Mirage Property Management Louisville Ky

Mirage Property Management Louisville Ky – Residents in West Louisville have seen many different types of landlords. You have some who are straight up slum lords – those who are simply out to get money. On the other hand, you have some who are good people but are limited on resources.

Mirage Properties is a rare business in this market. We set ourselves apart in West Louisville by seeking to do things with excellence. Not only that, we also have the resources to make sure our property is well taken care of.

Mirage Property Management Louisville Ky

Mirage Property Management Louisville Ky

Our commitment to the quality of our properties means that we spend money in an area of ​​town where other landlords simply don’t care. Housing has improved to the point where people all around are wondering why apartment complexes that once looked shabby are now in good shape and have new appliances.

Mirage Property Management Llc

When looking for an employer, there are only two questions you need to ask: First, “Do they have character?” And secondly, “Do they care for their property?”

You either love or hate change. It is something that drives many people away while others thrive on it.

When many people started renting from Mirage properties, they rented under an individual. They were comfortable with this person. It was easy because they had one person to talk to about any kind of matter. Over time though Mirage grew from a one man show to an established business with a staff handling every issue.

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That’s why we want to be clear that the system we have where there is a maintenance department, a finance department and a front office staff ensures that every tenant who has an issue will get the best service possible. Talking to the office staff ensures that you will not get the run around and will be directed to the exact person who can answer the question you have.

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Change can be hard but change can also bring good things. We are grateful for all the changes God has brought to Mirage over the years and look forward to more change and growth in the years to come.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. () – A program created to eliminate vacant and abandoned properties is being questioned by members of the Louisville Metro Council.

The main concern of the Community Affairs and Housing Committee is with dozens of properties that have been sold but remain the same. And in some cases, the homes are seen as an “iron” next door.

Mirage Property Management Louisville Ky

“They never come to cut the grass,” said Ralph Thomas, who lives in the Algonquin neighborhood. “I call in, sometimes they send someone out, sometimes they don’t.”

The Middle Market Delivered The Best Q1 Since 2007

Thomas is very proud of his home on West Gaulbert Avenue but said the house next door has been a problem for several years.

The property is owned by the city and sold last year as part of a program created to eliminate vacant properties.

And Thomas said, even under new ownership, the house next door was still a pain for several months after the purchase. And he’s not the only one who paid attention.

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“They’re still sitting empty with violations on them right now, the ones that were purchased,” said Metro Councilwoman Dr. Barbara Shanklin.

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Council members asked the director of the Vacant and Public Property Administration on Wednesday about the sales by the Land Bank Authority and why so many were sold to one person.

“He bought 31 houses for $7,100,” said Shanklin, chair of the Community Affairs and Housing Committee, but not the only one with concerns.

“This is absolutely ridiculous,” she said. “We’re going to have an investor buy all the property in West Louisville and then lease it on Section 8?”

Mirage Property Management Louisville Ky

A large number of these properties were purchased by Mirage Properties on River Park Drive. Owner Mike Burkhead said at least 12 of the homes, including the one on West Golbert Avenue, are being renovated, but finding workers has been a challenge.

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“All they need is a hand up, not a handout,” said the Rev. Dr. Charles Elliott, who created a program called “Jesus and a Job” to put ex-felons to work renovating abandoned houses.

“They’re already in the system with Jesus and a job, and all I have to do is tell them I have 100 houses or 300 houses or whatever number,” Elliott said.

Burkhead said his company has been in business for nearly 20 years, invested millions of dollars and is not an outsider.

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