Lobos Property Management Pittsburgh

Lobos Property Management Pittsburgh – Lobos Management’s Queensbury Building in Avalon looks better than ever! The halls and lobby have received the royal treatment with new bespoke wallpaper and gorgeous new carpeting! The beauty doesn’t stop there… with richly painted apartments basking in the natural sunlight streaming through the huge glass doors that lead to the apartments’ private balconies.

This stunning apartment building by Lobos Management has been completely remodeled! Every inch has been renovated with care. Fine finishes like granite and hardwood with custom details like the beautiful paint and tiles. If you are looking for an UPGRADE this place is for you! The photos speak for themselves! Immediate collection possible; $870/month plus water and electricity. Call the office for an appointment! 412-441-1400

Lobos Property Management Pittsburgh

Lobos Property Management Pittsburgh

Four bedrooms in each of the adjacent duplex apartment buildings. I’m sure you’ve heard LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION…

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Less than 0.5 miles to Mad Mex, Buffalo Blues, Casbah, Starbucks, Whole Foods, Harris Grille, Soba, Crazy Mocha Coffee Shop and more

Less than 1 mile from Banana Repulic, Williams Sonoma, Gap, Apple Store, Giant Eagle Market District, J Crew, Fitness Factory, Amazing Yoga, The Coffee Tree and more

Praise: Aside from the location, this apartment also exudes a clean and modern feel, with new windows, a decorative fireplace, high ceilings, and crown molding. (One of these units is still available for an August move-in, BTW!)

__Lobos Management is constantly renovating properties… we are currently upgrading kitchens with new cabinets and GRANITE COUNTERTOPS. Uba Tuba is a popular choice of granite. The gorgeous natural golds and greens look amazing with the light falling off them! Check out the before and after photos.

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Believe it or not, we are now showing 3 and 4 bedroom apartments for August move-ins! If you and your roommates haven’t started looking for a new home for Fall 2012, you can start here! We will be hosting North Oakland apartment building demonstrations each week in an open house format…it’s perfect for you and your roommates…you simply show up within the scheduled time frame and a friendly landlord will be there to check Lobos management leasing process and give you a tour of the properties. Call our office or check Craigslist Pittsburgh for specific times and dates… and find your condo for next fall before all the good ones are gone!

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One of our most popular rental destinations is the Shadyside neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s East End. Often our potential renters tell us that they are interested in Shadyside because the neighborhood was recommended by friends who have lived in or know the Pittsburgh area. Despite knowing they want to live in Shadyside, new tenants often haven’t seen for themselves what makes the neighborhood so attractive. For that reason I would like to provide a few details on why I think Shadyside is a great place for our renters.

This is just a sampling of the amenities Shadyside has to offer our renters. Upon arriving at your new neighborhood rental property, you will no doubt find other attractions that fit your own specific interests. Luckily, Lobos Management has several buildings in this neighborhood that allow our residents to have all sorts of great attractions like the ones mentioned above. Apartment types range from studios to four bedroom units and property styles range from townhouses to refurbished Victorian houses to large apartment complexes.

Lobos Property Management Pittsburgh

_Since I moved to Bloomfield in February 2005, it has been my favorite neighborhood in Pittsburgh. I originally moved into Lobos Management’s two-bedroom flat on Edmond Street. The apartment itself was nice – it had off-street parking, a dishwasher and a balcony, but the location was fantastic. As a graduate student in Pitt, I enjoyed the 30 minute walk to campus. When I got lazy, sick, or the weather was too bad, I took the 54 bus. As a vegan with “silly” dietary restrictions, I enjoyed the proximity to Quiet Storm and Thai Cuisine Restaurant — two of the better-rated vegan-friendly restaurants in the East End. To stock up on larger groceries, it was a quick and easy drive (by car, bike, or foot) to Whole Foods Market or the Strip District for produce shopping.

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Although the location initially drew me to the Edmond Street Apartments, I quickly fell in love with the neighborhood itself. Having grown up in a small town, I was very drawn to the close-knit community atmosphere that Bloomfield offered. Unlike the more transient neighborhoods of Pittsburgh’s East End, many of the people here were homeowners whose families had lived here for several generations. Despite this, the neighborhood has never felt too old or intrusive, as there has also been an influx of young tenants. There are quirky, quirky shops and services that are probably geared towards the older residents – like vacuum cleaner repairs and vintage tuxedo shops, but there are also cool offerings for younger folks with diverse interests – an anarchist bookstore, some live music… Bars, cafes, and one of the best record stores in town. I’ve since moved out of Lobo’s management apartment and out of the Bloomfield neighborhood entirely. I now live a few blocks away in Friendship. While I still have a great connection to Pittsburgh culture, I miss the strong sense of community I experienced in Bloomfield.

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This time of year is particularly hard on your wallet. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of Lobos Management’s buildings with a T or bus stop nearby, try public transport. If that or carpooling isn’t an option for you, here are some tips from Lobos Management on how you can save money by making your vehicle more fuel efficient. Check your driving habits and save money.

1. Don’t ignore this light…(!). You’ll get better fuel economy if your tires are properly inflated to the correct pressure. Right now you can really get a good deal at Get Go…they’re on the loose!

2. Don’t keep junk in your trunk. Being overweight reduces your fuel efficiency, so don’t do things like cart your golf clubs around in the winter or leave your bowling ball in the backseat all week if your league only meets on Wednesdays.

Discover Hobart Commons In Squirrel Hill!!

4. Service your engine. Ignoring the maintenance of your engine could have a terrible impact on your gas mileage and safety! I have only had issues with Lobos management: on three occasions they have threatened me with court notes and late fees for not paying the rent when they were cashed, I got my rent check on the due date and then failed to submit the paperwork. Water regularly flows out of my light in the entrance area twice. First time it took 4 days to fix the ceiling and a month to patch the ceiling, this time it was a week and still no sign of maintenance and it was a week and 3 phone calls. It took 4 days in the dead of winter to fix the heat in my bedroom when the highs were hovering around freezing.

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The maintenance staff left my front door wide open and all the lights on when I was out of town. Nothing stolen, almost a dozen mosquitoes killed. Outlet in the living room shorted out, causing the entire wall to short out. After 4 calls to a service I gave up and used extension cords.

They don’t de-ice my front aisle, including the non-handrail steps (which are also a building fire exit). It currently has about half an inch of solid ice on it.

Lobos Property Management Pittsburgh

The two washers and dryers are constantly broken (one was removed 4 months ago and never replaced). About a third of the time there is no operational laundry facility. A+BBB rating and accreditation information may be delayed by up to a week. BBB accredited companies follow the BBB Code of Business Practices and pay a fee for accreditation verification and monitoring. Accreditation is not a BBB endorsement or evaluation of the company’s product quality or ability to provide services. BBB rating and accreditation information may be delayed by up to a week.

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After failing to provide safe and healthy housing, Lobos management refuses to return my security deposit despite writing to me weeks ago that I would receive it. This false information has meant that I cannot pay the rent for my new apartment and I am threatened with eviction. Absolutely unacceptable. Some experienced transgressions include, but are not limited to, water damage to my ceiling resulting in multiple severe sinus infections, no access to water for over 24 hours, and unauthorized access to the bedroom for maintenance while I was sleeping.

Darren was my leasing agent and he made my experience great! He is very professional and up to date! More than satisfied

I love the new staff they have here they have really changed the complex especially my favorite Darren he has made such a difference

Honestly an all round great experience with Lobos management. I had to move into one

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