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Olen Property Management – Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, University of Southern California; Master of Science, University of Southern California; Master of Business Administration, University of Southern California

On March 12, 2008, billionaire Igor Olenicoff opened the doors of his Orange County real estate firm, Olen Properties, to a team of government investigators led by Kevin Downing, chief attorney of the US Department of Justice’s tax division. At the entrance, without losing love, Downing faces Olenicoff, saying “Don’t fool us!” adding reassuringly: “If you try, I’ll make fun of you!”

Olen Property Management

Olen Property Management

Olenicoff found himself implicated in the largest tax fraud case in American history. This wasn’t the first time a team of detectives had frantically burst through his doors. At around 6:00 am on a Monday morning in May 2005, 30 IRS criminal investigators invaded Olen Properties’ offices, his personal home, and his son’s home.

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After the 2005 raid, Olenicoff refused to work with prosecutors and practically put his fate in the hands of his lawyers; not a bad move, considering the outcome. According to Public Radio International (PRI), “In December 2007, he pleaded guilty to not declaring his overseas bank accounts and agreed to pay $ 52 million in back taxes, one of the largest individual tax cases in Southern California history. . He risks up to three years in prison, but does not serve a day ”.

So why, in 2008, are federal prosecutors at his door again? Considering he’s entirely self-made, you’d think he’d be satisfied with his he hundreds of millions and eventually billions of dollars in net worth. When he and his family came to America, they had nothing but $ 800 and four suitcases between them; with such a starting point and having come so far, why risk the trouble?

Igor Olenicoff was born in the year 1942. There is controversy about his hometown as he may not even be sure. What is known is that his parents fled Russia to a secluded mining camp in northern Iran when the Communist Party won the Russian Revolution and eventually formed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). His family had ties to Tsar Nicholas II, which at the time meant death or, even worse, being loaded onto a one-way train to Siberia.

As for the fate of the royal family, after being captured by the Communists, Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family were assassinated. History tells us that “late in the night of July 17, 1918, the Romanov family were awakened and told to prepare for another move. Always hoping to escape, the women packed their things and donned clothes in which they had sewn precious jewels, religious icons and a large amount of money. Then, unexpectedly, their captors turned on them, attacking them first with bullets, then with the butts of pistols, bayonets and even their own heels and fists.

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Community Concert Celebrating American Composers

At some point during this bloody episode in Soviet history, on the run for their lives, Olenicoff’s family moved to northern Iran. Here is the genesis of the debate on where Igor was actually born; Had his family left before or after his birth?

While growing up in Iran, Igor attended an English language school run by missionaries. When he turned 15, his family decided he would move to the United States. A point of historical importance, they must have moved in the wake of the Iranian coup of 1953.

During the Iranian coup of 1953, rumors circulated that democratically elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddegh was making moves to align with the Soviet Union. In hindsight, the United States and the United Kingdom have worked together to overthrow the Iranian government by fueling public fears of an impending Communist dictatorship.

Olen Property Management

The reality was that the US and UK only used the Cold War as a smokescreen as both countries were much more concerned that a significant chunk of the world’s oil supply might be in the hands of a power-hungry Mohammad Mosaddegh. He wasn’t really a Communist, however, using other Iranian influencers to tell people that he was sure he had stirred up civil unrest.

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Eventually, at the behest of the Western nations, Mosaddegh was removed and replaced. It is likely that, taking into account the region’s instability, lack of economic opportunity, and the ever fleeting fear of being repatriated from the Soviet Union, Olenicoff’s family made the decision to leave Iran for the distant shores of America. .

Leaving one continent for another is not an easy decision to make. Imagine the Olenicoff family huddled in their humble living room pondering their options. They had already carved out a kind of life in Iran since they fled Russia. Were they really going to throw away everything they had worked for up to that point, only to eradicate once again the uncertainty of starting over?

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Like millions of others around the world, amidst a bleak disparity, they have opted for all the opportunities that individual freedoms have to offer. Realizing that although they would leave everything and everyone they knew behind, as long as they had each other and an unwavering drive to become a better version of themselves, they could carve out some sort of life in the New World.

They refused to fall dependent on the deceptive hands of a Communist government and decided to put their fate under their control. This is the miraculous secret of America’s relentless success; a nation that invites those who are so motivated, so confident, so willing to risk everything to pursue their dreams.

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The flip side of America’s limitless opportunity is its lack of patience for the faint of heart; this is a land that owes its people nothing more than to safeguard with all its just forces the freedoms that offer the opportunity to pursue their own happiness.

Like any other newcomer, the Olenicoffs also encountered this harsh reality on their first landing in New York. Igor, his brother, his father and his mother had only $ 800 between them, four suitcases, and anything random they were able to mend inside their coats.

Shortly after arriving, they were robbed, catalysing their decision to move to the west coast; eventually settle in Southern California. Igor’s father Michael, a former engineer, started working as a janitor. His mother, Zina, worked as a maid.

Olen Property Management

It is not publicly known whether Olenicoff graduated from high school. Considering his circumstances than he is, it is more likely that he earned a GED and then enrolled in courses at his local community college. Regardless, PRI tells us, he worked shifts at a hardware store to pay for those lessons.

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According to Forbes, he then qualified “for a government grant to pay for his studies at USC, provided he works in the government or teaches after graduation.”

The same article then goes on to explain that he “met the requirements by teaching evening classes at Valley College (now called Los Angeles Valley College) in business mathematics for 4 years while working at Shell Oil and taking MBA courses.”

What made him work so hard at such a young age? Could it have been that due to a lack of friends and loved ones, there was nothing left for him to do but work on his own self-improvement? Was it simply he who fulfilled the destiny he desired?

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People are so caught up in the vast amount of wealth, villas, fast cars and private jets and they forget to realize that what made all of these things possible, tangible and real was what motivated this young man. to take extra shifts in the hardware store. If only there was a way to put that desire into words because, in that desire, true wealth lies.

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From being a shop assistant, after completing his college courses, he moved on to holding some sort of teaching role at a community college. At this point, he got a job at Shell Oil; it is not known how he got the job and in what position he started. What we can be sure of is that a person with Igor’s kind of work ethic won’t take long to reach the top. Not to mention the MBA he has completed in the meantime.

Olenicoff made the leap from Shell Oil to Touche Ross, an accounting firm that was eventually acquired by Deloitte.

While at Motown Records, he served as vice president and business consultant to Berry Gordy, helping to expand the company from Detroit and into Hollywood.

Olen Property Management

His time here may not have ended in the best of conditions as Olenicoff enlisted the help of legendary Los Angeles attorney Rob Kardashian to help him get the pay he felt the company owed him.

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Los Angeles – The lawsuit was filed in higher court here by Igor Olenicoff against Motown Record Corp of California, asking for $ 48,038, which he believes is owed to him for a two-year labor agreement he signed with the company l ‘December 8, 1970.

The lawsuit describes Olenicoff’s duties, outlined in his contract as “executive, managerial and supervisory”. Olenicoff claims he was discharged on May 4, 1971, after being paid $ 27,500. His deal included $ 30,

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