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Maestro Property Management – Maestro is one of the leading providers of Hospitality Management Systems (HMS) in a web browser-based or Windows solution, implementing a feature-rich browser version in any environment including cloud-hosted, private cloud, self-hosted or on-premise. has the flexibility of . Designed exclusively for independent hotels, luxury resorts, conference centers, vacation rentals and multi-property groups seeking to support full-service operations across a single or multi-property portfolio, Maestro has been serving customers for over 43 years. has been the answer and paved the way for it. Modern innovation to serve your customers. Maestro is a robust and feature-rich Property Management System (PMS) with integrated modules to manage all aspects of the guest journey including front desk reservations, y…

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Maestro Property Management

Maestro Property Management

The hospitality industry is about people – connecting people, serving people, and other diverse interactions. Being a leading software vendor that is also about people is invaluable. The helpful staff at Maestro sets them apart from their competition – Canadian hospitality is on full display here.

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As is common with PMS suites, the interface is a bit dated in its appearance. The HTML version is a bit more polished though.

Maestro PMs is a great property management software with great customer service. For me the reports provided by the software are understandable and useful.

General reports and transactional reports are very powerful and help to understand the metrics. Customer service is quite professional and they are quick to resolve cases.

The pricing plan is not flexible, a modular plan would be a better fit for our case and the user interface is also old fashioned.

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The reports that Maestro provides are much more useful than Zingle’s, which is why we like Maestro.

I love that you can add events and track bookings. You can make payments and keep track of events and room bookings.

The program is not user friendly from hotel stand point. Employees have many steps to check-in guests. Reports are not easy to pull and use. When you call support the person is not always nice and helpful.

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Maestro Property Management

Thanks Madison for sharing your experience. Maestro is highly configurable, and steps selected by your property management team can offer multiple screens to meet management data needs. Maestro can be reduced to just a few steps to check a guest in, as well as supporting self-check-in and mobile check-in if desired. We also pride ourselves on the excellent support and training services we have built our reputation on and encourage you to reach out to our customer services or senior management whenever you feel that the service you received does not meet expectations. does We take our high level of service very seriously and in addition to calling live support or using our online chat, we have an extensive electronic website for customers. We also provide training on demand, and will be happy to spend some time with you to help understand and address your specific concerns. Thanks again for your input, please give us the opportunity to improve your experience with Maestro.

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I have to admit that in 9 years working in hotels I have only used 2 PMS programs. Of the two, I much preferred the Maestro. I have used Maestro as a front desk agent, night auditor, front office manager, and general manager. Once you get past the learning curve, and with repeated use, you can fly through the program faster than refreshing the computer… at least I could 🙂

Once you get over the learning curve, it’s very easy to use and move through the program quickly. It is a great program for all aspects of hotel management be it inventory and rate management, guest management, reservations, sales, accounting. I’m sure in the 7 years I’ve used it, I didn’t get to use every function because there were so many. What I liked most was that it is quick and easy to access a lot of information (guest, company, or group information or history / room availability and pricing / accounting and sales statistics). This was very helpful as easy flow of information is very important for the smooth running of a hotel. When loading rates, I especially liked that I could set automatic rate adjustments based on parameters such as dates, day of the week, occupancy, room type, or a combination of any of the above. This automation meant that if there were unexpected inventory changes on the rare occasion that I wasn’t working, the rates would increase or decrease to get the best average daily rate and occupancy. Managing inventory with Maestro was very easy. Even with 9 different room types, I can use various reports on overall occupancy, by room type, and even by specific rooms. I can go on. This is a very solid PMS program and I will use it again.

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The only real dislike I had with this program was the learning curve. Since the particular Maestro PMS we used was easy to use without using a computer mouse, it was necessary to learn the mnemonics (ALT- letter combo) of each function. I still remember ALT-I-R to get a reservation. This was complicated by the fact that sometimes the ALT-character combo varied between different tasks even though they were the same task. The best way to explain is an example: in a guest reservation, to access notes I would key in ALT-I-N, in a group reservation, I would key in ALT-I-T.

Unfortunately, we are still awaiting tax reporting for our 1099/1042 annual tax reporting. Being in America, we need both. We requested the function 3 years ago and it’s still on the back burner. For US customers – this is a big CON

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Thanks Erin for your support and sharing that you and your team love using Maestro PMS. We regret that we cannot update you on the latest tax reporting features in Maestro and will contact you directly as 1099 reporting and output is available in Maestro and is used by many users, and we are sure 1042s We can also review the options. We will work with you to ensure that your configuration is updated to address this, and hopefully resolve the matter to your satisfaction. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to addressing all of your concerns. Covid-19 Update Register Now Client Exclusive In Person Users Conference – Accelerate 2022 – October 17-20 Toronto, Canada

Covid-19 Update At Maestro, we take the health and well-being of our people, our customers and our community seriously. As the Covid-19 pandemic progresses, we continue to take precautionary measures after implementing our business continuity plan in early 2020, with our staff working remotely. We are well prepared to weather this pandemic and continue to maintain the high standard of Maestro service and support and our usual channels of communication remain open. Our commitment to providing smooth running Maestro product and service support remains our top priority. We, as a hospitality community, are being challenged to navigate these unprecedented times. Maestro is your partner in this time of crisis and we encourage our customers to reach out for support. Resources and guidelines are posted on our eLearning client portal to help prepare a PMS for any business slowdown or temporary shutdown. As a community, we will find our way through this. We are committed to our customers and supporting them during the pandemic. Thank you for your partnership, we are here for you now and in the future. Hotel Management Software PMS | Hospitality PMS for Hotels and Resorts

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This invitation-only event will bring together the Maestro team of Maestro users and experts to exchange ideas, build alliances with you on innovative tools, actionable business strategies and skills to leverage your Maestro investment. We’re making the decision to attend easier by making your conference registration fee redeemable for free training services. Attend the entire conference or just the specific sessions that apply to you, and still have time to focus on your work. We’re here to help our customers thrive and accelerate their success by navigating change and evolving guest expectations together, and empowering you for optimal productivity and profitability.

Maestro Property Management

Hospitality hotel PMS software and resort property management system software company offering an all-in-one, comprehensive web browser or Windows hospitality PMS software and hotel reservation system solution.

Maestro All In One Hotel Pms & Resort Property Management System

Focused exclusively on independent hospitality groups, Maestro prides itself on both protecting your investment and providing flexibility and scalability with its innovative property management software solutions. Regardless of which implementation model an asset chooses today to support their business objectives, they can switch to a different option tomorrow without having to go to market for a new system provider and incur additional licensing fees. Maestro offers a painless transition from on-premises to cloud-hosted or vice versa. the hotel

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