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Nicklin Property Management Hoa – It may go without saying, but a number of homeowners and investors do not have any type of rental property insurance. Of course, if you have a mortgage, your lender will require a landlord or fire policy. That way, if a water event, fire, or theft happens to the property, they know it can be covered because the property guarantees the loan. However, if the property does not have a mortgage, it is up to each homeowner to obtain insurance. And some don’t accept it or don’t know how to get it. Why get a homeowner or fire policy?

First, in the event of a major unexpected event such as water damage, fire, or theft, insurance can cover costly repairs or expenses for a reasonable deductible and annual premium. Most insurance coverage ranges from $500-$1,500. A major water or fire incident can cost thousands of dollars to clean up, or hundreds of thousands of dollars in the case of a total loss. A homeowner without insurance must pay the entire bill, not the deductible. Protection against theft is also an important feature of insurance. In addition to items that can be stolen from the property, such as expensive appliances, the damage caused to gain access to the property can also be costly. These include broken windows, doors, door frames and casings. The total cost of a theft can easily add up to thousands of dollars.

Nicklin Property Management Hoa

Nicklin Property Management Hoa

Additionally, all rental properties carry the risk of liability. Insurance, on the other hand, protects the owner by offering liability coverage in the event that the owner is found liable. This could include injury or death to tenants or visitors while at the property. Without insurance, the financial responsibility rests solely with the homeowner.

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How does renters insurance play a role? Renters insurance is designed to cover tenants’ personal belongings, displacement and liabilities. It offers a different type of insurance than homeowners insurance. As such, it does not offer the owner protection for property damage or owner liabilities.

Yes, insurance is designed to protect the owner from financial liability on their own. It is designed to transfer the risks that arise when owning personal and rental property. Risks can come from many sources. Being well protected is key to managing your risk.

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Here we go again. Another moratorium on copying. We’re finally breathing a sigh of relief when it looks like many homeowners will be back to normal at the end of July. And within 2 days we are technically back to normal. Until August 3. That’s when the CDC imposed a new moratorium on evacuations, which will last until October 3, 2021. It came as a surprise to rental property owners who had become mortgage-resistant as they lost their rental income – the income they depended on. .

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To be clear, we are not here to discuss the reasons, motivations for the moratorium, or why it was enacted. We’re here to explain how this latest moratorium works and what you can do if you’re the owner of a rental property whose income is suspended. Although what we say is not an automatic fix, it can be financial damage control.

This applies to any county in the United States that does not have a moratorium that matches or exceeds the CDC moratorium, such as a state or county moratorium, and the county has a significant or high rate of transmission of COVID. Where is your county located? Here’s a link to the CDC’s prevalence rates:

If you are in Clark County, Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, Nevada, you are subject to a high transmission rate and CDC moratorium.

Nicklin Property Management Hoa

Now, of course, the tenant must complete a certain declaration using the CDC form to qualify. And the landlord can take steps to verify its authenticity, make sure their challenge is legitimate and meets the CDC’s moratorium standard. The moratorium covers a wide range.

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For example, as a landlord you will receive a declaration form from the tenant or they may have previously qualified for the moratorium between March 2020 and last July and submitted a CDC declaration (which is still valid). What can you do?

Work to reduce your expenses. The copying moratorium works no matter how you look at it. Although tensions may be high, work hard to maintain a positive relationship with your tenant. This will help protect your property. A relationship that boils down to stress or mistrust is never in your property’s best interest. This creates tension and hard feelings. Focus on the end result, hopefully one day returning your property to reasonably good condition. A positive attitude goes a long way in this situation.

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In addition to calling your bank for mortgage help, consider the options you have. Or just throw a towel on your property. Now, it may take work and some research to find available resources in your state or county to help you recover lost rent. But it’s possible, and this is the first time we’ve seen it, that landlords receive checks for thousands of dollars in unpaid rent. Search your state and county housing department sites and see what resources are available and what applications you may need to fill out. Try to reduce your expenses as much as possible. In most cases, money was allocated for relief. You just need to find it, apply and then collect it.

So, this is all far from ideal and not something that investors and rental property owners have signed up to, it’s the new, temporary norm. Thus, we all had to change and adapt to the unexpected. If you approach it the right way, if you take the right steps, if you’re proactive, if you get the help that’s available, you might be surprised how things turn out for you.

Las Vegas Hoa Hits Woman With $4,000 Penalty

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If you’re looking to invest in today’s real estate market, you’ll be joining countless other real estate investors seeking a piece of Las Vegas real estate. While prices are always high, so are rents. In fact, according to, rents are up 16% from a year ago. Many investors start to see significant returns, especially if they bought a rental property a few years ago.

Despite this, many investors are currently in the market, sifting through tight stocks and looking for those nuggets of gold. As with any investment, there are a number of factors that determine how profitable a rental property will be. Or how much it might cost. So what are the factors to consider?

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Nicklin Property Management Hoa

Everyone likes the smell of a new car. But not everyone can transfer the same account. Thus, the used car market is popular. The housing problem is the same. Many investors choose new housing – not necessarily because of the new house smell, but because everything is new. All major components of the home are brand new and should have a significant lifespan, minimizing costs in the first few years of ownership. However, new homes are in high demand and typically command a higher price than a resale home, but this gap has closed some. The high price deters many investors from buying new. So, the resale market is popular. What to keep in mind when looking at resale properties? Here are a few points:

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Las Vegas has a lot of housing. There are single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, mid-rise and high-rises, and multi-family buildings. Have you decided what you want to own? Maybe your budget will determine what you consider. For example, the average price of a single-family home is higher than the price of a condo in Las Vegas. However, what other factors should be considered?

Finally, you need to do a side-by-side comparison to see if fixed, fixed costs add up. This, along with potential renovations, prepares you to own a rental property. Of course, you also need to research what the property’s potential rent will be. A good property manager can be an invaluable asset in this process. That way, you can become a well-trained, smart investor who has done your homework and knows exactly what kind of property you are looking for.

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Most homeowners though

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