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Mopper Property Management – Negligibly designed or maintained premises and unsafe environments often result in serious injury or even death. When an owner of a property or business invites members of the public into his/her premises as guests or patrons, it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the safe use of the premises.

Home liability is a situation in which an individual is injured on property or “home” owned or maintained by others. If the injury was caused by a hazardous condition existing on the property, the owner of the property or the party responsible for maintaining the property may be legally responsible or “liable” for that person’s injury.

Mopper Property Management

Mopper Property Management

Owners and businesses have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for the people on their property. If they don’t, and someone is injured, they may be liable for the injured person’s medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

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Haggard Law Firm has successfully represented families in a variety of premises liability cases against private businesses, households and public institutions, including assaults and robberies in parking lots; construction site injuries; accidents in public areas, and slip and fall accidents.

Haggard Law Firm has successfully represented families in a variety of premises liability cases against private businesses, families and public agencies.

Business, commercial building and private property owners are responsible for taking care of visitors by maintaining reasonably safe premises and warning visitors of possible hazards. For example, if an owner notices structural damage, defects, or other safety issues that could lead to injury, the owner must address the issue. At a minimum, owners must make a reasonable attempt to warn visitors by marking dangerous areas.

The Haggard Law Offices team will review the facts of your case as we build the event timeline, detailing how the injury or loss of a loved one affects you and your family, and how the owner or property manager can prevent the event from happening.

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The lawsuit was brought on behalf of an underage child who was seriously injured when a merchandise hook entered his eye and hit the brain. The minor child is paralyzed on the right side of his body due to the injury. The legal guardian sued, arguing that the hooks were in a dangerous state known to the defendants and that their negligence was the immediate and immediate cause of the minor’s injury. Minors suffer from permanent cognitive deficits as well as permanent physical disabilities, manifested by markedly reduced fine motor skills and foot drop. The case settled for $4 million before trial.

The plaintiff was sitting for the defendant when the defendant’s two dogs rammed him into the swimming pool, causing him to hit his head and leaving him quadriplegic.

John Doe, 6, was hit by a car driving out of the ABC apartment complex while riding his bike. John Doe suffered bone injuries as a result of the accident. The case was charged with negligent driver, negligent design of the parking lot at the apartment complex, and failure to have any traffic control devices that could assign the right of way.

Mopper Property Management


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Walker, who has Down syndrome, slipped on the wet floor at the Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel in Orlando in August 2011. Rosen’s cleaning service, the Majic Cleaning System, was cleaning the floors at the time of the incident. Due to the fall, Mr Walker required surgery to repair his leg and stopped breathing while recovering from the surgery. Nearly two years after the fall, Walker died of a number of pre-existing health problems. Both liability and causation are highly contested. The defence argued that Magic had placed five cones in the hall to adequately warn visitors that the floor was wet and that Mr Walker’s death was the result of his other health problems and was not related to the fall.

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While playing golf at a country club, the deceased was hit by an out-of-control golf cart and suffered serious injuries that killed him. Country club employees had parked the trolley with the ignition running while unloading some bags. As they unloaded the bag, a set of clubs slipped and landed on the cart’s accelerator, causing it to take off unattended and run over unsuspecting victims.

Michael Haggard of Haggard LLP provides some key examples of what may be involved in a premises liability personal injury or wrongful death case (litigation).

The Haggard Law Firm is a leading venue liability and negligence safety personal injury firm. We have litigated hundreds of cases involving property managers or owners failing to take appropriate steps to keep residents, clients and visitors safe.

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Haggard Law Firm, P.A. represents the rights of those who have been seriously injured or killed through the fault of others. We are passionate about our clients and emphasize the highest levels of personal service, professionalism and case preparation.

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Mopper Property Management

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