Neighborhood Realty And Property Management

Neighborhood Realty And Property Management – Established since 2002, Triple E Property Management is a full service property management company. We are dedicated to providing you with the best personal customer service. We understand the concerns and financial goals of homeowners. We are committed to finding highly qualified tenants, providing the highest return and protecting your real estate investment. We pride ourselves on being professional and providing the highest level of customer service.

Triple E Property Management does not require owners to have a minimum property to work with them. Experienced investors as well as first time investors are welcome. We offer one-on-one training for new investors to avoid paralysis through the analysis process.

Neighborhood Realty And Property Management

Neighborhood Realty And Property Management

We currently operate in Indianapolis and the surrounding suburbs. Our company currently manages hundreds of properties and has worked with buyers and sellers in these areas as well. Our commitment is to work hard to treat your investment as our own.

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1. Initial Appraisal: After the contract is signed, we conduct a detailed appraisal of your property to determine any repairs needed, identify key features used to sell the property, and discuss your financial expectations. .

2. Marketing the property: We use several advertising methods to market your property. Signage Yard, Craig’s List, as well as various internet advertising sites. All of this is free of charge to you.

3. Maintenance: We are equipped to handle routine and emergency maintenance with a team of experienced technicians.

4. Inspections: We conduct walk-in inspections every three months. (Will run more frequently if requested by owner)

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5. Financial statement: A monthly accounting report will be provided detailing the income and expenses for the month. Notices are distributed by mail, US Mail, or fax.

6. Eviction: We handle the eviction process from start to finish. This includes all court documents, appearances, tenant communications and debt collection.

7. Rentals: We handle all phone and email inquiries about your property, scheduling and doing all showings, and screening potential tenants.

Neighborhood Realty And Property Management

8. Pricing: Rental fee 50% of first month’s rent (minimum $400). This fee comes from the tenant’s first month’s rent. These fees are used to pay our staff. All employees are essential for the quick training of your property.

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As a landlord, we want to make sure we meet or exceed your financial expectations. This fee covers the routine management of your property.

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Additional Services: As a full-service company, we can provide other services as needed (ie lawn care, snow removal, insurance and property taxes, and year-end tax preparation.)

Yes, Triple E Property Management is a full service company that employs direct staff. This means that the Triple E can handle small jobs as well as large renovation projects. We reserve our services for our Property Management and Realty clients only. Contact 317-210-3637 to learn more or call [email protected] to discuss.

The Triple E Property Management team understands property owners’ concerns and financial goals. We are committed to finding highly qualified tenants, providing the highest return and protecting your real estate investment.

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We pride ourselves on being professional and providing the highest level of customer service. Our sister company, Triple E Realty is a full service real estate buying and selling company. Our staff is ready to help you with the addition or sale of real estate in your portfolio. Summary: In this article, learn about real estate asset classes and the differences between the A zones. , B, C and D. The topic also includes factors that affect asset classes, what to expect when buying in these areas and which asset classes are the best investments. .

One of the hardest questions real estate investors ask is, “Where to buy a house?” That’s when an understanding of real estate asset classes can come in handy. In the real estate industry, properties and neighborhoods are generally designated as, “A”, “B”, “C” or “D”. Therefore, the C-rated neighborhood will quickly tell experienced investors about the potential investment. This rating should give the investor an idea of ​​the type of tenant the property will receive, how much rental income is expected and the level of risk associated with that particular investment.

Keep in mind that asset classes are not defined. An investor may be looking to buy a “D” property in a “B” area and renovate or raise the standard of the neighborhood. On the other hand, investors can choose to buy or build a class “A” house in the area designated “C”. Whether you’re investing for cash flow, appreciation or a little of both, each scenario can be a little different. This is another important reason for doing due diligence.

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Neighborhood Realty And Property Management

Property class is determined by a variety of factors, including the location, age and general condition of the property (and it’s important to consider each of these those during the due diligence process). Just like you are graded at school, your home and neighborhood are also graded. Each property is graded, A, B, C, & D, based on four general factors, 1) Property, 2) Price, 3) Amenities and, 4) Liveability.

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Properties are appraised and classified according to their age and general condition. Affordability is basically the amount of money an investor can afford or want to invest. This decision should be based on a property’s potential income and rental demand.

The equipment is the main part of the neighborhood class. Is the property located near supermarkets, parks, schools and jobs? These factors will affect the rating of the property for better or worse.

And finally, affordability refers to crime rates, the number of owner-occupied versus rental properties and the quality of tenants. Each of these factors should be analyzed, analyzed and rated overall to measure the risk-to-reward ratio of the investment. However, for this report card, investors may not be looking for straight A’s.

The first property class is “A.” class A, you will often find professionals, such as lawyers, doctors and executives. The house and grounds are well maintained and the streets are filled with children playing.

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Homes in the “A” zone are usually newer, most likely built within the last few years. They can be made of luxury, renovation, outdoor space and garage. One thing for investors is that the maintenance and capital costs of these properties are minimal.

Because properties in the “A” zone tend to be more expensive, some investors will avoid them because they don’t produce as much income. However, high property values ​​often mean higher rents so serious investors who can afford it may choose to buy in these areas. Remember that it is wise to invest in an A-grade area if there is a possibility that the area will increase in value or appreciate significantly in the future. Investors who rely on future appreciation are almost always putting themselves at greater risk.

The value of a property increases when it is close to beautiful equipment. Class “A” neighborhoods may have a Starbucks, Trader Joe’s and a grocery store nearby. There is also access to parks, open spaces and great schools.

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Neighborhood Realty And Property Management

There is little crime in these neighborhoods and almost all the houses are owned. This means, especially for single homeowners, there is more pride in taking care of their home and its surroundings.

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Real estate prices tend to be more expensive in A class areas, which means that rental properties are not doing well. Investors generally invest in class A properties when they think the area will appreciate greatly. But it can be more dangerous, because there is no guarantee of recognition.

Generally, the “B” neighborhood is home to working class people, such as teachers, firefighters, and nurses. Many investors believe that investing in B asset class is the safest option. Read on to learn more.

Class “B” properties are usually less than 20 years old (remember, there are always exceptions) and build of average or moderate quality. Because these assets are getting older, expect to spend more on maintenance and Capital Expenditures as things start to deteriorate.

In general, rentals in the “B” zone experience the lowest vacancy rates. These properties are more affordable for investors, come at relatively high rents and often attract long-term renters with young families. Single-family rentals tend to suffer less abuse than multi-family (i.e. condos) because tenants view it more like a home than a rental.

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In general, the crime rate in the “B” area is low. Owner-occupied housing still outnumbers rental housing. But there will be more options for renters than in area “A”.

Class B neighborhoods are more expensive than Class A and rental properties generally experience lower vacancy rates. This means that in the “B” asset class there is usually a stronger opportunity for income. However, there are no guarantees.

The age of a home in the “C” zone can vary greatly. With these types of properties it is even more important to do extensive due diligence.

Neighborhood Realty And Property Management

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