Pietas Property Management

Pietas Property Management – PIETAS Property Management is a full-service property management company based in the South Los Angeles area. Our goal is to make your landlord experience as easy as possible to take on the huge responsibility that comes with home ownership.

Professional photos of your property will be taken by a licensed photographer. We will then post the photos on various websites (Zillow, Facebook) for renters to view.

Pietas Property Management

Pietas Property Management

All prospective tenants must undergo an extensive PIETAS tenant background and credit check to avoid future confusion.

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Our team of licensed and insured maintenance and service professionals are always on call to solve property problems.

We will be responsible for collecting all rent from tenants on the first day of each month.

“I own several properties around the Los Angeles area, and Pietas helps me take care of all of those properties so I can focus entirely on my day-to-day work.”

“Whenever there’s a problem at home, I’ll call the manager and he’ll fix it within a week. I like that.”

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Our team works around the clock to ensure that we have quality tenants to occupy the vacant plots.

Handing over to the host can be a huge headache; So why not leave us? All you have to do is pay the rent we collect from your tenants.

We manage properties in different cities throughout LA County. This requires us to have staff in close proximity to these facilities to provide quick responses when needed. The Roman gods most widely identified today with their Greek counterparts (see interpretatio graeca); Greek mythology, Figures and Sometimes Combinations Latin literature; Religious traditions were experienced throughout the empire, including Roman art and religious life into Roman culture. Many of the Romans’ own gods were known only by name, and sometimes clearly existed only through incoherent inscriptions and texts. This was perpetuated or revived on the so-called “numerical” cultures of those gods belonging to the ancient religion of the Romans, which came from the time of the kings. Some ancient deities have Italian or Etruscan imitations, as identified by conflicting sources and modern scholars. throughout the empire; People’s deities in the provinces were given new theological interpretations in light of functions or attributes they shared with the Roman gods.

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Pietas Property Management

Augustus “High or August” (masculine form) is his special status; A title bestowed on Octavian in recognition of his extraordinary power and the apparent divine approval of his principal. After his death and illness, each of his successors was awarded the title. It became a ubiquitous title or honorific for regional deities, including the Lares Augusti of local communities and obscure provincial deities such as the North African Marazgu Augustus. A ground-level feature of emperor worship is considered the expansion of the empire, honoring the preeminent deities of Rome and her provinces.

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Augusta is the feminine form. alive An honorary title associated with the development and spread of the cult of Roman empresses, applied to Roman empresses whether or not deceased. The first Augusta was Octavian’s wife Livia, Bona Dea; Ceres, Juno, It is shared by goddesses from various countries, including Minerva and Ops. many minor or local goddesses; by female personifications of Imperial virtue such as Pax and Victoria.

Bona Fortuna (“Good Fortune”), Bona Ms (“Good Thinking” or “Sound Mind”) and Bona Spes (“Right Hope,” which can be translated as “Optimism”). Perhaps most prominently with the Bona Dea, a ritual honoring women within the Republic. Bonus Evtus, The “good result” was one of Varro’s twelve gods of agriculture, and later represented success in geral.

From the medieval imperial period; Caelestis, The title “Heavly” or “Celestial” is the only one; Attached to many goddesses that include aspects of the Supreme Heavly Goddess. Dea Caelestis was identified with the constellation Virgo (“the Virgin”), holding the balance of divine justice. In the Metamorphoses of Apuleius;

The protagonist Lucius is Regina Caeli to the Hellistic Egyptian goddess Isis. Ceres as “Que of Heaven” Described as “primary care unit”; Heavily Vus (Vus Caelestis); Diana or Artemis worshiped at Ephesus; Or Proserpina, the triple goddess of death. Juno Caelestis is the Romanised form of the Carthaginian Tanit.

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Grammatically, The form Caelestis may also be a masculine word, but the same function for a male deity is Caelus Aeternus Iuppiter, Often described as “synchronized with Caelus in the eternal sky”.

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Invictus (“Unconquered, Invincible”) was used as a divine epithet as early as the 3rd Ctury BC. During the Empire period, Jupiter Mars It expresses the untrustworthiness of officially accepted gods such as Hercules and Sol. coins, Mercury on calendars and other inscriptions; Saturn Silvanus, Fons, Serapis, Sabazius, Apollo and Gius can be found as Invictus. Cicero considers it to be a regular epithet for Jupiter, possibly a synonym for the Omnipots. It is also used in the Mithraic mysteries.

Mater (“Mother”) is an honorific who respects the authority and functions of the Mother Goddess; “Motherhood” is not required per se. Early examples include Terra Mater (Mother Earth) and Mater Larum (Mother of the Lares). The holy goddess Vesta, usually conceived as a virgin, was honored as Mater. A goddess called Stata Mater is a composite deity who preempts city fires.

Pietas Property Management

From the medieval imperial period; Mater castrorum et satus et patriae, where the emperor reigns; Military camps She became the symbolic mother of the Emperor and the Fatherland. The Gallic and Germanic cavalry (auxilia) of the Roman Empire’s army were called Campestres, titled “Mathers of the Field” (Matres or Matronae). Campus altars are regularly installed.

Restoration Of The Hall Of Honour Of The Town Hall And Its 17th Century Embroideries

The Gods are called Pater (“Father”) to represent their nobility and paternal care and the reverence with which they are worshipped. Pater to Dis, Jupiter Found as a part of Mars and Liber.

“The Great Mother” was a title given to Cybele in her Roman cult. Some Roman literary sources give the same title to Maia and other goddesses.

In invocations where Ev needs to be specifically named; Sometimes the Romans spoke of groups or collective gods rather than naming them as individuals. Some groups, such as the Camae and Parcae, considered a finite number of individual deities, although the number could not be given consistently across all periods and texts. However, the following groups are not less numerous.

The Di indigetes were considered by Georg Wissowa to be the indigenous deities of Rome, as distinct from the Di Novsides or Novsiles. However, there is no source that contradicts this dichotomy, which is not generally accepted among 21st-century scholars. There is no scholarly agreement on the meaning of the epithet indiges (singular); November means “nine” (novem) rather than “new”.

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Pater Familias « Imperium Romanum

The lestisnium was the place where the gods held their feasts, where they were seated on couches; Describing the lexicon of the twelve great gods in 217 BC, the Augustan historian Livy places the gods in gder-balanced pairs:

In addition to these divine male-female complementarities, the influence of Greek mythology contributed to the tdcy in Latin literature of the gods as “married” couples or (like Vus and Mars) as lovers.

Varro uses the name Dii Constes for the twelve gods whose gilded statues stood in the forum. These are also included in the male-female six pairs.

Pietas Property Management

Although no individual names are listed, they are thought to be deities of the lectisternium. Although a fragment from Nieus lists the same twelve deities throughout Livy’s lifetime. Juno, Vesta, Minerva, Ceres, Diana, Vus, Mars Mercurius, Jove, Neptune Vulcanus, Apollo

Chapter 2 Friendship And Social Formation In The High Middle Ages In: Friendship, Love, And Brotherhood In Medieval Northern Europe, C. 1000 1200

The Dii Constes are sometimes equated with Greek Olympians and Romans. The meaning of constes can be interpreted, but usually they mean the formation of a council or a consensus of the gods.

Varro, of Sabine origin, gives a list of Sabine deities adopted by Rome:

In other places, Sol Indiges, who has a sacred grove at Lavinium, is said to be Sabine, but at the same time equated with Apollo.

One of the subscribers said, “Many names have their roots in both languages. Trees that grow in both realms. Saturn, for example, has another origin here; Ditto Diana,” he wrote.

Ron’s Spotlight: However You View The Creation Of Great Britain, There’s No Doubt It Was Violently Opposed By The Majority Of Scots

Varro makes various claims for Sabine origins throughout his works, some more valid than others, and his list should not be taken at face value.

But the importance of the Sabines

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