Oishi Property Management Las Vegas

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When most people think of Las Vegas, Nevada, they probably think of casinos, nightlife, and gambling. You probably think of it as a vacation destination and don’t know that millions of people call Las Vegas home. Pick up any apartment finder or apartment guide and you’ll likely see many different types of apartments for rent in Las Vegas. Areas with a lot of nightlife and casino resorts are more likely to have higher-end and expensive apartments for rent. These are areas where spacious studio apartments with the latest features and amenities are available, including indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, sports courts and even casino gaming areas.

Oishi Property Management Las Vegas

Oishi Property Management Las Vegas

There’s more to Las Vegas apartments than being close to world-famous nightlife, cuisine, board games and poolside cabanas. It’s true that tourism, gambling, shopping, and fine dining make up the majority of the economy in Las Vegas, but everyday life in Las Vegas isn’t all nightlife and casinos. People working in the region are employed in many industries other than tourism. The financial, insurance and construction industries have a major impact on the region’s economy.

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While life on the iconic Las Vegas Strip is easily considered hectic by many, food, drink and tourism make Las Vegas apartments a hot commodity. In constant demand, Las Vegas apartments fit all price points and accommodate both short and long-term stays. Those looking for a mid-season getaway are often able to rent Las Vegas condos for a few months of the year, while others can find long-term rentals at very attractive prices.

The cost of living in Las Vegas can vary greatly. Prospective renters who can keep a close eye on their monthly budget and have a list of features and amenities to consider will have no problem finding affordable Las Vegas apartments, studio apartments, and quality rooms for rent year-round. Using an apartment search toolkit can help potential tenants narrow down their search for affordable apartments to rent.

Las Vegas can be among the most difficult cities to budget for. Prospective tenants considering renting an apartment in Las Vegas are encouraged to consider the following rental tips when deciding which Las Vegas apartment is best for them:

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Before hiring an apartment finder or using an apartment guide, you should have a general idea of ​​what features and amenities you are looking for in a rental apartment. Do you really need to enter an on-site dog park? Is it really necessary for you to enter the exercise zone with a sauna? While it may seem nice to have some features and conveniences, you need to consider what it will cost you in the long run.

Desert Dandelion Ct, Las Vegas, Nv 89139, Usa

Ask around. Do you know anyone who has lived in an apartment complex or community before? Do the tenants who live there or do the landlord, property manager or owners have good things to say about themselves? Is the area around the property safe? If possible, consider talking to current tenants and get their thoughts on what it’s like to live in the community. Are there common complaints among current tenants? If so, maybe you can talk to the landlord, property manager, or owner to see how they handle the issues.

Considering how fast Las Vegas nightlife and casino resorts are changing, it’s possible that rental apartments can go quickly based on supply and demand. Once you’ve found your dream apartment for rent, studio apartment, room for rent, or cheap apartment, you should immediately call the landlord, property manager, or owner to schedule your visit and get going. You want to avoid the risk of losing the apartment to someone else because you didn’t move fast enough.

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Oishi Property Management Las Vegas

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Oishi’s Property Management

In this episode, we learn from real estate investor, author, and neurosurgeon Masaki Oishi why investing in commercial real estate is still a good idea. Masaki is also co-founder and chairman of MarketSpace Capital, where he leads large equity transactions and manages the investment committee. Masaki says that to be successful in commercial real estate investing, you need to choose your properties and submarkets well, and it helps to have a plan. It also provides guiding principles when searching for properties. Listen now and find out why commercial real estate is a good choice to invest in now!

“I try to give them real world experience, usually around 14 or 15, I start them. It doesn’t matter what job or responsibility you give them, as long as you make sure they take them seriously.” [0:02:10]

“We look at properties with some guiding principles. Of course, what we intend to produce is the affordability of housing. But we also look at other factors like sustainability and want to make sure that’s comprehensive.” [0:05:52]

Masaki Oishi, MD, Ph.D. He is a neurosurgeon in Houston. He received his medical degree from Cornell University, Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience from Rockefeller University.

Cook Islands Ct, Las Vegas, Nv 89139

Dr. Oishi has practiced medicine for decades and is currently a partner at the Kraus Back and Neck Institute. He is also the recipient of many awards and recognitions in the field of medicine and surgery.

While Dr. Oishi is a trained neurosurgeon with decades of experience, his other passion is real estate, which he has been involved in since he was 15 years old.

He has successfully invested in and sold commercial properties over the past 30 years and has a real estate investment portfolio of over $250 million in assets.

Oishi Property Management Las Vegas

In addition, Dr. Oishi is co-founder and chairman of MarketSpace Capital, where he is responsible for managing large capital transactions and chairs the investment committee.

Ws977: Why Investing In Commercial Real Estate Still A Good Idea With Masaki Oishi

0:00:00.0 APPARAT Welcome to the Property Syndication Show. Whether you are a seasoned investor or starting a new real estate business, this is the show for you. Whitney Sewell talks to the best experts in the business. Our goal is to help master the real estate syndicate.

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Whitney Sewell: This is your daily real estate syndicated show. I am your host, Whitney Sewell. Our guest today is Dr. Mas Oishi. Thanks for being on the show, Mas.

WS: Yes, I’m honored to be on the show. Not only is Mas a neurosurgeon in Houston, he is also the co-founder and chairman of MarketSpace Capital. He has successfully invested in so many commercial properties over the past 30 years and has a prime real estate investment portfolio of over 250 million assets. He just published a new book called Real Estate Prescription: A Physician’s Guide to Commercial Real Estate, I love the title, Mas.

Welcome to the show. Give us just a few minutes of your background over those 30 years, you know you were also a neurosurgeon. I sure need to get a few hours a week away from the real estate business there, right? But give us some background.

Mary Krell Oishi

MO: I started mainly in real estate, when I was 15, of course, real estate was owned by my parents, and since they were new immigrants to the United States, it fell to the oldest member of the immigrant family. real estate and so I was exposed to things like collecting rent and making sure insurance was paid, paying property taxes. At a fairly young age, I think many Asian families encourage their children to engage in this type of business experience early in life, and certainly mine was no exception.

WS: I wish more families would get kids into the business, don’t you? Or in a job or just to think like that. And any tips on this? Or did I… did you do the same? Or if you have children? Or any thoughts on this?

MO: Yes, I have three children. Sometimes I feel like I have more than three children, but I try to give them real life experience. Usually 14-15 years

Oishi Property Management Las Vegas

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