Locklear Property Management

Locklear Property Management – # 1: High Rent and Low Monthly Loan Payments – Jacksonville Florida has one of the healthiest rental markets in the entire country. Rents are rising and house prices are falling. You can buy a rental property at the cheapest price (usually the car price) and rent it at a premium price. The Jacksonville Rental Market allows investors to receive a positive monthly cash flow on a variety of mortgage payments and rental collections. This means you have a higher chance of getting a return on your rental investment. Our investors typically earn an average of 9-15% return on investment properties purchased from Locklear Real Estate Partners.

# 2: Population Growth – The population of the first coastal area is about 1.3 million and is growing. Housing Trends magazine predicts Jacksonville’s population will grow 50-100% over the next ten years. Being born here in Jacksonville, I have seen great progress. My parents moved me to the Northside in 1954 when Dunn Avenue was a dirt road. Dunn Avenue is now a 6-lane corridor. I do not see any slowdown in growth. Florida will always be a retired state, and the growing population will contribute to the influx of new settlers on Florida’s first coast.

Locklear Property Management

Locklear Property Management

# 3: The job market is stable and growing – At a time of declining jobs, Jacksonville has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. With strong manufacturing, logistics and banking base – our work is good and helps keep families strong. We have two large military bases, both constantly growing and improving. With the widening of the Panama Canal, which allowed it to serve the largest overweight vessel, Jacksonville allocated funds to deepen the St Johns River to accommodate the largest vessel. Find more jobs as our port expands. Jacksonville’s Northside has benefited greatly from port expansion and will continue to grow in the future.

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# 4: It’s Florida! Beautiful light beaches, a wide range of professional golf courses and probably one of the most vibrant and diverse rivers in the world. St Johns River is the heart of Jacksonville. I can personally confirm that it is indeed star fishing. St Johns will keep me here for the rest of my life. My dad told me that after traveling the world with courtesy of the United States Navy, he settled in Jacksonville because he had never seen a better place to live. The quality of life here in Jacksonville is A ++.

# 1: Changing Market Trends – There have been defined changes from ownership to lease during the last decade. Having a home was once an American dream, but this is not the case today. Young people want to keep the phone going so they can move on to the best job market. When prices fell in 2007, we all realized that owning your own home was no longer the surest path to wealth. Google Stats and you will see a dramatic shift from ownership to lease. Everyone pays for the house. Why not let them pay you?

# 2: The Great Availability of Default Mortgages on Horizon – Banks Continues to Offer Tolerance Options for Homeowners Experts are predicting a rise in defaults that will extend to short-term sales and closures. Doors waiting to hit the real estate market soon. We are preparing for a great opportunity to buy a deal with a hefty discount. Join us!

# 3: Locklear Team – We help you locate, repair and manage your investments. We will do all the heavy lifting. You just sit down!

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“Working with Adam and Joe has allowed me to create a successful portfolio of real estate investments. They shared with me a lot of knowledge with manual tutorials and training through the process of buying, repairing and managing real estate. Locklear Real Estate Partners is a lost link for the average person who wants to invest in real estate and risk nothing.

Hand-painted by seasonal real estate investors Joe and Adam Locklear, these maps are highlighted with the best neighborhoods to invest in in Jacksonville, Florida.

The first map is an overview of the city. The second map takes a closer look at the hottest area in Jacksonville to buy an investment property, the Northwest Quadrant.

Locklear Property Management

Blue area is good for buying investment property! Avoid the red zone for maximum cash flow potential. Click on the image to see more clearly.

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Fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your next cash flow investment property! What are you waiting for? We will help you every step of the way. Below you will find case studies of actual projects that our team has fixed. These properties are in poor condition and we can be involved to help plan renovations and ensure that each project is a success.

As a licensed general contractor, our company manages many different projects, including renovations for investors and homeowners alike.

Our return plans are made for our own investment efforts, and we partner with potential investors. Repair work as well. Many times we can fund to buy and repair projects as well. You bring the deal and we handle the rest.

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All of our turnkey rentals are professionally managed by Locklear Property Management. Landlords no longer have to worry about keeping the house clean, collecting rent or managing rent. We can also offer investment deals when we get a few houses a month.

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Our personal home remodeling department does high quality custom work for homeowners. We are not a small repair company, but a large repair and construction company that can handle large-scale repairs for you. We provide free quotes to qualified clients.

Our team has worked directly with over 300 clients over the last 15 years in Jacksonville. We are a leading industry expert with housing and investment in Jacksonville, Florida.

Check out these case studies and contact our team for more information on how to make your next project a resounding success.

Locklear Property Management

Investor Disclaimer: Please note that these are examples of typical investment properties by investors who have purchased property from Locklear Partners. Investing in real estate poses the same risks as other vehicles available to consumers. Return on investment or profit is not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to practice diligence for any investment property purchased with the intention of making a positive return on the funds invested.

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Fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss your next cash-strapped real estate investment! What are you waiting for? We will help you every step of the way.

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