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Perched majestically on a hillside, this striking craftsman-inspired single-story home blends with nature from the outside in. A sharp, modern roofline juts skyward, outlining the horizon with the appearance of a mountain descending naturally, wide and low before anchoring itself to the hillside. Natural exterior materials match the imposing exterior. Stone cladding for the foundation and porch columns meet rough-slotted, staggered shakes and wooden supports below the eaves and above the entrance portico. Wandering like the rolling meadow, the floor plan comfortably exits the foyer offering views at every turn. The main living areas of the kitchen, dining room and great room are open, with only columns and ceiling detailing to distinguish the spaces. The wooden beams in the great room echo the architectural theme of the exterior. Rear views from the master suite, great room and kitchen nook continue to draw nature in. The living space extends outdoors and to the lower level. A large deck off the kitchen extends to a covered space with a wood-beamed ceiling and outdoor fireplace, creating a peaceful setting for solitary relaxation or group entertaining. Two additional bedrooms and a game room on the lower level provide additional sleeping and recreation space.

Lenhart Property Management

Lenhart Property Management

Are you selling a home built from these plans? License renderings and floor plan marketing images for use in MLS, brochures or on your website. (Note: we do not offer photo license)

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Modify this plan Tell us what you want to change and we will prepare a quote to implement your required changes Get started How much will this house cost to build? With StartBuild, you can find the construction cost to build this home plan in your location and with your specific material options Download StartBuild Have more questions? If you cannot find the information you need online, please contact us Call: 1 (800) 411- 0231 Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. PSTE Send us

We are the designers of every home featured and available on this site. Although you may sometimes find our house plans advertised and for sale elsewhere, both online and in print, it makes sense to purchase your plan directly. Place your order with confidence knowing that your home plans are from the original source and that you have the support of your home designer.

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As the original designer and copyright holder – we can beat any lower price you find a Mascord design for sale – on any site authorized to sell our designs. Before you make your purchase, just give us a call, direct us to the website you’ve seen the lowest advertised price and we’ll not only match that price – we’ll also give you an extra 5% discount and an extra special Customer Care :-). (The advertised program must be the same as the program purchased, including product type – 5 sets, 8 sets, hybrid, reproducible or CAD file, etc.). Our standard price beat guarantee refers to regularly listed prices, but if you find any coupon, special offer, bonus offer, freebie or discount offered on a competing site, please call us, tell us where it is and we’ll see if we can beat that too!

If you have questions about an element of the design or your contractor has a question during construction – we are able to answer those questions for you quickly and accurately without having to go through a third party.

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We stand behind all the plans we sell and by buying direct you can benefit from the high level of customer service we provide.

To return or exchange your home programs, simply call customer service at (503) 225-9161 within 14 days of purchase for information on how to return your unused printed programs to us. Unused designs must not be marked, distorted or copied. Packages that include home plans delivered electronically – packages that include PDF and CAD files – are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. All paper design exchanges are subject to a 20% restocking fee to cover printing and shipping costs.

The basic code requires that your structure design meet certain requirements. The code allows a few ways to satisfy these requirements. The first method is known as “prescriptive” wall bracing and is incorporated into the code as prescribed structural elements that must be included in specified locations in the building. Prescriptive methods are acceptable as long as the building design fits within certain constraints (wall height, window size/location, etc.). The second method is to demonstrate, by mechanical analysis, the forces imposed on the structure and design the structural elements to withstand those forces. While the prescriptive method imposes certain constraints on the design of the structure, the mechanical analysis of the building allows more flexibility in the design while ensuring that it can withstand the actual physical forces that the structure will face.

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Lenhart Property Management

In almost all cases, Mascord designs will require special engineering analysis of the site. This analysis is required to be performed by a professional, such as a structural engineer, who is licensed by the state in which the structure will be built. The analysis is specific to the exact construction site – for this reason, we do not have “pre-engineered” designs that can be built anywhere. An engineer will need to review the plans and provide an engineering analysis report and additional plans and specifications to go along with your plans for permit submission. You should allow additional time and expense to complete this process.

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Some areas have additional engineering requirements, such as the earthquake-prone regions of California and the Pacific Northwest, or the hurricane-prone Gulf Coast, Florida, and Carolinas. Additional wind and seismic engineering plans are required to accompany your home plans to obtain a building permit in most areas. These additional plans must be provided and stamped by a licensed professional in your state. In most cases, we have established working relationships with engineers who can help you obtain the necessary designs affordably, or you can source your own local engineer.

When the design includes retaining walls, these will also require engineering. Although the code provides some prescribed designs for basements and concrete/masonry walls, these only work in limited situations. The use of site-designed retaining walls allows for much greater design flexibility and ensures that the walls are designed specifically for the design loads, unique soils, fluid pressures and drainage characteristics at the site. It makes no sense to place the most expensive investment a family makes in a foundation that is not designed for the unique characteristics of the land it is placed on.

All Mascord home plans are designed and detailed to comply with the International Residential Code (for out-of-state orders) or Oregon and Washington local codes (for orders in those states).

Your area may also have specific energy codes that must be followed. Compliance could include completing forms that provide evidence that your construction plans meet the requirements. In many cases the forms are simple and can be completed by yourself or with the help of your General Contractor.

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To find out exactly what design details you should expect with Mascord house plans, see What’s Included in a Plan Set?

If you are unsure of what may be required, contact your building department and ask for a list of all the items needed to submit and obtain a building permit.

We typically calculate and size joists for a 25 psf snow load. You may need joists sized to accommodate higher roof loads specific to your area. We can help with that. please speak to our sales staff to discuss your options.

Lenhart Property Management

Building jurisdictions in many states—including California, New York, New Jersey, Nevada, and Illinois—require that your home design be reviewed and all of your construction plans stamped by a local professional. If you are building in such an area, you will most likely need to hire a state licensed structural engineer to analyze the plan and provide additional plans and calculations required by your local building department.

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In addition to construction plans, you may also need a site plan showing where the home will be located on your chosen property, along with any grading and water/septic management requirements.

Although we make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our design information, we reserve the right to make corrections to our floor plans or elevations as necessary. Mary’s Episcopal Church in the Highlands had its annual Feast of the Animals last Sunday…

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