Odoo Property Management

Odoo Property Management – An Integrated End-to-End Solution that has all the features you need to run your Property Rental Business effectively and efficiently.

We provide an online Property Management Solution that covers all aspects of property management and operations, from acquisition, liability, management, responsibility, use, maintenance to the disposal of the property. In addition, it allows you to manage your property, staff and customer operations globally.

Odoo Property Management

Odoo Property Management

It includes all departments of your property management business, from marketing, sales, accounting to administration, available out of the box with odoo property management software. Being a simple yet easy-to-use powerful web-based property management solution, it helps meet the unique needs of all types of property management businesses, property agents and owners.

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Vacation rental management module is the best part of Odoo property management software. It has everything you need to grow your vacation rental business. Manage your guest interactions, reservations, check-ins, cancellations, communications, listings, etc., under one roof with Odoo vacation rental management software available as an out-of-the-box plug and play module.

Drive more revenue to your vacation rental business by listing yourself with listing channels like Booking.com, HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb and many more, which can be easily connected to the platform. These channel lists are automatically created by the vacation rental management module and kept in sync in real time.

Here you can create new Properties and you can view the Properties which are in different States such as Booking State, Available State and Lease State which can be further customized.

Here, you can manage all tenant details in one place including information such as tenant personal information, Property Name, Tenancy Start and End date, Total Rent and relevant Tenancy status.

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Here, you can create and view the Rent schedule of all Tenants and categorize it based on Day, Week and Month. On the right hand side you can see the date, the rent to be paid on it and the Calendar with the Sales activities.

Here you can create the maintenance record for the Property by adding details of the Maintenance, Cost against the job and the condition that will change based on their current status.

Here, you can create the Sales Agreement by adding the Agreement Details, Current Users, Customers, Start date and Contract Renewal date.

Odoo Property Management

Here, you can track the Sales activities and categorize the activities into New state, Qualification state, Offer state, Negotiation state and Won state. Through this you will be able to differentiate the activities and the next action plan for the acquisition of the Customers.

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Odoo Erp For Your Business

Keep track of rent arrears so you can tackle the problem before it gets out of hand.

Record all your property transactions so you know exactly where the money is coming from and going to.

Thousands of property managers and landlords save time and money every month with Odoo Property Management Software, whether they manage one unit or hundreds. Access the software from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, on any device.

Collecting rent online means no more trips to the bank. Plus, you can organize every aspect of your property management business, saving you time and frustration.

Odoo Vs. Sap Erp Comparison 2021

Between our tenant screening service and rental posting tools, fill vacancies quickly with qualified tenants and increase your bottom line. As a bonus, you’ll keep your expenses organized, preventing missed tax deductions.

Our services are intuitive, so much so that you probably won’t need the help of our responsive support team, but we’re available anytime if you do! The help section also has many easy-to-follow diagrams and training videos to familiarize you with our program.

Odoo property management software allows you to add various fields according to your needs. You can add fields such as Tenant details, rent schedule, income expenditure, document expiry, property by location, progression, building security, security certificate expiry to name but a few. Additionally, you can also set reminders for critical key performance indicators (KPIs).

Odoo Property Management

Odoo Property Management Software is easy to use and therefore allows even non-tech-savvy individuals to use it with ease.

Features Of Apagen’s Odoo Real Estate Management System

If you’re looking to get property management software for your real estate business, our experts are just a click away. Feel free to share your requirements and we will contact you within 1 business day.Main Apps Implemented: CRM, Studio, Inventory, Website, Email Marketing, Documents and Module Development for real estate and call center

About SAKR Real Estate As the first developer to innovate smart building in the MENA region, Sakr Real Estate is committed to establishing extraordinary developments. By bridging the complex world of advanced technologies with the simple comfort of a better quality of life, Sakr Real Estate designs unprecedented projects that will revolutionize the real estate sector. Sakr Real Estate develops and enriches human connection hubs by meeting market needs and aims to become a game changer in property development, management, marketing, and sales consultancy in the Lebanese and regional real estate markets.

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Sakr’s real estate activities, from lead management to listings and reporting, were done manually and relied heavily on Google’s online sheet functionality. At the end of 2019, following an increase in buying real estate in Lebanon, in just a few months the team’s inbound leads exceeded the tens of thousands. Managing the process on Google sheets was slowing down the team’s activities, preventing them from contacting their leaders in a reasonable amount of time and making management more difficult. Some of the challenges faced included:

The team at Sakr real estate needed a robust CRM and sales management platform up and running within a week that would cater to the specific needs of their business. After speaking with Gold Partner, Azkatech, the team was introduced to their new ERP solution. The business needed a property management solution to be live within a few days to catch the small window of new opportunities. Azkatech was up to the challenge and customized an ERP to capture the details needed for real estate sales. With the help of Azkatech, who helped gather the requirements, and designed the right solution, Sakr was able to go live within a week. The solution was ready to serve the growing number of leads in a short period of time and seize the window of opportunity that opened. The implementation involved a customized version of Real Estate CRM, consisting of two parts. One for the pipeline for the sale of property and another for the acquisition pipeline for the acquisition of a new property.

Odoo University Management System

Real Estate Sales Pipeline Every business needs unique data to efficiently carry out their work and workflows. The CRM data dictionary was modified using a studio to capture essential real estate data such as: property type, size, location, payment methods and whether the lead was interested in other properties. The CRM data provides the team with essential information to qualify and prioritize leads and opportunities. Therefore, facilitating the work of the sales team from one side and providing managers with all the necessary data to steer the sales effort. In brief:  • Allow call centers to gather the required information and apply it quickly

• Organize the sales cycle, giving the team insight into data that needs to be collected from the prospects to be added directly to the CRM with the ability to track in real time

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• A dynamic CRM tool that takes into account the business intelligence where the dashboard will provide insights and highlight the “in-the-buy” window opportunities for the Sakr sales team to capture the close directly

Odoo Property Management

Sales workflow The sales workflow encompassed several touches from the first call to the end of a deal. Leads are automatically prioritized through customized algorithms, allowing higher value leads to be handled first. It showed teams and managers the total value of the pipeline and automatically highlighted duplicate wires preventing the same people from working on the same wires. Activity tracking was easier and simpler. Salespeople never missed follow-up appointments, and managers were able to easily review sales activities. In addition, the system allowed unanswered leads to be reactivated once an opportunity arose and lead requirements were met.

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The new opportunity also came with challenges: multiple payment methods. Clients were willing to pay in USD/Euro/LBP and in Check or Cash and some had frozen deposits. Each of those payment methods had a different value due to the economic situation in Lebanon. This mix made the sales team’s job harder and often required a lengthy process to produce simulations. An online simulator was developed by Azkatech, which helped the team generate a different payment plan on the spot while they were with the customers reducing decision time, and speeding up the process of closing the deal.

Acquisition Pipeline Acquisition is needed to collect data along the different stages and each data is collected by a different person. All these steps are managed from one place rather than seeing all data for just the platform. The person would be able to see all the data collected by each contributor in one single place starting from the data collected by the agent, to the progression of the manager, until the different prices and interests show. There was now the:

• The ability to check all the insights needed for the procurement with the customized dashboard,

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