Nuhome Property Management

Nuhome Property Management – On July 1st of each year, the entire price will be changed, and our increase is set at 7% for the next 15 years.

No, but we recommend that you continue to pay your city and town connection fees, and you never know when we might be able to put our energy into the grid and help your neighborhood or city.

Nuhome Property Management

Nuhome Property Management

A higher CPI means that our updated standard terms increase by 7.0% annually, but if for any reason South Africa’s CPI rises above 7.0%, an increase equivalent to: index.

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Each system includes solar panels, inverters, battery storage, and the rest of all system components and installation.

Wouldn’t it be cheaper for me to buy a solar system and finance it through a bank?

Despite significantly lower interest rates, we offer a more affordable way to finance your green energy than other financial institutions. It is important to note that banks do not provide any functionality that banks offer to their customers in terms of operation, maintenance, customer support and mobile applications for your system.

Has a standard 15-year contract, and ownership of the system is transferred to the contract owner at the end of the term.

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The customer owns the system until the contract expires, when the system becomes available for purchase at R1. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase, in which case the amount will depend on where you are in the contract. At the end of the term, you can choose to re-contract with upgraded equipment, but at a lower price because some of the equipment you already have will be deducted from the bill.

Yes, ownership of the system can be transferred to you at the end of the contract for a net amount of R1.

When moving a contract, there are several options in the contract. The first is to continue the contract and transfer the system to the new property. To do this, you will pay a small additional fee for reinstallation. The second option is to transfer the existing contract to the new home owner who is taking ownership of the property. This means that the new owner will need to apply to get the system and will go through the same approval process as a new user. If they are successful, the contractual obligations can be transferred to them at no additional cost. If they are not successful, the normal contract termination process will apply.

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Nuhome Property Management

If you cancel your contract within the first 120 months, you must pay the balance of the remaining months by the end of the 120th month. In case of cancellation at any time after that, the following fines will be imposed.

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Yes you can, but the contract must be signed and verified by the property owner.

R2.35 excluding VAT and R2.70 excluding VAT. R2.70 is based on the monthly payment.

Since the installation and operation of the system requires a large investment for the household, the earlier it is purchased, the more it will cost. The cost can be calculated by multiplying the number of monthly payments remaining on the contract by the average monthly payment for the year you choose to cancel.

We are using Tier 1 products in the system and our main panel technical partner is a Canadian solar company that manufactures in China. Most of the Tier 1 suppliers have manufacturing facilities located in China.

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This energy will be extracted from the solar panels and will provide power throughout the day as well as power the batteries for later use.

If I have an off-grid system and my usage never exceeds that, can I cancel with the Eskom/Power supplier?

In theory, you are not recommended to disconnect from the network, but in any case. Habits and circumstances may change, and you never know when you may need to draw from the grid.

Nuhome Property Management

On solar panels, this is a 10-year service warranty, 25-year product warranty on batteries and 10-year warranty on inverters.

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Has approved a comprehensive operation and maintenance plan for each system we install. This includes at least two site visits per year and preventive maintenance. If something goes wrong, please contact us and we will troubleshoot with you to get the system up and running. If this is not possible, we will send a technician to your home and get you up and running as soon as possible. If the system cannot be repaired on site and needs to be replaced, the necessary equipment will be replaced and reinstalled free of charge, unless the system has been damaged due to negligence.

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There is a class 2 surge protector on the solar panel to prevent overvoltage from the system. Also, when the system is installed, there is a surge protector on the distribution board of the house. In addition, we are not responsible for any other factors.

If there is a problem, we will first try to solve the problem through the communication platform. However, if there is no solution, a technician will be sent to the site within 48 hours.

Will continue to provide value to every customer through competitive pricing for most utilities and sustainable, reliable energy. Compared to the average growth of utilities and municipalities over the past 10 years, if this trend continues, our rates will soon increase.

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What if the battery goes bad after I’ve owned the system for 15 years?

Unfortunately, we are not responsible for equipment damage outside of the contract period. But we will offer a battery upgrade contract.

All the components we use are sourced from Tier 1 international suppliers, so the risk of this system is minimal.

Nuhome Property Management

It depends a lot on how much energy you use and how much energy the System is producing at that time. This can be different at different times of the year, for example, in winter, homeowners use more energy for heating and cooking, at home, and less outside. but at the same time, cloud cover and total energy production are likely to decrease. We will never disconnect customers from the network, so customers will still have to pay standard connection and network charges, and if for any reason there is more usage than the system can supply, the excess will be taken off the network. If configured correctly, a system that matches your energy usage will bring you closer to being off-grid and ensure that load shedding is a thing of the past.

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The advantage of modern solar technology is that the panels and systems will produce power even when there is cloud cover and low solar radiation. Of course, there is not as much energy as you would get on a sunny summer day, but still a decent level of production. In this situation, the system is designed to draw power from the lithium-ion battery, and then when the battery is depleted below a certain level, it will start drawing power from the grid.

In such an unlikely event, a business rescue professional or liquidator may . In any case, they may choose to continue operating.

If I don’t have the following; Gas stoves, solar geysers, gas heaters, how will this affect my usage on my system, and do you recommend installing them?

We strongly believe in sustainability, and installing gas and solar appliances will reduce your electricity consumption and improve the efficiency of your home. Before or after installing a gas product, it is recommended that you carefully select a system that will meet your electricity needs.

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If I have excess unused energy, can I return it to the grid?

Currently, no agreements have been signed with municipalities and public utility organizations to supply energy back to energy. However, this is a task for the near future.

All accredited installation contractors have a 12 month work guarantee. This means our contractor’s all risk cover for any damage to your home caused by the installation over a 12 month period.

Nuhome Property Management

If my roof needs to be repaired/replaced, I will take care of the tiles

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