes’ after-sales department can also provide financial representation during and after your purchase. All matters related to the Portuguese tax system and your own property can be taken care of, from attending the condominium meeting, visiting the apartment to check that everything is under the conditions you have seen and agreed upon. Learn how to become an After Sales member here.

Portugal Homes has many experienced and knowledgeable professionals working with established and reputable developers that Portugal needs. Our extensive experience helps us guide you through the best investment options.

Portas Property Management

Whether you want a vacation home or an investment property, we select the best units for your profile and take care of the entire process from start to finish. Even after the sale! Our after-sales service is responsible for decorating your property according to your taste, taking care of the property in your absence, managing the rental if you want to rent your property when you are not in Portugal and more!

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To learn more about our Portuguese non-resident program and our after-sales service, please fill out the form below.

Thank you Andreia Leite for the comprehensive and timely updates on the construction progress of the new development we purchased!

Ryan is an excellent real estate agent, he steered me in the right direction based on what I said was important to me. Living in another country, I am not as familiar with the city as he is. Where I think I want to live and what I need The reality is not the same. He took the time to listen and find the best spot for me, and we are very happy with it – more than we have ever been anywhere else.

The overall experience was great from tracking to after sales. I would like to thank Mr. Simon, Ms. Francisca and Ms. Mariana.

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George Hobson is a delightful young man, comes across as knowledgeable, experienced, hardworking, honest & disciplined; I feel very comfortable in my investment easily.

Luísa is very understanding, she knew exactly what we were looking for and even showed us and gave us many options to choose from. Very professional advice, hospitality and service. Why Rental Properties Should Have Outdoor Living Areas August 1, 2020 Top 6 Incentives to Invest in Multi-Family Real Estate August 10, 2020

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We know how difficult it can be to sell your home on a typical day. Now, pandemics are more complex, and the process is more complex. That said, it’s still a seller’s market, and there are more buyers than sellers, especially as orders at home begin to cancel. Again, this is a new experience for everyone involved. That is why Henderson Properties is using its real estate knowledge to make the process possible and safe for all parties. 1) Get it Virtual

Portas Property Management

As we’ve seen, technology has played an important role in keeping us connected during these trying times, and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. There are many ways that technology has helped in the real estate industry as well.

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For starters, a virtual tour is required. Videos of your home should be available online, and instead of an open house tour, you can provide a live, virtual tour of your home. You can stream this via YouTube, Facebook Live, or any other service available. To get started, schedule an appointment and share the necessary links with interested parties through your contacts. They should be able to connect and lead a live tour when setting up and interact or ask questions.

The tour isn’t the only step in the home selling process that can benefit from technology. In conjunction with your agent, you can review offers virtually through software such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, and WebEx without leaving your pajamas. Documents and proposals can be exchanged and discussed with all relevant parties. As the pandemic continues, many different platforms are offering free trials or features, so take advantage of it while you can.

Technology also helps in the process of signing documents. Currently, 23 states allow notaries and signers to complete documents while in separate locations, and that number appears to be increasing. Even if the state reopens, it is best to continue social distancing and stay home whenever possible. If you can avoid meeting the buyer or your agent in person, it’s a good idea.

One way to do this is by signing your documents virtually. Software companies like DocuSign offer platforms for secure document signing and sharing without the need for any technical expertise. You can exchange and sign many different documents such as closing agreements. or a letter offering to use these programs.

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Of course, you’ll need to show your home to interested parties, because no one wants to buy a home they’ve never been in. The first preventive measure you should take is to limit these types of displays to buyers who show that they are serious by providing pre-approved loan documents. They should have taken a virtual tour and seen the relevant documents before visiting in person.

Next, you need to take the appropriate steps to make your home safe, but keep it welcoming. Many agents include a display kit with gloves and disinfectant for potential buyers to use to keep them safe and help them feel more comfortable during the process. All parties should wear masks whenever possible.

While a home should always be clean before you show it to a prospective buyer, cleanliness is just as important. Make sure you are cleaning all high touch areas such as doors, drawer pulls, counters, and light switches. Better yet, turn on whatever lights are necessary so that no one touches the switch. On that same note, you can leave all the doors and cabinets open for less unnecessary contact. When the performance is finished, there should be another thorough sanitation.

Portas Property Management

It’s also a good idea to keep disinfecting wipes in your car so you can wipe the steering wheel and your hands before and after each interaction. While the days of catering and full house tours are over, for now, real estate shows must go on, and these tips can help you stay safe.

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As the pandemic spreads, more options are available for screening and assessment. Sellers should generally be isolated from inspectors who will follow all social distancing guidelines. Some lenders even allow an appraisal to be done by driving by the home and looking at photos

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