Mississinewa Property Management

Mississinewa Property Management – PERU — Health officials are urging caution on Lake Mississinewa beach after the area was placed under a blue-green algae recommendation Friday by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

Swimming and boating are still allowed in the lake, but health officials say people should avoid contact with algae, including ingesting them while swimming.

Mississinewa Property Management

Mississinewa Property Management

Anyone who comes into contact with lake water should take a bath or shower with warm soapy water. Lake water should not be used for cooking or bathing. Officials say pets should also not swim or drink water where algae are present.

Petition · It’s Time To Retire Mississinewa School District “indian” Mascot · Change.org

Mississinewa Property Manager Larry Brown said the lake was placed under an advisory for the first time this year, the lowest level of warning ever issued by the state. He said the lake never rose above the advisory level.

Algae are commonly found in Indiana lakes and streams without concern, but the intense presence of blue-green algae may be linked to some adverse health effects, such as rash, skin or eye irritation, nausea, abdominal pain, and tingling in the fingers and toes.

Blue-green algae are a group of bacteria that can multiply rapidly when environmental conditions are favorable. Nutrients that cause algae “bloom” come from over- or improperly applied turf and agricultural fertilizers, runoff from pastures, feedlots, lawns and golf courses, discharges from domestic wastewater treatment systems, and many other organic nutrient sources.

Other factors that help algae grow include sunlight, warm weather, and low turbulence. Algal blooms are most common from May to October, but can occur at any time of the year.

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Tests on the lake began in May and will end just before Labor Day weekend. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management collects samples from Lake Mississinewa every two weeks.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says several agencies are working together to better understand the blue-green algal blooms in Indiana lakes. Agencies include IDEM, Indiana-Purdue University Indianapolis, the Indiana Department of Health, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

A blue-green kelp flower stands on the surface of an Indiana lake. IDNR has placed Lake Mississinewa under algae recommendation. Photo courtesy of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (A.I.M.). American Indian Movement started this petition to Wayne (Spike) Gaskin School Board Chair [email protected] and 2 others

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Mississinewa Property Management

We, the Native American Movement certified division of Indiana and Kentucky, are creating this petition to call for an end to and elimination of the Mississinewa School district’s use of an aggressive “Indian” mascot and the Tribal theme of the district as a whole. This is a call to remove a mascot that dehumanizes, characterizes and stereotypes Indigenous Nations and people.

Tva To Begin Permanently Raising Boone Lake Water Level

The continued use of indigenous mascots in educational and professional sports settings has a long and harmful history. These mascots perpetuate racial stereotypes and cultural abuses, negatively impacting the identities and psychological development of Indigenous children.

In 2001, the American Psychological Association issued a resolution affirming the harmful effects of American Indian mascots, symbols, images, and personalities by schools, colleges, universities, athletic teams, and organizations. The statement calls for the immediate retirement of Indigenous mascots and that their continued use “undermines the educational experience of members of all communities, particularly those with little or no contact with Indigenous Peoples; creates an undesirable and often hostile learning environment for Native American students, affirming the negative images and stereotypes promoted in mainstream society; and it has a negative impact on the self-esteem of American Indian children.”

The research clearly demonstrates the detrimental effects on all students when Indigenous symbols, images and personalities are used as mascots. Still, according to a recent study by the Native American National Congress, there are a total of 1,940 schools and 1,042 school districts across the US that continue to feature Native “themed” mascots such as the Braves, R*DSK*NS. , Chiefs, Indians and Warriors. In 2020, 41 schools voted to eliminate these mascots.

So why would a school like Mississinewa continue to promote the use of “Indian” mascots, and why did it take so long?

Nurtured By Nature

We’ve all witnessed powerful moments in history movements in the United States and the positive effects of the actions of professional athletic organizations such as the former Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians, with the Great Universities removing their insensitive Native American mascots and headgear logos. Ethnicity is not a mascot. A native header is not for non-natives to use as their logo. A school cannot stand up to racism and teach its students how to shut out racism around them while actively promoting an insensitive caricature of an entire culture.

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There is racism in every little thing. If we let a racist act or symbol slip, we become complacent. If a culture says it’s racist, it’s not your duty to “honor yourself”. With so many teams and schools progressing, you can’t be the last school to wear a racist mascot. Social and racial justice is long overdue and begins in your school. Stop romanticizing racist traditions. An offensive mascot is not “Tribal Perfection”.

We, your indigenous community, are asking the Mississinewa School District to end cultural racism and discriminatory educational practices against Indians.

Mississinewa Property Management

There are several reasons why the Indigenous people of this land are not caricatured or mascoted, but most importantly, Native Americans are the People living today, whose Ancestors survived the Holocaust and died to preserve our traditional way of life. It is often argued that these mascots are meant to “Honor Us”. There is no honor in racism. There are other ways to honor the Indigenous people of this continent. Maybe because we have the highest poverty rates in the country, we are launching scholarships to help our young people go to college. But turning Native Indigenous “people” into mascots or cartoons isn’t one of them.

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This is humiliating and does not represent who we are as a people. Also, the use of headdresses and face paint in this high school is unacceptable and should not be imitated as it is disrespectful to what we consider sacred.

No one’s culture should be for sale, and it should not be available to just anyone to decide what is “honourable” or “noble” as someone assumes it is acceptable to adopt the culture and beliefs of a human race. The natives of this land have suffered and fell to their knees, but we are still here and will continue to exist for many more generations. Our lifestyle, ceremonies, customs, language, teachings are all very sacred to us, and the fact that we have a mascot like the “Mississinewa Indians”, trying to dress like us, painting the faces of his students and supporters. He looks like Indians, he keeps stereotyping. Culturally insensitive and racist mascots undermine the education a student can receive, are marred by the school’s poor perception of what an Indigenous person is, and make racism acceptable in the minds of our youth.

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We Natives and Non-Indigenous have come together to address this issue, because even today we are concerned and appalled that some of our schools are teaching our children about racism, desensitizing them to Indigenous racial stereotypes. Americans lead to racial bullying, discrimination, depression, cultural issues, and low self-esteem issues among our children. Many Native American children exposed to this type of cultural racism will begin to feel ashamed of who they are and their cultural identity because of this abuse. Educational institutions and teachers have a professional responsibility to eliminate racism in all aspects of school life; Schools and teachers should not ignore multicultural issues in school, but should address them to provide a more positive learning environment for all students.

Dressing children in stereotypical cartoon-like costumes, playing the hand drum, playing tomahawks, carrying feather fans or headgear, painting faces, making tomahawk chops, baring their mouths or raising their hands, and saying “how” are all examples of inauthentic representations of American Indian cultures. . Many school officials claim that they honor American Indians and insist that events sponsored by their schools are non-aggressive. We argue the opposite and argue that these racist activities are forms of cultural violence in schools. Of course, many school administrators are all too familiar with the current legal and educational battles to eliminate Indian mascots, logos, nicknames, and quirks from school-related events. The U.S. Civil Rights Commission (CAR), the highest official government body of its kind, issued a strong statement in 2001 recommending that schools eliminate Native American images and nicknames as sports symbols.10 The grassroots efforts of thousands of Native American parents across the country made this decision. among CAR members. In addition, the critical mass of Native American educational institutions and professionals supported CAR. Indian educators have demonstrated to school officials that negative images, symbols, and behavior play a crucial role in distorting and distorting American Indian children’s cultural perceptions of themselves, as well as non-Indian children’s negative attitudes and simplistic understanding of America.

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