Pilera Property Management

Pilera Property Management – Tools for property and rental property managers, owners and tenants. Grow your business and increase operational efficiency with asset management software.

At the heart of any successful tenant retention strategy is communication, and the industry’s leading property management software platform empowers managers to securely and quickly communicate with tenants at will. In addition, managers will immediately know who interacted with the messages to improve communication in the future.

Pilera Property Management

Pilera Property Management

Improve the effectiveness of your communications with tenants when they choose what they want to hear from you. Tenants can choose between text, email, and phone, and can receive messages translated into the language of their choice.

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Number all messages when sending messages using the active group sharing feature. Send messages to residents by specific sections of the property such as street, house, floor, unit, or by user type such as owner, tenant, manager, etc. You can even send email messages across your entire portfolio with dynamic sharing.

Track the status of your incoming and outgoing messages. Check the status changes when the message is sent and when the tenant picks up their phone, opens the text message, or clicks the link in the email. You can even see when tenants respond to ads.

Whether you’re trying to reach all of your tenants or just a group of them, you need to make sure your message gets across on time. Built-in security technologies such as an automatic review system, automatic reporting, and application checks for invalid contact information ensure that you stay in touch with your residents.

Dramatically reduce resident response time and ensure optimal service with work order and vendor management tools that work seamlessly together.

Communication For Property Management

Stay up to date with dealer news, dealer estimates, and receive warranty expiration notifications so you know who to send the job to. When you assign a ticket to a vendor, you can do a quick search to find exactly who you need and notify them automatically.

Know when to change your maintenance work or when you are successful. Generate claims reports that let you know the workload of the workers, the tickets produced by each building, and track job details such as hours worked or resources used.

When the company’s reputation is on the line, you need to make sure you can answer any questions the tenant may have. provides a complete history of events and ticket contacts so you know what’s going on.

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Pilera Property Management

Your system should notify you when a new work order is assigned or when a problem occurs. With automated reporting and tracking capabilities, managers can receive updates on work order tickets, task assignments, ticket updates, and more!

How To Win New Business In A Competitive Property Management Industry

There may be a lot of customer support software out there but none is built specifically for the property management industry. lets you manage resident support requests from start to finish and provides an easy-to-use help center so your tenants get the best customer experience they deserve.

What differentiates it from the competition is the ability to track support tickets either at the unit level or at the population level. View all tenants connected to a group with group history so you can quickly address their needs.

Through the support dashboard, you can easily monitor staff workload and determine if resources need to be changed to improve productivity while providing the best service to your tenants.

Administrators can assign tickets for monitoring to all administrators in the system so that no support ticket falls through the cracks. Additionally, set specific dates so you know exactly when it’s time to check in with your tenants.

Property Management Collaboration

Create a satisfying customer experience through a searchable knowledge base where tenants can find answers to their questions. As an added bonus, the knowledge base is a great place for your staff to refer to internal articles when helping tenants.

The best way to deliver an enriching customer experience to residents is through a portal, accessible 24×7 and through any device! The good side – managers can save a lot of time when tenants and owners update their personal information!

The portal integrates with other functions to allow residents to update their profile, view group information, choose how they want to hear from you, request services, and more.

Pilera Property Management

Improve collections by giving residents a convenient way to access their financial history and make payments online. integrate with CIT, Paylease, and any bank of your choice so you can collect money without any hassle.

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Residents can submit maintenance requests with photos and documents. Administrators may choose to notify residents of work order progress at each stage.

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Connect your tenants and owners to their home community with a database that includes information on all groups and communities. They can view messages, documents, events, FAQs, resident directories, and more.

Streamline management throughout the rental period with robust data tracking from lease to tenant. Track the history of the entire group with powerful asset management software.

Add new tenant user types and track important rental information such as move-in and move-out dates, billing frequency, rent amount, deposit and more! and partnership agreements.

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Notify owners and tenants via text, email and automated phone calls. Find out what has been delivered by saving messages & analyzing messages.

Re-energize your support team with the easiest customer service and help center tools in the property management industry.

Enjoy owners and renters with centralized and independent access to access information about the community or building. A happy citizen is a knowledgeable citizen.

Pilera Property Management

Have worked with an account provider. No worries. Integration with industry-leading accounting software brings together all owner and tenant data as well as financial balances.

Pilera Software Reviews, Prices & Ratings

Never feel alone when managing your community. Our support team works proactively to help you succeed through extensive training and fast response times.

The best communication platform designed for community organizations and property management. Send announcements to a community or an entire building based on each resident’s preferences.

Re-energize your team with the easiest customer support and help center tools in the community and property management software industry.

Enjoy ownership with central and personal access to access information about any community or property. It’s a great way to bring your community closer together.

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“It’s very easy for us to promote other management companies because the communication and results have made Excel a better management company. Our customers are happy with the results and our employees are more productive because of it.”

“It has been beneficial for us internally and externally. In addition, the proposed action is very useful in providing information to the Board about what we have done vs what a resident might say. Finally, the user experience that is generated by the whole system…We made this change for the Company after deciding which way to go because this is the best option to serve customers and employees in better way.”

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“As I told you before as a new user, I am happy with the ease of the whole system! The system made my adjustment to my new job very pleasant. I have worked with many programs I have been a Property Manager for many years and it has always been the most user friendly system I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I can go to the system to find most of the information I need during of the day to serve the assets we manage without any problems.”

Pilera Property Management

We love it and it is an essential tool in our daily communication with the owners of the organization. More and more owners are using the program every month and we have a very high success rate, especially with new organizations that have been introduced from the start.

Citiscape Property Management Group

I wish we would use it more because we can use it for so many additional things. We’ve made an effort to learn and use the features they keep adding. The program is very easy to use for administrators and users.

TOPS integration works well and if we need something from support (which is rare), they are very responsive and friendly. They even check in from time to time to see how things are going. is a great company to work with and a great addition to our ability to provide 24/7 access and information to our owners.

“The emergency situation in Monarch Bay was amazing. The Sheriff’s department issued a lockdown and we were able to communicate what was happening to the entire community. It was NEEDED these past few days as- Try to get everyone in the know.Send to the entire community with just one click.

If you replace even one letter of the statement, it will pay for itself if it provides many additional features.

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