Mvl Property Management

Mvl Property Management – Mountain View Lodge & Resort, located in Washington on Lake Chelan, is the place where people feel they belong. With mountain views on one side and the desert of central Washington on the other, guests can find a quiet, peaceful, serene hideaway at Mountain View Lodge & Resort.

As one of SkyTouch Technology’s first customers, Mountain View Lodge and Resort turned to SkyTouch in 2013 when they were looking for a new property management system that had a powerful enough platform to handle all of their integration needs. Owner and CEO Kim Ustanik says, “We were using a PMS that initially promised us many different things, and in the end the company shut down that platform and created a new, much more expensive platform to meet those needs… I don’t think this is honest and fair. So, when Mountain View Lodge & Resort was looking for a new PMS, they chose SkyTouch. Ustanik exclaims, “SkyTouch has my back and is positive and supportive. With their customer service, we get respect, we get help, we get what we need. I feel like I have a partner I can count on to get us through everything, and the scene is constantly new and improving.”

Mvl Property Management

Mvl Property Management

Since launching in 2013, SkyTouch has evolved and continues to grow by adding new integrations and products to the hotel management platform. As the platform is becoming more comprehensive, it remains incredibly user-friendly. Ustanik says, “It’s a very logical program and I love that about it. Everything connects and works seamlessly together.” “When I’m training new people, there’s a lot of detail to learn in this business, and when you mix that with my strategy, it can be difficult. SkyTouch makes it easy and my staff catches on right away.” Something that makes SkyTouch PMS stand out from the rest is their tape chart option. The coil card provides a user-friendly space to process orders. Hoteliers can view room availability, optimize room usage, and make, change, or cancel reservations all from one convenient screen. Ustanik agrees, saying, “I’m a very visual person and I like to see what’s going on. The coil card makes it very easy. Many other systems do not have the tape card option and for me that is crucial. With many different people in this industry learning in very different ways, that is

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Nice that SkyTouch has many options that can fit everyone’s needs.” Another key feature of the SkyTouch PMS is the ability to quickly manage different types of groups and group orders from one simple place. With many group gatherings at Mountain View Lodge & Resort, Kim Ustanik relies heavily on this activity. She says: “We are a small, family business and the group system works very well and it is flawless; it’s really active.”

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So, what’s in store for the future of Mountain View Lodge & Resort and SkyTouch technology? Touching on technological advances, Ustanik says, “You can’t be disconnected in this digital age – I consider my account manager at SkyTouch one of my employees; he is constantly giving me advice and helpful information on the latest technology and integrations that would benefit my property.” With the SkyTouch /CONNECT API, SkyTouch has been able to easily connect dealers to the future of hospitality technology. Hotel owners can now future proof their properties

Easily keep up with the latest, cutting edge and cutting edge technology. Speaking of flexibility, Kim explains his vision. She says: “We’re currently working on developing a new ‘glamping’ style property just a few miles from our hotel and it’s just beautiful. With SkyTouch, it’s very convenient to have our reservations staff that can handle everything in one place, and we’re really looking forward to using one PMS across multiple properties.” Both SkyTouch and Mountain View Lodge & Resort have a lot to look forward to in the future of hospitality.

“SkyTouch really listens and they continue to grow the system to fit the needs of the people who use it.”

Years In The Making — A Mountain View Lodge Story

“We see this as a true collaboration, so we’re helping each other grow.” Having this relationship with SkyTouch is critical to both of our success.”

“We’re finding great value and reimbursement versus anything else out there on the market, and I’ve seen them all.”

“After using 7 different systems, SkyTouch was the most intuitive and user-friendly. Everything, including the reporting system, was incredibly easy to manage.

Mvl Property Management

“I am so impressed with the excellent customer service. I can call in with my question and whoever I’m talking to knows how to help quickly. I feel like I’m talking to a SkyTouch EXPERT every time I call in.” Whether you’re an experienced commercial real estate investor or looking to jump into the investing game, reading commercial real estate books is one of the best ways to educate yourself about the industry.

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The 10 Best Commercial Real Estate Books — The Cauble Group

I’ve been asked time and time again to compile a list of my favorite commercial real estate books, so that’s exactly what I’ve done.

These books are filled with knowledge from experienced real estate professionals: brokers, investors, syndicates and developers. Not only will you learn how to invest in real estate, you will also learn

So, if you’re looking to further your knowledge of the industry, here are the 10 must-read books on commercial real estate investing:

Was the first real estate book I read when I started as a broker and it gave me

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Understanding the ins and outs of commercial real estate brokerage. Bowman’s book covers renting and selling commercial real estate, how to negotiate, and provides a broad overview of the different types of commercial real estate.

While commercial real estate brokerage won’t be the way to go for most commercial real estate investors, having enough knowledge of how brokerage works will help you better manage your leasing, acquisition, and disposal teams. This book gives you a solid understanding of commercial contracts, dealing with commercial brokers, different types of leases, and even gets into the technical know-how from appraisals to zoning.

3. The Rental Investment Book: How to Create Wealth and Passive Income Through Smart Buy and Hold Real Estate Investments! by Brandon Turner

Mvl Property Management

Real estate investors. And while it’s mostly aimed at residential investors, many of the principles Turner discusses in his book can be applied to commercial real estate investing.

Powhatan Today –10/20/2021 By Powhatan Today

, you’ll learn practical action steps to start building cash flow and passive income through real estate investing. Turner walks you through how he finds and analyzes deals, how you can build a team to help you find and buy more properties, and he even discusses tax strategies to protect your wealth.

I originally found Joe Fairless and Theo Hicks on their podcast, The Best Real Estate Investment Advice Ever Show. They advocate multi-property combinations: pooling capital from private investors to take down larger apartment complexes than you could on your own.

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, the duo provides advice on how to find condo deals, raise capital, and execute a successful multifamily investment management plan. Their step-by-step guide is great for not just seasoned commercial real estate investors, but newbies as well. Fairless grew from a $30,000 per year income, which many novice real estate investors can easily relate to, to managing over $572,000,000 worth of multi-family properties.

5. The Guide to Adding Value to Commercial Real Estate: Get More Income from Your Investment Property by Brian Hennessey

Mountain View Lodge & Resort

Equity is one of the most popular methods of real estate investing, and Brian Hennessey takes you through many different ways to upgrade your investment and improve your cash flow.

In this commercial real estate guide, you’ll learn how to price your investment property, attract more quality tenants, interview and hire property managers and leasing agents, and how to plan rental rates. One of my favorite parts of Hennessey’s book is that he provides sample letters of intent, lease forms, and tenant applications.

If you are looking for a guide to increasing the value of your property, this is the commercial real estate book for you.

Mvl Property Management

Real estate investor. Keller and his co-authors do a fantastic job of covering the basic models of investing in commercial real estate.

Multifamily Developers In Houston Focus On Affordability

Mindset makes a huge difference when it comes to building your real estate empire – not just you need it

Covers how to create your own personal investment criteria, what aspects of a deal to narrow down, and how to build the best team you possibly can to make this dream possible.

The authors actually interviewed a number of millionaire real estate investors and provide you with the strategies they used to achieve their wealth in real estate.

Design within cities. These are, in fact, the factors that determine whether a city will prosper or die.

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One aspect of Speck’s commitment to city sustainability is his

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