Owens Property Management Crested Butte

Owens Property Management Crested Butte – We invite you to join the group of passionate members who give annually to support the ongoing work of the Center.

Support the Center’s visual, performing, culinary and literary arts programs that further our mission, while enjoying exclusive perks and a superior experience.

Owens Property Management Crested Butte

Owens Property Management Crested Butte

At various levels of support, membership provides year-round access to special experiences and exclusive benefits, such as discounted tickets and classes, advance purchase privileges, premium seating, invitations to special donor receptions and other exciting offers.

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Note that only the portion of your contribution that exceeds the value of the goods or services you receive is tax deductible. The estimated fair market value of each membership level is shown below.

The Center’s supporters believe deeply in the Center’s mission and provide significant support for the Center’s activities. Unlike Front Row, Patrons can renew their commitment annually rather than pledging support for a ten-year term.

Front Row is a small group of people with deep ties to the center who receive a $100,000 donation commitment over a period of up to ten years. Funds support annual operations, including programming, education and staffing, as well as maintenance and upkeep of the Center’s new facility.

A big round of applause and thanks to these donors, whose frontline membership provides an important source of long-term, sustainable funding for the visual, performing, culinary and literary arts programs that advance the Center’s mission.

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A regular monthly membership is easy and convenient for you, and provides critical, ongoing support for the Arts Center.

Your monthly contribution in the amount you choose will be automatically debited from your checking account or debit/credit card. Your membership will continue until you instruct the Center to terminate. Your membership stays current, so you don’t receive any renewal notices, and your monthly contributions provide reliable income to support the Center’s performances, exhibitions and educational programs throughout the year. As a home for arts and culture, the Arts Center offers exciting opportunities. educational experiences to enrich and broaden the lives of our community.

As a truly unique and welcoming venue in Colorado, the Center for the Arts brings people together to share, inspire, educate, educate and enjoy art and culture.

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Owens Property Management Crested Butte

The Crested Butte Arts Center hosts popular events and a wide variety of indoor and outdoor attractions. Visitors young and old enjoy live music, dance and theater performances throughout the year, as well as art exhibitions, speakers and much more. For more than 20 years, the Center for the Arts has strived to provide arts and cultural experiences that inspire and entertain all audiences, whether they call Crested Butte home on a daily basis or just on the weekends.

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As the region’s premier visual and performing arts center, the Arts Center hosts events throughout the year on our outdoor stage, large indoor auditorium (the Steady Theater) and the Kinder Padon Gallery. and regional exhibitions. In addition to our popular events such as Alpenglow, Tour de Forks and Winter Season, the center proudly serves as the premier event venue for local community organizations. Together, we bring attractions like movie screenings and music festivals to Crested Butte.

The Center for the Arts seeks to enrich and engage the community in Colorado’s Upper East River Valley by enhancing artistic expression and cultural experiences. Our vibrant facility, diverse programming and community outreach provide a common ground for all our guests to experience art and culture in a new way.

During the 1860s and 1870s, Crested Butte, Colorado grew from a small outpost of 100 convicts and hunters to a thriving mining town. Coal and silver mines fueled a strong economic growth, and livestock farming soon followed. This boom was followed by a bust in the early 20th century. With the decline of the mining industry, many families found it difficult to make ends meet. The population dropped from 1,250 in 1930 to 259 in 1960, and children in grades 6-12 were forced to attend a nearby school.

The town slowly began to revive in the 1960s after the construction of a ski resort at Crest Butte Mountain. More recently, in the 1990s, prosperity returned to Crest Butte as other businesses flourished in the area, including a healthy tourism industry. Visitors began to come in the winter to ski and in the summer to enjoy the many outdoor activities, and the non-residents in these towns far outnumbered the 1,500 year-round population.

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The city’s economic renaissance has been greatly enhanced by the cultural life that has flourished in Crested Butte for many years. Even before its economic boom, the city was known as the home of artists, musicians and other creative people, which helped attract seasonal residents and tourists to the community. That reputation was cemented in 2013 when it was named one of the top twelve small-town creative hubs in the country by ArtPlace, a respected collaboration of national and regional foundations, banks and federal agencies committed to revitalizing communities through the arts. However, the award is based on the quality of performance and exhibitions at Crest Butte, despite the lack of facilities necessary to support this great creative work.

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The Crested Butte Art Mainstay was born in 1985, when a passionate group of local residents came together to create the Crested Butte Community Art Center. This determined team was able to transform an old county road maintenance garage into a 6,000-square-foot Performing Arts Center with a stage, lobby, art gallery, kit shop, two dressing rooms and a 215-seat auditorium. The attached outdoor garage – when opened – serves as a stage for outdoor events. The Arts Center was a catalyst in putting Crest Butte on the national map as a friendly haven for artists and musicians, dancers and actors.

Once a start-up, today the Crested Butte Arts Center is the cultural center of the Gunnison Valley, featuring live music concerts of blues, jazz, bluegrass, classical, folk, rock, country, funk and more. Our live outdoor concert series, Alpenglow, enlivens the community with free entertainment on Monday nights during the summer. Professional dance performances range from ballet to modern to burlesque. Travelers and local theater productions find a place in the center. The center also hosts the Crested Butte Wine & Food Festival in July with wine seminars, upscale dining events and food pairings. Many world-class artists have performed at the center, including Ario Guthrie, Junior Brown, Los Lobos, Robert Earl Keen and Lisa Marie Presley. Some of our guests may have seen these performers in New York, San Francisco or Dallas, but the intimate setting of the Arts Center provides a fresh perspective.

Owens Property Management Crested Butte

The center has a history of a vibrant culture of volunteerism, a strong can-do ethos and a deep sense of community. A mysterious presence lives in Crank’s Plaza. Some sinister figure impales a casual book lover heading to the Old Rock Library or an innocent boy heading to music class downstairs in Rowan Hall. The spear on top, the horned and empty eyes staring out of the rusted skull suggest his prey. Although the sculpture’s body is constructed from an ingenious combination of recycled metal parts, it seems to have a spring in its step. watch out

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A testament to the creative genius of Andy Bamberg, a beloved Crested Butte artist, philosopher and lover of life who passed away in 2009. Andy’s legacy lives on in the green metal chairs that grace the streets of our city; in special corner bicycle racks providing parking space; and is remembered by many of his Grumps following him down Elk Avenue to be burned during the annual fall Winotok bonfires. The world was Andy Bamberg’s art gallery. Always creative, always kind, Bamberg’s greatest gift, as a person and artist, is that he knows the self-portrait we all want to see. The stunning chair featured in the Last Steep restaurant was built by Andy Shawn Guerrero. Most of the parts used in the seat came from his shop with old town gas pumps.

It was prolific, and years before the story was christened the plaza (named after Bill Crank, who ran the city), Andy was looking for a place for the sculpture to live. Although it certainly represented the darker side of his life (Bamberg struggled with diabetes and related health problems), Town officials welcomed the piece and built a platform around it. Known to some as “The Bee” and to others as “The Spear Thrower”, part of his allure is his mystery. We’ll never know where Andy found all the random parts that this hunter created so harmoniously. We don’t know what he’s looking for, or do his horns represent strength, courage, or a relationship with a witch?

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