Marilyn Busch Realty & Property Management

Marilyn Busch Realty & Property Management – 818 River Run Rd, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Molnar Benjamin Jillian M and Jillian M (J&S), $639,710

229 Fox Run Tl, Demicco Russell C & Kelli D to Sluss Robert J & Catherine (J&S), $370,000

Marilyn Busch Realty & Property Management

Marilyn Busch Realty & Property Management

505 Deep Woods, Strimple Mark A and Mary C (J&S) Ridenbaugh to Natalie R and Chelsea Russin (J&S), $325,000

Photo Gallery: Neiman Marcus Women’s History Month Panel

BLK D 12 FT St Rt 82, 30 Shawnee Trail Holdings TRS LLC to 1927 Hospitality LLC A L Co E, $2,214,500

Com SD Lot 31 & Lot 18 Vacated Alley Lot 31 F 35 Maple Ln, Radcliffe Jason & Jody (J&S) to Nemeth Michael S & Logan B Firehammer (J&S), $375,000

60 Maple Ln, Radcliffe Jason & Jody (J&S) to Nemeth Michael S & Logan B Firehammer (J&S), $375,000

Com SD Lot 33 & .1009, Bosted STREET/ALLEY F60.00 Maple Ln, Radcliffe Jason & Jody (J&S) to Nemeth Michael S & Logan B Firehammer (J&S), $375,000

Hollywood’s Notable Deaths Of 2020

193 Brighton Dr, Wenger George S and Deborah L (J&S) to Nelson James W and Patricia A (J&S), $675,000

702 McRoberts, Thomason James C and Cynthia Lynn (trustees) to Hanlon Bradford S and Lauren B (J&S), $176,000

610 Club Dr, Deserio Joseph L and Kristen L Arra (J&S) to Monaco Joseph F and Heather R (J&S), $1,050,000

Marilyn Busch Realty & Property Management

Div 12 NE Lot 41 St Rt 43, J-RS Development LLC to Criss Donald S & Cristie E (J&S), $174,500

January February 2022 Midwest Real Estate News By Re Journals

1001 Cottage Gate Dr, Waters Ann W (Tod) (George August Waters) to Walter Jeffrey Thomas and Barbara Ann (J&S), $274,250

G Y M Lot 33 St Rt 305, Isaac Mills Inc and Ohio Corporation to Herman Larry and Laurel (J&S), $175,000

263 King, Ladd William J and Jane M (J&S) to Wolf Mark T and Susan M (J&S), $107,500

6452 Woodlawn, Kurt Andrew and Michael Darren Pastwa to Epling Richard A and Angela M (J&S), $190,000

November’s Real Estate Transactions In Erie County, New York

Johnston Austin T & Brianna M to Curry Aaron B & Elise L, 4705 Woodland Ave NW, $341,000.

Rainey Mary Lou and Tolley Shirley D to Rainey Mary Lou and Nelson Robert, 2654 Kirby Ave NE, $22,700.

Moore Bruce L and Elizabeth A to Ttis Lamothe David P and Elizabeth J, 8243 Gentry St NW, $500,000.

Marilyn Busch Realty & Property Management

Rogers Thomas J and Christy B Duffy Trustees to Brendan K & Carolyn, 7828 Greenwich BLVD NW, $890,000.

George H.w. Bush Fast Facts

Kandray Daniel E & Tammie S, 8797 Eastlynn Ave NW to Rosenthal David A & Karen Marie, $450,000.

Lucchesi Nicholas P & Erin R to Nabors Douglas S and Elizabeth A Ttees, 2778 Castle View St NW, $68,500.

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Miller Heather A & Davis R to Mcnichol Christopher J & Danielle R, 3051 Perrydale St NW, $138,000.

Scarr Christina B & Daniel I to Derga Robert H Jr & Knapic Marla M, 11492 Forest Meadow Cir NW, $400,000.

Mesa Verde Foundation

Warmuth Robert and Eger Brian and Dana Dech to Helen K and Gibson Nancy A Partnership, 11779 Villa Vista Dr NW, $198,000.

Huddleston Jr. Leonard E and Lisa Huddleston Jr. to Leonard E and Lisa, 8300 Erie Ave N, 367, $500.

Imhof Matthew J & Imhof Kayla L to Brillhart Helen M & Zachariah S, 13571 Sousa St, $354,750.

Marilyn Busch Realty & Property Management

Dagher Jonathan Michael and Audrey Marie, NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 5588 Spanish Bay St SE, $362,720.

On Set With Marilyn Monroe And Humphrey Bogart

Eden Jermey J Aka Jeremy J Laps to Clayton M and Myra N, 8337 Cindell St SE, $351,000.

Immel Hunter R & Danielle N to Comfort Roy P & Lynne A, 10039 Mapleton St SE, $597,000.

Mohn Gene R Jr & Deborah A to Lyn Mari & Mohn Gene R Jr & Deborah A, 4001 Woodale Ave SE, $15,000.

Thompson Eugene and Carol D to Egan Christopher Shawn II and Whitney Lynn, 8231 Whiteridge Cir NW, $290, 200.

Seaworld Plans A New San Diego Sesame Place Theme Park

Mckenna Richard S & Melissa A, 5114 Lindford Ave NE to Elmy William R Jr & Ann Marie, $273,000.

Jurica Karen R & Gregory J to Hostetler Norman R & Sarah Maxine Co Tru, 2427 Cottington St NW, $309,000.

Perrin Ashley H and Perrin II Kenneth Kamwesa to Dishon M and Jordan C, 1928 Amarillo St. NW, $275,000.

Marilyn Busch Realty & Property Management

Pittinger Michael T and Hostetter Michelle Berner to Loretta M Trustee / Loretta M Behr, 3801 Easton St NE, $150,000.

A Spanish Revival Style Property In Upscale Suburban Houston

Troyer Benji R & Raber to Deanna L, Troyer Benji & Bryan R, 745 Mckinley Ave SW, $74,500.

Parcel 009-16B-40-004 Greenwich Rd, Trustee of Woodford James E and Patricia Lass to Rose E and Garrett W, $51,000

364 Deepwood Dr., Sass Angela K and Edwin A McMillion to Waldo James W and Lisa M, $155,000

3546 Laurel Rd, Jacob Drake Investments Properties Ltd & Darrell & Debra Kissinger King to Karen A & Barbara M Petro, $114,000

Real Estate Sales For Summit, Stark, Medina, Portage, Wayne

3180 Erhart Rd, Spangle Richard W and Colleen Wagner to Morris David W and Amanda N Valentine, $160,000

Parcel 024-04B-15-005 Erhart Rd, Spangle Richard W & Colleen Wagner to Morris David W & Amanda N Valentine, $160,000

Parcel 024-04B-15-007 Erhart Rd, Spangle Richard W & Colleen Wagner Morris to David W & Amanda N Valentine, $160,000

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Marilyn Busch Realty & Property Management

8305 Greenwich Rd, Libben Dee A and Michael L and Rodney L and Eric L Roberts to Edward D and Dee Anna Grant, $160,349

George H.w. Bush, President And Father Of A President, Was Last World War Ii Veteran To Lead Nation

727 Bank St, Baltic Daniel W Jr & Matthew G & Aaron M to Freedom 95 LLC, $100,000

8305 Greenwich St., Roberts Michael Lee and Rodney Lee and Eric Lee to Dee Anna Grant and Dee Anna Roberts Grant to Edward D and Dee Anna, $160,349

103 Bar Harbor Blvd, Bailey Thomas C and Kyung N Yambor to Rachel M and Michael J, $275,000

42 High Point Dr Unit 20, Griffing-Labonne Jannet & Kenneth R Soper to Resource Connections for Older Adults LLC, $190,000

Opportunity For All: A Conversation With Marilyn Bush

4946 Windfall Rd, Tighe Timothy A & Maria C Boggs to Zurowski Christian R & Megan N, $275,000

Parcel 028-19C-13-020 Ryan Rd 960-962, Edwards Engineering LLC to Jonathan & Gloria Krumholz Trustees of Johnathan & Gloria Krumholz Revocable Trust, $172,450

3548 Blake Rd, Dissell Douglas S Jr & Alicia L Wells to Travis W & Sarah M, $377,500

Marilyn Busch Realty & Property Management

130 Royal Crest Dr Unit J, Bolen Samuel Allen and Tim Ivan Moyer to Fenstermaker Adrianne K, $65,000

Ballot Battle In Town Of Alameda Pits Multiunit Housing Against Slow Growth Policy

Parcel 07-00799.001 Friendsville Rd, Willig Stephen C & Martha L & Stephen J Willig & Brett A Henry S/T Roy Matthew & Shilo S/T, $45,000

Parcel 01-00014.004 Burkhart Rd, Peters Donald A & Brenda L S/T to Cardinal Ted J & Jessica A S/T, $119,900

Parcel 04-00230.000 Misere Rd, Jones Kenneth D and Sherry B S/T as Trustee to US National Bank Association, $57,000

3488 Misere Rd, Jones Kenneth D & Sherri B S/T as Trustee to US National Bank Association, $57,000 The following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as shown in Erie County Clerk’s records for the week ending May 14th.

Gop Candidate Has No Idea How An Iud Works

• 34 Ashdale Circle, Luz Angelica Matus; Ivan Alejandro Mercado Kylie B. to Terranova; Nicholas J. Terranova, $745,000.

• 208 Denrose Drive, Penton Living Trust 102915 Tr, Dinesh K. Chawla; Rashmi Chawla; Tarun K. Ohri; Vipin Ohri, $635,000.

• 130 Fennec Lane, Milind D. Khadilkar; Sumedha M. Khadilkar Benjamin A. to Moore; Dana J. Moore, $385,000.

Marilyn Busch Realty & Property Management

• 169 Boxelder Lane, David M. Jacobs; Ashley L. Smith Susan K. to Shantz; William L. Shantz, $355,000.

Marilyn Bergman Mourned By Norman Lear, Quincy Jones, Tony Bennett And More: ‘her Music Lives On’

• 792 North French Road, Alice Salkich; Ibrahim Salkic to Carson Stephen Edward; Tammy Lynn Carson, $250,000.

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• 204 Willow Ridge Drive, Robert S. Robinson; Robert Charles Robinson to Christopher Nash; Nicole D. Nash, $242,000.

• 47 Park Club Ln14221, Jean M. Montante; Joseph R. Montante Brian D. to Snyder; Pamela R. Snyder, $135,500.

• 9 Cambridge Sq Unit1, Richard H. Ferry; Roelfina Papoulidis Marjorie A. to Hurley; Thomas F. Hurley II, $117,500.

Johns Island Real Estate

• 169 Coronation Drive, Rita A. Haddad; Teresa A. Maaluf; Gabi Ayyub Zinaty; George Ayoub Zinati; Tony Ayub to Zinati Aziz Khairallah; Tony Khairalla, $115,000.

• Vacant lot at 83 Winterbrook Drive, MJ Peterson Airport LLC; Mj Peterson-Airport LLC to Ryan Homes of New York, $59,007.

• 18 Sunset Boulevard, Ian C. Denton; Lisa K. Denton to Nadra M. MacArthur; Lawrence A. Wade, $183,000.

Marilyn Busch Realty & Property Management

• Vacant lot Cheval Road, Legacy Polo Grounds LLC John Szigeti to Ira Benge; Equity Trust Company Cust, $75,000.

Cunard And Julien’s Auctions Announce The Addition Of Personal Marilyn Monroe Items From The Estate Of Lee Strasberg To August 9 Transatlantic Crossing

• 749 Forest Ave., Eric J. Kossler; Sarah G. Lane to Elizabeth Ann Lentz; Isaac Smith Jr., $550,000.

• 49 Hodge Ave., Annie Y Yuen 2017 Revocable Trust 080717 tr. Charles Hahn II; Suzette Hahn, $441,000.

• Christopher T., 65 Russell St. McMahan; Melanie McMahan; Melanie A. Shorey Michael J. Adler; Evelyn P. Walsh, $380,000.

• Courtney A., 325 Commonwealth Ave. Hamp; Whitney T. Show-Hamp Labayen to Salon Manuel Rey; Nolan Ray to Obrien-Labayen, $356,000.

Marilyn Hunt, Century 21 Real Estate Agent In Eureka Springs, Ar

• Christina E., 102 Wingate Ave. size; Colin J. Size Blake W. Harper III; Mary Virginia Harper; Tracy Lynn Harper, $355,000.

• 771 Lafayette Ave Unit 9c, Mary T. Jebb; Mary Truscott Jebb Kathleen A. to Rooney; John D. Shera, $310,000.

• 588 Hopkins St., Patrick R. Doty; Robert M. Gannon; Donald K. Hollenbeck to Gannon-Patel Enterprise LLC, $145,000.

Marilyn Busch Realty & Property Management

• 179 Breckenridge Road, Brendan Young-Welch; Brendan Mitchell Young-Welch; Casey M. Young-Welch Ashley M. to Romanik-Obrien; Lydia Taylor

Bush Family Releases Details On Barbara Bush’s Funeral, Public Visitation

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