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Mcwhorter Property Management – 1 LESSOR’S HANDBOOK Silver State Realty & Investments 9325 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, NV Phone: (702) Fax: (702) Please keep this document in a safe place for future reference

2 Table of Contents.2 Welcome.4 New Property Data Sheet….5 Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization.. 5 Internal Revenue Service Form W Solvency Statement.. 5 Insurance Authorization…5 Landlord Portal Handbook..5 Change of Landlord Information. 5 Work Request/Authorization for Landlord…5 Vacation Notice for Landlord..5 Silver State Realty & Investments 6 Silver State Realty & Investments Assignment Statement..6 Silver State Realty & Investments Principals 6 Silver State Realty & Investments Communication 6 Company Communication 6 Silver State Realty & Investments State Realty & Investments Website General Office Information..7 Address Information.7 Communications 7 Office Hours 7 Emergencies 7 Team and Contact Information 8 Silver State Realty & Investments Employees/Personnel..8 Landlord Communications 9 Communications Using the Landlord Portal..9 Communications Using of .9 Landlord vacation notice 9 Landlord responsibilities.10 Condominiums and homeowner associations..10 Landlord property excluded areas..10 Insurance 10 Landlord supplied utilities.11 Landlord Solvency 11 Scope of property management..12 What is included in silver State Realty & Investments Property Management Services 12 What is NOT included in Silver State Realty & Investments Proper ty Management ement Services 12 Company guidelines..13 Institute for property claims.13 Ethical guidelines.13 Drug-free guidelines..13

Mcwhorter Property Management

Mcwhorter Property Management

3 Legislation 13 Lead-based paint.13 Mold problems.14 Answers regarding funds..15 Banking 15 Monthly accounts..15 Disbursement of monthly funds..15 End of year procedures…15 Summary of billing rights Renting your property 17 Preparing to Rent the property / 17 Determining the rent.17 How long will the property be vacant?…17 Advertising/marketing..18 Internet and website 18 Marketing between offices.18 Signage 18 Video tours..18 Viewings and applications 18 Processing Tenant applications…19 Tenant screening Cosigners 19 Pets 19 Service Animals Condominium and Home Owner Associations..20 Tenant Moves in.21 Rent and Security Deposit 21 Lease/Lease Agreements..21 Video Documentation..21 Resident’s Handbook.21 Tenant Education and Preparation 21 Working with Tenants 22 Rent Collection ..22 Notice to Pay or Quit.22 Other Notices.22 Tenant Issues..22 Eviction Protection Program 22 Refer ike maintenance.24 Preventive maintenance 24 Landlord’s reserve..24 Monitoring Maintenance. 25 Maintenance program for vacancies..25 Emergencies/disasters.25 Data backup 25. When the tenant moves out..26 Notification of moving out communication with landlords and tenants.26

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4 Move-out video for tenant.26 Refund of deposit..26 Collection 26 Additional services 27 Referrals 27 Annual property review (APR).27 Supervision of extraordinary maintenance.28 Property services..28 Termination of management 29 Written notice.29 Notice to current tenants..29 Distribution of documents..29 Final distribution of funds 29 Conclusion..30

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5 Dedicated to Your Success Thank you for choosing Silver State Realty & Investments to manage your investment. We are aware that you had many choices, and we appreciate that you have chosen us as your property management company. Silver State Realty & Investments works to achieve the highest level of professionalism in real estate/property management services. That is why we have prepared the Silver State Realty & Investments Landlord’s Handbook to assist you in a successful business relationship with our company. We encourage you to take the time to review the attached information. We feel this will further clarify many of the procedures for our property management services. After reading the material, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your management team immediately using the company contact information on the following pages. Silver State Realty & Investments forms are also included in this manual. There are some to fill out upon receipt unless you have already completed them. There are several forms to help you in the future. Completing and using the forms helps Silver State Realty & Investments set up and maintain an accurate account for you and your investment. Special Note: the information provided in the Silver State Realty & Investments Landlord’s Handbook is subject to change. Landlord/tenant laws, personnel, guidelines and procedures change according to events that take place. Silver State Realty & Investments works diligently and continuously to improve services and staff training, as well as staying current with all landlord/tenant laws. Once again, thank you for choosing Silver State Realty & Investments as your property management company. We look forward to a successful business relationship. Sincerely, Christopher Beavor & Daniel Marx Broker and Property Manager

6 A copy of your management agreement is included with the Silver State Realty & Investments Handbook. Refer to it as needed and keep it with this information for a handy reference. It is important that Silver State Realty & Investments receives all important information when we begin to manage. You may have completed the documents listed below. If not, they are available for you to download online on our website if you need them. Please return the correct forms via fax to (702) or via to New Property Data Sheet This information allows Silver State Realty & Investments to set up your account Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization Form (Optional) This form allows Silver State Realty & Investments to send your money directly to your bank. If you do not wish to start EFT at this time, you can use this form in the future. Internal Revenue Service Form W-9 This form is required by the Internal Revenue Service so that we can report your rental income each year. Solvency declaration Landlord’s declaration that all bills and money due on the premises have been paid, current and not in any form of crime. Insurance Authorization (Optional) This form asks the insurance company to issue a copy of your title insurance policy to Silver State Realty & Investments. Landlord Portal Handbook This is a handbook with instructions on how to use your Landlord Portal through our website. Please complete all forms and return to us. We will send them to the relevant organisations. As your administration continues, information may change. Please be prepared to send us a fax or letter should any of the following occur: Change in landlord information Notify Silver State Realty & Investments of any important change when address, phone, fax, etc. Work Request/Landlord Authorization This is for approving work requests from phone calls with your management team. Landlord Vacation Notice This is to notify Silver State Realty & Investments when you will be unavailable for more than two weeks so that Silver State Realty & Investments is prepared in the event of an emergency.

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7 Silver State Realty & Investments is a full-service residential real estate company specializing in home sales, rentals and property management in Las Vegas and the surrounding Southern Nevada communities. Silver State Realty & Investments began operations in 2002, and is actively involved in the Las Vegas community. Silver State Realty & Investments Mission Statement The mission of Silver State Realty & Investments strives to form lifelong partnerships with our valued clients, providing them with the investment expertise and knowledge to achieve their short and long term goals. Silver State Realty & Investments Principals The founder of Silver State Realty & Investments is Christopher Beavor. The company broker is Christopher Beavor and Daniel Marx is the property manager and both have over 30 years of experience in the property industry. Christopher Beavor and Daniel Marx provide guidance and direction to Silver State Realty & Investments. They personally oversee all contracts, policies and procedures, and work to train our personnel to provide excellent service to our clients. Communication is the key to success in any relationship, and the Silver State Realty & Investments/Landlors relationship is certainly no exception. We continuously work to improve communication with all our customers or potential customers. This includes all landlords, tenants, applicants, suppliers, buyers, sellers and the public. Corporate communication On the next page you will find all general office information such as addresses, telephone numbers, address, website and opening hours. Silver State Realty & Investments personnel communicate via: Telephone Fax Written Correspondence Silver State Realty & Investments Website Silver State Realty & Investments stays current with business technology. Our website has proven to be a tremendous resource. Here are some of the customer benefits of our website: Prospective tenants can search our website for available rentals and download our application and apply to rent. Landlords, tenants and suppliers can access important information such as work orders, accounts and documents or send Silver State Realty & Investments from the website. Landlords can obtain forms or view your account online. Tenants can pay rent online by credit card online checks or ACH. Landlords can review their account status online.

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8 General Office Information Silver State Realty & Investments General Information Address Information Mailing Address Street Address 9325 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, Nevada W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas, Nevada Communications Business Phone: (702) Fax Number: (702) Website: Office Hours (Leasing calls are answered evenings and weekends) Property Management Monday Friday at 09.00 17.00 Monday Friday Open during lunchtime Saturday at 09.00 17.00 by appointment Sunday at 10:00 15:00 by appointment Holidays Closed Emergencies For non-911 emergency repairs Call (702) extension 234

9 Silver State Realty & Investments Staff/Personnel We have a complete staff to assist you. What Silver State Realty & Investments has found effective in serving tenants is

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