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M&h Property Rentals & Management – Mobile Home SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY MH 201 *Spacious 3Bed/2Bath With Garage* 6001 S. Kings Hwy Lot# MH-201 Myrtle Beach, SC 29575

Our beautiful home is located on Coral Dr on a large lot with 2 palm trees and a large oak tree that screens the side porch. There is enough parking for 4 vehicles. The covered front porch provides a great place to sit and relax while watching the golf carts go by. Inside the home you are greeted by an open floor plan with plenty of room to move around. The dining room seats 6 and the eat-in kitchen seats 4. The kitchen has all the appliances you’re used to having at home, including a side-by-side refrigerator, full-size range, dishwasher, and a Keurig for all your hot drink needs. The laundry room has a tub-style sink and a large capacity washer and dryer.

M&h Property Rentals & Management

M&h Property Rentals & Management

The split floor plan has a large master bedroom with a king size bed. The master bath has a large walk-in tile shower with 2 shower heads. On the opposite side of the house, the 2nd bedroom has a queen size bed and the 3rd bedroom has a queen size bed and a double over full bunk bed. The 2nd bathroom has a bath/shower where you can bathe the children. Unlike many homes in Ocean Lakes, our bedrooms are very spacious.

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The living area is very open with a full size sofa bed and large screen TV with DVD player. Free WiFi is included in the rental of our home and a complimentary golf cart is available for pre-approved guests age 21 or older. Guests can keep their beach gear safe in the attached 2-car garage. Our house is located approximately 100 meters from the motorcycle parking area. We rent Sun-Sun during peak season. Out of season we require a minimum of 3 nights.

“All homeowners require a Refundable Security Deposit based on rental season and home size. These deposits will usually be returned to the tenant 7-14 days after departure. In rare cases of property damage, all or some of the security deposit may be kept by the homeowner.”

Enter One Time 6 digit verification code sent to your registered mobile number to confirm your booking request. Sue Veal, 69, gardens at home in Rochester, N.H., on May 17. She moved to a mobile home park six years ago. She bought the garage for $119,000, but says the rent on the lot has risen from $395 a month to more than $480 since she moved in. (Cheryl Senter for The Washington Post)

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For nearly 30 years, Virginia Rubio has lived in a trailer park in Forks, Washington, where monthly rent is about $350. Now it shoots up to $1,000.

Real Estate Mistakes That Could Make You Lose Money

Rubio, a retired home care worker who lives on food stamps and $860 in Social Security each month, says there’s no way to make the math work. She owns the garage she shares with her partner and adult daughter, but will soon have to give it up if she can’t afford to rent the plot of land underneath.

“With an increase like this, I don’t know what we can do,” said Rubio, who is 75. “We are all afraid of losing our homes.”

Rising home prices and rents are trickling down to the nation’s mobile home parks, where increased demand, low supply and an increase in corporate landlords are driving up monthly costs for low-income residents with few alternatives. At the same time, private equity firms and developers are often circling, looking to buy up such properties and turn them into more profitable ventures, including timeshare resorts, wedding venues and condominiums.

M&h Property Rentals & Management

Mobile homes have long been one of the nation’s most affordable housing options, especially for families who do not receive government assistance. About 20 million Americans live in manufactured homes, which make up about 6 percent of U.S. residences, according to federal data. Some experts believe these numbers could soon rise as more people are priced out of traditional homes and apartments.

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Mobile home prices range from less than $25,000 in Nebraska, Iowa and Ohio, to more than $125,000 in Washington state. Overall, they tend to be three to five times less expensive than traditional single-family homes, according to an analysis of census data by LendingTree.

But the increasing demand for affordable housing has put particular pressure on the market. Nationally, the average sales price of manufactured homes rose nearly 50 percent during the pandemic, from $82,900 to $123,200, census data show. Meanwhile, average new home prices rose 22 percent in that period, according to government figures.

However, less is known about how much mobile home owners pay to rent the land beneath their homes. Lot rents typically rise between 4 and 6 percent a year, according to industry sources, although there is little data on exact costs or price increases. The lack of transparency is compounded by the fact that few cities or states have rules governing rent increases at mobile home parks.

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“Land prices are going up, housing costs are going up and it’s trickling down to mobile homes,” said Casey Dawkins, a professor of urban studies and planning at the University of Maryland. “There is also an overall shortage of affordable housing, especially in cities and the suburbs around them.”

Woodvale Road, Belfast

At the same time, park owners and operators face higher costs for utilities, workers and property taxes, all of which are likely to be factored into higher rents for lots, according to John Pawlowski, managing director at real estate research firm Green Street Advisors.

In many cases, residents like Rubio said they own the trailer they live in but don’t enjoy the benefits of homeownership — such as locked-in monthly payments, tax breaks and appreciation in home values ​​— or the flexibility or protections associated with renting. They said they often feel stuck in a state of limbo: Their garage is their biggest investment, but it’s useless if they can’t afford to rent the land it sits on. Moving a mobile home — if it’s new enough to be moved at all — can cost as much as $15,000, meaning residents are often reliant on the parks where they live. Many municipalities also have rules that determine when and how trailers can be transported.

“You have a captive audience in mobile home parks,” said Kate MacTavish, an associate professor at Oregon State University whose research focuses on affordable housing and trailer parks. “They may own their homes, but they can’t just pick up and move.”

M&h Property Rentals & Management

In interviews with a dozen RV residents across the country, all said their rents went up this year. Most reported increases of 10 to 25 percent, although some said monthly payments doubled or tripled. Their options were also increasingly limited: Many said they bought trailers after being priced out of apartments, houses and condos and were now unsure of where to go next. They used up their savings or took out high-interest loans to buy manufactured homes with little resale value. Some considered moving into motels, crashing with friends or living in their cars until they could find a more permanent arrangement.

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Glencairn Crescent, Belfast

Christy Andrews thought she was making a good investment when she snapped up a garage in Torrance, California, for $5,000 six years ago. But now she says it was a big mistake. Her ground rent — the monthly fee she pays for the lot where her trailer is parked — has nearly doubled to $1,700 in the six years she’s lived at Knolls Manor and now takes up nearly all of the $1,900. a month she receives in Social Security disability checks.

“It’s terrible,” said Andrews, 43, who left her aerospace sales job because of kidney failure. “There is no way to keep up. Do you pay rent or get your medicine or buy gas to take your child to school?”

The only way to move, she said, would be to give up the only home she’s ever owned. Rent in the area is astronomical: studios can easily cost $2,000 a month, and two-bedrooms are closer to $3,000. Many of her neighbors have been evicted and end up homeless, she said, and she fears she’ll soon be living in her Chevy Tahoe with her rescue dogs, Jozie and Nyah.

Private equity firms including Stockbridge Capital, Carlyle Group and Apollo Global Management have rapidly bought up mobile home parks over the past decade, often with financing from state-sponsored lenders Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Once they take over, one of their first moves is to raise rent, Oregon State’s MacTavish said.

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But industry groups say those rent increases are often necessary to cover the cost of improving and maintaining property grounds, especially when parks change hands.

“When new owners come in, they do infrastructure upgrades, they improve the streets and add amenities, all of which are very important as these communities age,” said Lesli Gooch, CEO of the Institute for Manufactured Housing. “When a community does change hands, it is often because of

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