Mms Group Property Management

Mms Group Property Management – In the board of directors, administration, operational staff and apprentices, God has placed a unique and capable team at MMS Aviation.

MMS Aviation is accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and meets ECFA standards for responsible stewardship.

Mms Group Property Management

Mms Group Property Management

Josh was born in Ohio, but because his father was in the military, he grew up traveling the world. He had always been interested in mechanical things and learned in high school that God needed people with mechanical skills in missionary work. Josh says, “I went to a missions college, met a mission minded nursing student, got married and 10 years later through many ups and downs we arrived at MMS in May 2005 with 3 kids in tow.”

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At MMS, Josh is an aircraft maintenance supervisor. He oversees various maintenance activities, but most of the time Josh runs the engine shop. He obtained his FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 1996 and holds an inspection permit.

Bob and Kim met at a square dance and have been married for 26 years. They have six children, three boys and three girls, and live just outside of Mount Vernon, Ohio. They love the Lord and missionary work. After touring MMS with their church group, they began asking how they could get involved. Bob works in the field of home construction and renovation and has been involved in property management. Bob will serve MMS as Facilities Maintenance Manager.

Dale and Deborah are from Zimbabwe. Shortly after graduating, Dale obtained his commercial pilot’s license. His experience and that of others showed him the value of being a mechanic as well as a pilot. Mike Dunkley, then a Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) mechanic, introduced Dale to mission aviation. A MAF pilot/mechanic in Zimbabwe who was apprenticed at MMS told Dale about the maintenance training at MMS Aviation. The Coates came to MMS for training and when that was over, joined the MMS staff.

At MMS, Dale is a Chief Inspector. He obtained his FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 1996 and holds an inspection permit.

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Austin and Sharon met at the Ethnos 360 Learning Center in Columbia. Sharon is from Bogotá, Colombia. Austin is from the US and grew up in Georgia. Austin felt a calling to missions from an early age and began learning Spanish because he felt the Lord leading him to Colombia. Sharon responded to the Lord’s prompting in her early twenties to devote herself full-time to the Lord’s service while in college.

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Austin likes to work with his hands and studied aviation maintenance before going to Columbia. He wishes to serve missions by supporting mission aviation. Sharon enjoys languages ​​and hopes to serve in missions, teaching literacy or helping translate God’s word. Austin will be an apprentice at MMS Aviation.

Keith was born and raised in California. Karen was born and raised in Pennsylvania. The Lord brought them together in ministry and marriage through a mutual acquaintance with a family of apprentices at MMS Aviation. Keith & Karen have a passion to send “laborers into his fields” and do so by providing administrative support and partnership services to those preparing for and continuing in faith-supported ministry. They train mission personnel to develop, maintain, and sustain the personal and financial relationships necessary not only to enter a preaching ministry, but to remain in a preaching ministry. With over 20 years experience in candidate development and partnership services, Keith and Karen are in many ways the first point of contact for those interested in services with MMS Aviation. Keith enjoys reading, writing, photography and photography. Karen enjoys crafting, sewing, baking and photography (though not necessarily in that order). Keith and Karen previously served with MMS Aviation and have four years of mission experience with MissionGO. They remember when the MMS parking lot was dirty. Keith works as a mobilization manager at MMS.

Mms Group Property Management

Mike was born in England and grew up in Zimbabwe. Isabelle was born and raised in Zimbabwe. Mike served a five-year aviation maintenance apprenticeship with the national air carrier and worked for the airline before he and Isabelle joined the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in 1985. After 10 years of service in four different MAF programs in Africa, Mike became an instructor in maintenance at Moody Aviation in Tennessee. Mike and Isabel joined the MMS Aviation staff in 2005.

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At MMS, Mike is an aircraft maintenance supervisor. His work with Air Zimbabwe and MAF provides extensive experience in turbine aero engines. Mike has extensive experience installing avionics. He obtained his FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 1986 and holds an inspection permit.

Chuck is from northwestern Pennsylvania and had an interest in flying from an early age. He enrolled in the flight program at Kent State University. At Kent State he met Cathy and their interest in missionary service grew. Chuck began his apprenticeship at MMS in March 1996. After graduation, Egbert served in a ministry in Alaska for a year. In 2001, they moved to South Africa to work with Mercy Air. The non-renewal of their visas by South Africa forced them to leave this job. Chuck and Kathy then joined the MMS team.

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At MMS, Chuck is the aircraft maintenance manager. Chuck has extensive experience in the restoration of aircraft structures. He obtained his FAA A&P mechanic certificate in 1998 and holds an inspection permit. Chuck also serves as a DME (Designated Mechanic Examiner).

Jenny grew up in a Christian family in Northeast Ohio and was homeschooled along with two younger brothers. After graduating from the University of Akron in 2011, she worked as a mechanical engineer for three years before coming to MMS. Since her teenage years, Jenny has shown a growing interest in missions. In college, she researched what role she might have and discovered the great need for mechanics in missionary aviation. Jenny says, “I was excited about the opportunity to serve in this technical, hands-on, educational way!”

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At MMS, Jenny is the Aircraft Maintenance Manager. Her engineering background is an asset that adds value to her service.

Ryan grew up in Maryland and Mary in upstate New York. Both grew up in a strong Christian home environment. They met while attending Cedarville University, where they both received degrees in mechanical engineering. Their desire to serve in missionary aviation grew out of a desire for others to come to faith in Christ, recognition of their abilities and interest in aviation.

Dwight grew up on a family farm in central Kentucky. He joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1972 to be an aircraft mechanic at JAARS, Wycliffe’s technical support division. Rena was born to missionary parents in India. They met while Dwight was serving at JAARS in North Carolina and were together in the JAARS DC-3 program in Bolivia. The Jarboes family joined the MMS Aviation staff in 1982. Dwight served as CEO from December 1983 to October 2016.

Mms Group Property Management

At MMS, Dwight is President Emeritus and Aircraft Mechanic. He received his FAA A&P Mechanic Certificate in July 1968, held an inspection permit since 1982, and in 1991 became an FAA Designated Inspecting Mechanic.

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Chris grew up on a farm in western Ohio and enjoyed the mechanical work that went along with farming. After high school, he went to a technical school and started working as an auto mechanic. When Chris and Angie accepted Christ as their Savior in 1987, the Lord began to direct their hearts toward missionary service. During a short-term mission trip, Chris discovered the use of airplanes in missionary work. The Jutte family served in Southeast Asia for 18 years and returned to service with MMS in 2018. Angie volunteers in the MMS Finance Department.

At MMS, Chris is the Aircraft Maintenance Manager. He obtained his A&P license as an apprentice with MMS in 1998 and holds an inspection permit.

Cheryl was born and raised in Ohio in a Christian family. Her father preached in various small churches around central Ohio. Cheryl entered the workforce after 2 years at the New York Christian Institute. She became interested in missions in the 1990s and has been on short-term mission trips to India, Sri Lanka, North Africa and Peru. Cheryl holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. She will work as part of the MMS staff primarily in an administrative role and, as she enjoys mechanical work, will also help out on the hangar floor when the need arises.

Phil is from Kansas. After graduating from Ozark Christian College, he began a ministry as a youth minister. When he researched mission opportunities, he found that there was a great need for pilots and mechanics in mission aviation. He, Elizabeth and their children moved to Ohio in 2005 and Phil began an apprenticeship. After completing the MMS program, Phil and his family served in Africa for 3 1/2 years. With that assignment complete, MMS invited Phil back to join its staff in 2011. The MMS Board of Directors asked Phil to serve as MMS’s third President and CEO. He assumed office on October 28, 2016. He received his FAA A&P Mechanic Certificate in 2007 and holds an MBA from Mount Vernon Nazarene University.

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