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Pindell Wilson Property Management Company – 1 EAGLECHASE HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION C/O PINDELL-WILSON PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY PO BOX RALEIGH, NC Fax FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS 1. Q. What is a Homeowners Association? A. A housing unit that is a corporation where all members agree to abide by a set of covenants and behave for the common good of the community. ANNUAL FEES 2. Q. What is my annual home owner tax used for? A. Your membership fee is used to pay for expenses that your association incurs and has budgeted for, such as landscaping, newsletters, electricity, water, insurance on common areas, board and officer insurance, management, legal fees, etc. 3. Q. Who decides what the quota is used for? A. The board of your association, which is elected by you, the homeowners. 4. Q. Will an invoice or bill be sent for my annual home owner’s fee? A. Your association or management company is not obliged to do so, but Yes. Pindell-Wilson Property Management Co. sends an invoice for your annual subscription in December each year for the following year’s subscription. 5. Q. What happens if I don’t pay my annual home owner tax? A. Three messages are sent, the invoice, a reminder and a final message. If the dues are not paid, your account will be transferred to a debt collection lawyer. Under the Statement of Protective Covenants for Eaglechase, the debtor (homeowner) is responsible for all legal costs/court costs, which may be expensive. A mortgage will be placed on the property. If the tax is not paid after the lien has been secured, the property will be forcibly auctioned and sold at public auction. If the property is not sold at the auction, the Home Owners Association has the legal right to take the property and evict the owner. 6. Questions. I thought my fees were included in my mortgage payment. Why do I get a separate bill? A. Your dues are not included in your mortgage, as are your insurance and taxes. Your mortgage company does not have an interest in the association, and therefore does not deposit your dues. BOARD OF DIRECTORS 7. Sp. Who handles the Homeowners Association’s affairs and is responsible for making decisions for the association? A. The Board, NOT the Property Management Company. The board supervises all the association’s operations, including the employment of a property management company. 8. Q. What is the purpose of the board? A. To lead and take care of the homeowner’s association’s affairs. The board is like the Raleigh City Council. The board’s main aim and purpose is to preserve, protect and improve the property values ​​in the homeowner’s association.

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2 9. Q. Who elects the board and how often are they elected? A. The homeowners elect the board. At the annual meeting each year, the board is voted in by the homeowners. The number of board members is nine (9). The term of office of three board members expires each year. The election period for board members has been postponed. Three members’ terms of office are for three years, three are for two years, and three are for one year. At the annual meeting, which is normally held in February each year, three board members are elected for a three-year term. The board members themselves elect their officials (pres., VP., Sec., Treas.) The board’s term of office is one year. 10. Q. I would like to address the board at a meeting. How do I do it? A. Contact a board member or Pindell-Wilson for the date and location of the next board meeting to get yourself on the agenda for that meeting. The board normally meets quarterly or more often as needed. 11. Question I am interested in serving on the board or on a committee. How can I get involved? A. Either contact a board member, Pindell-Wilson, or attend an annual meeting. Volunteers are welcome! ARCHITECTURE 12. Q. I want to install a fence on my property. What should I do? A. Submit a request and mail or fax the plans as to type, size, location and materials to be used to Pindell-Wilson at the above address. It will then be sent to the architectural control committee. 1. At the closing for your property, you received a deed. A drawing comes with the deed. (map with your house located on your plot.) Make a copy of the drawing and mark where you would like the fence on your plot. 2. Please indicate the type of fence you want, ie. dog-eared, shade, slated, picket fence, etc. (Draw a picture) 3. The maximum height the fence will be. 4. Mail or fax the request to Pindell-Wilson at the above address. It will be sent to the board/architectural control committee. 13. Question Why do I need permission to make changes to my property? I should have the right to do whatever I want since it’s my house!! A. When you purchased from Eaglechase, you agreed by deed to abide by the Statement of Protective Covenants for Eaglechase. These covenants limit your private property rights and stipulate many things that you cannot do, but they ensure that your property values ​​will be preserved, protected and enhanced. For example, it ensures that no one is going to build a truck garage next to your house, or put a pink fence around the yard. Having to obtain written permission from the architectural control committee before any improvements, modifications or changes are made assures every homeowner that nothing should be done in the community that would be detrimental to their property values ​​and their way of life. 14. Question Can I set up a mini satellite dish? A. Yes, but it should be placed in the backyard or at the back of the house if at all possible. 15. Q. I would like a storage shed or dog house in my backyard. Do I need permission, and if so, how do I go about obtaining permission? A. Yes, you must obtain permission for any exterior alteration, addition or alteration. Please see #12 above for the procedure.

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Pindell Wilson Property Management Company

Pindell Wilson Property Management Company

3 16. Q. What will happen if I install a fence, storage shed, shutter in my garage, or add a dog house (or make exterior changes, improvements, or modifications) and I don’t get permission from the Architectural Control Board? A. The Statement of Protective Covenants of Eaglechase Authorizes the Board of Directors to Enforce the Governing Documents. If anyone fails to comply with the covenants, rules and regulations, or the Board has the power to compel the violator to remove the improvement/alteration/addition by any lawful means. A court order may be obtained and/or the violator may be fined up to $100.00/day. If a fine is issued and the violation is not remedied within thirty days, a lien will be placed on the property and foreclosure will begin. This is for your protection to help preserve, protect and enhance property values. It prevents homeowners from making changes that could harm property values ​​in the community. 17. Q. My neighbor will not mow his lawn or keep his yard in a proper manner. What can I do? A. Contact a board member or Pindell-Wilson during business hours. A notice will be sent and if the violation is not corrected in a timely manner, a fine of up to $100.00/day may be implemented. You can remain anonymous if desired. HOME MAINTENANCE 18. Q. My heating and air conditioning system is broken. Does the homeowners association take care of this repair? A: No. Maintenance and repair of your plumbing system and any other repairs to your home are your responsibility, not the association’s. 19. Q. What will happen if I do not take care of my property, such as leaving trash in the yard, a junk car in the driveway, not mowing my lawn or trimming my bushes? A. You will receive a notice from the board/management company giving you a reasonable time to correct the violation. If not corrected within this time frame, you may be fined up to $100.00/day until the violation is corrected. 20. Q. Who do I call if my sewer line stops working? A Call a plumber. This is not the responsibility of the homeowner’s association or the management company. 21. Q. I have no water, who should I call? A. Whoever you pay your water bill to. This is not the responsibility of the homeowner’s association. 22. Q. When it snows, who is responsible for clearing snow on the streets? A. Wake County or DOT. The streets are county streets and do not belong to Eaglechase, therefore any problems should be reported to the county or DOT. GENERAL QUESTIONS 23. Sp. Children keep playing in my garden, what should I do? A. Contact the parents and try to resolve the issue.

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