Panhandle Property Management Sandpoint

Panhandle Property Management Sandpoint – The largest property management company in Bonner County, Idaho, Sandpoint Property Management, Inc. has been in operation since 1993, providing property management and consulting services for residential and rental properties.

The professionals at Sandpoint Property Management are dedicated to providing superior service through standard policies, procedures, and a customer satisfaction approach.

Panhandle Property Management Sandpoint

Panhandle Property Management Sandpoint

Ned has over 25 years of experience in real estate management. He provides management and consulting services to owners and investors and is the founder of Sandpoint Property Management. Ned holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agricultural Economics from Montana State University and is the president of the Inland Northwest Chapter of the National Association of Residential Property Managers. Ned’s wife has been trying for years to get him to seek help for his addiction to old houses. Read Ned’s Resume…

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Alice attended nursing school in London, England and earned a degree in Hospitality Management from Ohio State University. Alice was born and raised in Taiwan and is bi-lingual with Mandarin Chinese and English. Alice and her family recently moved to Sandpoint and enjoys cooking, biking, and hiking with her family when she is not at the office.

Jennifer is the Chief Financial Officer and CPA of Sandpoint Property Management, Inc. He has practiced public accounting for 22 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, with an emphasis in accounting, and is a licensed CPA in Idaho and Washington. Jennifer is also an economist (you read that right). Jennifer enjoys spending time with her family, flying, and swimming. Too much in that order.

Misty is highly organized, always forward thinking, and strives to go that extra mile for clients. His thoughtful, cheerful and caring nature is a perfect match for his relationship. It’s not every day you see someone who takes care of their customers right from the start. The camera loves Misty, and we all know she was a meteorologist back in the day.

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Gabe was born and raised in Boise Idaho. Gabe is a licensed Idaho Realtor, and prior to SPM worked as a maintenance technician for an apartment building in downtown Boise. Really fun; Gabe’s parents are bodybuilders, and Gabe was named IDAHO STRONG MAN in 2019.

Greater Sandpoint, Id Office Commercial Real Estate

Caleb was born and raised right here in Sandpoint, so he is familiar with the area and happy to help with any questions you may have! He attended school in Portland, OR and earned a bachelor’s degree. His problem solving skills and history in customer service will help you with any problems you may have with ease and enthusiasm. When he’s not at the office you’ll find him on the disc golf course, fixing up his RV, or honing his Kendama skills, which he plays on a professional level. No kidding, he’s a professional Kendama player.

Keith is a native of the Sandpoint area and wouldn’t have it any other way. He is the driving force behind our maintenance team and is now a MacGyver. He has a lot of knowledge of how to handle everything and he has different special skills than most other technicians. It’s hard not to feel mediocre around this guy. Keith prides himself on hard work and problem solving with a smile on his face. Keith enjoys working at home (not really, right?) and spending time with his wife and kids.

Jason was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi and received his degree in Psychology from Mississippi College. For over 20 years, he has worked in the retail industry as a Director and Salesperson for department stores and specialty stores. He was first introduced to Sandpoint in 2013 when he moved here to work for a local grocery store. In 2014, he moved away from Sandpoint, but it was still close to his heart and he decided to return to the area as soon as he could. In 2019, he returned to Sandpoint and started a new career in Economics at SPM.

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Panhandle Property Management Sandpoint

Adrian has lived in London, South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, New Zealand, Australia and Kirschberg Austria. He completed general training as an electrician in New Zealand and spent 20 years as owner/operator of Club Habitat, a hotel/bar in Austria. Have you talked to Adrian? May it make your day! We are not kidding. He is a convicted chocolate thief and an authority on Yak Butter.

Human Neighbors Present Challenges In Forest Planning

Born and raised in Washington state, Sam traded the rain for a day living outside of South Africa for five years followed by Texas! Ready again for four seasons, she is excited to live in Priest River and enjoy the natural beauty and lifestyle of North Idaho with her husband and pup named Pumpkin. With 4 years of experience in real estate management, Sam has found his favorite job as a Director because it combines his diverse knowledge, real people, and passion for the team to work with. Good and thoughtful service with the customer’s needs at heart. center when a natural person will work to show you around and answer your questions

The WaterLife Discovery Center is now open for the summer! The center is an educational and interpretive center on the banks of the Pend Oreille River near Sandpoint, Idaho.

Naturalists on Duty, or NODS, are available during certain days and hours, to show you around this beautiful fish and game treasure and answer questions. NODS are members of the Pend Oreille Chapter of Idaho Master Naturalists. The Pend Oreille Master Naturalist chapter has a strong base of members from across the Idaho Panhandle who enjoy volunteering and developing Fish and Game’s Waterlife Discovery Center.

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People are welcome to visit at any time to tour the property, but the house is open to the public when the naturalist is working. The property includes 3.5 acres of interpretive exhibits and 6.5 acres of woodland with trails and interpretive signs. It is home to white-tailed deer, moose, muskrat, mink, and river otters. Birds are available in abundance. Bald eagles, ospreys and waterfowl grace the river while woodpeckers and songbirds love the wetlands.

Hickory St #101 103 10, Sandpoint, Id 83864 2 Bedroom Apartment For $2,500/month

A small science house with short films, many exhibits, and a replica of the former director’s home in 1900. This hatchery is not used for breeding fish now, but the out to catch rainbow trout in the spring, coming from southern Idaho, before they are distributed to inland lakes.

Today, a partnership between Fish and Game, the Pend Oreille Master Naturalist Chapter, the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and the local community has created the WaterLife Discovery Center. Come visit this summer!

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