Meraki Property Management

Meraki Property Management – Let’s be honest, all investment properties require maintenance and yes, sometimes the unexpected happens. But if you’re dreading another load of statements and an email from your property manager makes you grit your teeth, be patient.

We don’t promise unicorns and rainbows, but we can guarantee that our policies, procedures and services set us apart. Having your property managed by our team allows you to take a step back, relax and feel secure in the knowledge that we care about your property as much as you do!

Meraki Property Management

Meraki Property Management

We pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency and have built amazing relationships with our clients that are built on trust. We manage each property as if it were our own and it shows.

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We offer our clients an excellent customer experience with live, 24/7 access to information about their properties through our owner and tenant portals

We have increased productivity with our workflow using our innovative system that will increase the value of your rental. Tenants are provided with tools and resources to ensure they always meet their obligations.

Gone are the days when tenants claimed they ‘didn’t know’ they were in arrears or when their routine inspection was due. With our system, we remove the excuses and expectations set a higher standard of renting than ever before.

“I’ve been with Meraki as an out-of-town property owner since they went into business. I have nothing but praise for their efforts, integrity, reliability and proactivity, all delivered professionally, with passion and a personal approach. I’ve never met Nikki or Jenna in person, but I feel like I know them well. Nothing is too much trouble – it just gets done quickly and well. I rate them highly and recommend them to any potential property owner.”

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“We highly recommend Meraki Property Management to landlords, especially thanks to Nikki Trautmann, who managed our property over the last few years until its recent sale. Nikki is enthusiastic and compassionate and a good communicator. We can safely leave our property in her care.”

“Meraki Property Management has been nothing short of AMAZING. They have turned my property around by selecting new tenants who take pride in my house as if it were their own. My property was transformed from abandoned to a green oasis. I could not be happier with their service and would recommend anyone looking for great property managers to visit Nikki and her team at Meraki Property Management.”

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“Thank you for taking care of my property with all the problems we had last year. You take care of the property and your clients in a kind, professional, erudite, trustworthy manner, and I have nothing but praise for you.”

Meraki Property Management

“Dear Nikki & Jenna, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help! You are both thorough, proactive and always friendly and helpful. I really appreciate it, keep up the great work.”

Aberdean Consulting, Llc

“Thank you to the Meraki Property Management team for your continued professionalism and excellent service in managing our Kelso property. You are the only property managers who have successfully transitioned to a ‘virtual routine inspection’ – most have just decided not to carry out inspections until restrictions are lifted, so as always you are leaders in your field!

“I’m also always here for those silly tenant questions when you feel like you’re in over your head.” He always supports his tenants. I’m sorry to see Jenna go, she was amazing. Magical Annie took over and didn’t skip a beat. Recommend Annie and Nikki as a renter anytime.”

“So communicative and they really seem to care and want to help. They went above and beyond for us!”

“Well, what can I say about this property. A lot indeed. The girls are so friendly and helpful with anything you need and if you are not good with computers they will help you. I have rented for over 40 years and these girls are the best I have ever met. Love them, would recommend them if you are a renter or landlord”

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“The property managers at Meraki are absolutely amazing, they really helped my wife and I with the moving process, everything was super quick and easy. I highly recommend them as a real estate company!!!”

“The team at Meraki is an absolute gem to work with. And to you, Nikki, I want to thank you for absolutely EVERYTHING you’ve done for me. You are an exceptional property manager and your team should be blessed to have such an amazing person like you! I wish you all the best and THANK YOU again!”

More often than not, owners are fed up with their property managers because they feel their property is being poorly managed and is costing them too much money. After the financial injury, the search for a new manager begins, but the main focus is on management fees and trying to recover costs.

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Meraki Property Management

We have a saying; ‘Buy it nice or pay twice!’ A ‘cheap’ property manager can end up costing you thousands of dollars in lost rent, excess costs and increased risk due to mismanagement.

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However, if you are looking for reasonable, comprehensive management fees for a property manager who will provide you with a high quality service, have solid policies and procedures and truly care for your property as if it were our own, please contact us.

If you don’t love us, leave us. No lock in contracts and no hard feelings! At the end of the day, we want the best for you and your investment property. If you feel that moving to a different manager is best, we will support your decision and ensure that all documentation and photographs relating to your property and tenancy are passed on and that we work with your new agent to ensure a smooth transition.

Landlord insurance covers you for tenant-related losses. Things like loss of rent due to a breach of tenancy or eviction by a tenant, or damage to your contents by tenants such as drinks spilled on carpets. Other insurance may not cover these events and very often the warranty will not be enough to cover the associated costs.

Owning an investment property is a risk and should have adequate insurance to ensure the owners are protected. It is our responsibility to carefully assess the risks when processing tenancy applications and monitor the situation during the tenancy, however, circumstances can change at any time, which may result in excellent tenants suddenly defaulting on rent and/or causing property damage.

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Covers tenant damage, flood, storm or rainwater, liquid leakage, fire or explosion, burglary, vandalism or theft, animal damage, burn, impact, earthquake, glass breakage, lightning, oil leakage from any heater, electric motor burnout or Riot/Civil riots:

It protects you against loss of rental income due to scenarios such as those below (subject to your insurers’ rules):

From years of experience handling insurance claims, we have seen and worked with the best and worst insurance providers. We are constantly shaking our heads at the lack of care these providers show towards investment property owners and the horrendous multiple overcharges they charge. It is obvious that the main goal of most insurance providers is to find reasons NOT to work/pay out.

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Meraki Property Management

If you are considering changing insurance providers or looking for a referral, we cannot recommend Terry Scheer Landlord Insurance highly enough. There is no benefit to recommending this insurance provider, other than the simplicity and high success rate we have experienced in the past.

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From this money we pay all authorized payments related to your Property, e.g. municipal rates, insurance, repairs and maintenance. Invoices will be sent to you with the next statement.

The system will be set to pay out on the 15th and 30th of each month, but the payout will not be completed until the next business day if that day falls on a weekend or holiday.

We will electronically transfer your funds to your designated financial account, which will be delivered to you within 2 business days.

Funds can only be disbursed after receiving rent money from the tenant, deducting agent fees and paying pending invoices.

Why Valiant Chooses Meraki

Meraki Property Management has a zero tolerance policy for rent arrears. Rent arrears are monitored every working day with action taken in accordance with the RTRA Act.

We use advanced property management software that has rent arrears constantly on our dashboard as pictured below:

We recommend signing a new tenant’s first lease for 6 months to see how the tenant is doing. The contract can be renegotiated before the end of each period of the fixed term.

Meraki Property Management

Approximately three months before the lease expires, we will contact you with opinions and advice about the lease.

Ending A Tenancy (vacate)

If the tenant terminates the lease early, the tenant is responsible for paying reasonable related costs as permitted by law.

The tenancy agreement specifies that the tenant allows the landlord/broker to inspect the property during the tenancy, provided the tenant is given notice as required by legislation.

If the property manager/owner takes the bond, he must give

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