Mertz Property Management

Mertz Property Management – Mertz Peru is a consulting firm dedicated to managing innovation and intellectual property, with a strategic and collaborative vision.

Its work focuses on helping companies and organizations manage their R&D activities and results, supporting them in developing offensive and defensive protection strategies to harness the strategic value of intellectual and industrial property in technology transfer and innovation.

Mertz Property Management

Mertz Property Management

In addition, Mertz Peru has strategic national and international allies in all areas of intellectual property, from professional research to

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Jennifer Mertz Fuchs

These cookies are installed by Google Universal Analytics to slow down requests and limit data collection on high-traffic websites. After completing university studies in Marketing and Advertising, he entered the womenswear industry, representing designer collections from New York, Toronto, Milan and elsewhere. For more than two decades, Allen’s sales company has marketed from his Chicago Apparel Center showroom to boutiques, specialty stores and major department stores throughout the Midwest.

Business travel has allowed Allen to experience urban life, community fabric, and urban renewal in Chicago, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, and many other cities large and small. With a keen eye for architectural detail, a passion for urban housing and a desire to reinvent himself in a daring career change, Allen entered the real estate industry in 2000. Since then, Allen has focused on urban home, condo, loft conversion sales and mixed-use developments, helping hundreds of clients achieve their real estate goals in historic and mixed-use urban neighborhoods. His personal experience with home improvement and redevelopment projects makes him an invaluable resource and advocate for buyers of new and existing homes, and he is committed to providing exceptional service and personal care to every buyer!

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Allen and his wife Becky make their home on Capitol Hill, where they enjoy the advantages of city life – live + work + play – just minutes from home. When not working with clients, Allen plays the occasional game of golf, serves in community organizations, and explores Washington’s growing restaurant scene. While supporting DC sports teams, Allen remains a lifelong fan of the Chicago Cubs and bleeds for the University of Kentucky basketball team!

Mertz Property Management

An avid baseball fan and supporter of women’s softball (especially his granddaughter!), Allen loves watching the Cubs when they come to town.

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Buying our first home with the team at Alan, Angela and Joel Nelson Group was a great experience. Alan is great at answering many of our questions, responding to our requests, and has a network that sets us apart from other buyers. Despite a very competitive market, we won our first home bid – all thanks to Alan’s advice and connections!

Joel/Alan/Angela: You are all great. Thank you very much! I am very satisfied with what you have done. I called from the hospital – very sick with Covid-19 and very weak – even having a hard time talking. Allen jumped up. Joel jumped on it – prepped the apartment – done it – had an open house on Sunday – sold it on Monday for the exact price I wanted.

The closing process was as smooth and professional as possible! I am very grateful to all of you.

Alan is amazing. My husband and I have been looking for a new home for over a year with no luck. Alan does provide us with better resources and strategies to compete with the market. First home we made an offer to Ellen and we got it! We are excited and would highly recommend the entire team to anyone! ! !

South Jersey Biz

The entire staff were incredible and very supportive. They do go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of. We are very happy with our home and would recommend it to anyone considering buying!

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Joel and his team are amazing! They were easy to communicate, answered any questions, managed the sale remotely, laid out the place beautifully, was on the market for less than a week, sold 7% off the asking price, and closed in two weeks. I don’t know what else to say!

We’re newbies in Washington DC, and Alan Mertz is our savior, helping us navigate the tricky world of a renovated DC townhouse. We’ve heard many nightmare stories about bad renovations, but Alan briefed us on the situation and helped us get access to homes built by companies he trusts. He was patient with our very specific requirements and ultimately helped us purchase a home that met all of our criteria, including size, location and brand new renovations. Thanks, Alan and the Joel Nelson team!

Mertz Property Management

Alan is amazing. I guided us through every step of the way to find our first home. He provides thoughtful advice, is honest about his views, thoroughly researches him, and enjoys spending time with him. He never pressured us. We absolutely trust him. Our close had more than a few bumps along the way (none of which were his fault) and Alan went out of his way to get the close on time. We are so grateful that he brought us our home and I recommend him as an agent without reservation.

Indigo Lane, Salida, Co 81201

From start to finish, we felt 100% our buyer’s agent Alan Mertz had our best interests at heart. Alan listened to our needs in our new home and understood us as a couple. During our closing process, as determined by our home inspection, we called for some items to be fixed, and Alan took immediate action…ensuring the work was done correctly and in a timely manner by a licensed contractor. This gave us peace of mind as we bought the house without any unknown issues. Rest assured, if you are using Allen as your agent in the Washington area, you will be working with one of the best people for the job.

Alan is one of the sharpest and most charismatic real estate professionals I know. He is warm, honest and reliable. Ellen can never go wrong!

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Allen helped us buy a beautiful home in Louisville and went back to his home market. He was a great resource for the city when we moved from Washington. He was also a great companion for our nonstop two-day fly-in/fly-out home search.

Alan understands his market, providing extensive knowledge and details about “what’s hot” and what makes an item sell quickly and at full market value. He represents buyers and sellers fairly and with integrity, working tirelessly to achieve their specific goals. We have had great success with projects where Allen represents us.

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I have found Alan Mertz to be a capable and trusted real estate professional. His personality and demeanor made my wife and I feel a level of comfort that is hard to find among people these days. Alan’s knowledge of the market is unquestionable and I would recommend him to anyone looking for real estate or real estate advice

We partnered with Allen to purchase our DC home. Circumstances beyond Alan’s control (inventory, competition, etc.) made the process challenging, but Alan kept himself in good spirits throughout. We also appreciate his comprehensive expertise in the market, renovation issues and the home buying process. I would definitely recommend Alan to others looking for the perfect professional to guide them through the home buying process.

Alan was a pleasure working with us and gave us great advice every step of the way in our home search. He was one of the smartest, kindest, most responsive agents I’ve ever encountered. I recommend him to anyone looking for a home in Washington! Jim Mertz is Senior Vice President of Peterson Corporation, one of the largest real estate companies in Washington, D.C., known for developing such prestigious projects as the Virginia Gateway, Fair Lake and National Harbor. Jim joined Peterson Cos in 2015 to lead the development of the Virginia Gateway Promenade and the region’s first Cabela’s

Mertz Property Management

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