Lehndorff Property Management

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The website is a multilingual platform specifically for the promotion of cultural organizations. The contents of the Website and the rights related to them are reserved, so they can be consulted exclusively for personal information, other uses are prohibited without prior written consent from .

Lehndorff Property Management

Lehndorff Property Management

The company Restart S.r.l., with registered office in Rome in viale Angelico n.101, registered in the Register of Companies in no. RM – 1450606, tax code and VAT number no. 13481941006, is the owner of the platform called – reachable at the website address ‘https://www.’.

Heinrich Graf Von Lehndorff Steinort

This policy contains the social rights of Restart S.r.l. its partners and support users of the Platform. The provision of services by Restart s.r.l. from the platform in favor of the partner who wants to propose fundraising (hereinafter: the Partner) will be subject to the following terms.

After registering and completing the profile in all its sections, the Participant can use the Site to advertise their fundraising activities, according to the process described below.

The partner accepts to keep the login credentials and prepare backups of all uploaded content. For this reason, the partner exonerates from any responsibility in this regard. is authorized to retain audit information in accordance with its current Privacy Policy and to terminate the account in case of misuse of the site.

During the fundraising process, the Participant will enter information such as the name, title, e-mail address, of each Sponsor. The partner, by accepting the Terms of Use, reimburses srl, as the owner and administrator of the platform, from the violation, or misuse, of the information and information, or where they are used for purposes unrelated and/or illegal with respect. to the “Terms and Conditions” and “Financial Rules and Regulations”, assume all civil and responsibilities from the illegal and illegal use of this information .

Models That Matter In Vogue Italy With Veruschka Von Lehndorff

The partner is solely responsible for the project, information, images and content published and its acceptance and presentation through a social responsibility, accuracy, cost , the ease and completeness of the project itself and this situation will be given. proof of the site from the appropriate words. The partner agrees to send documents, photos and / or videos that he is the owner of the relative right of use, removed from the other person requesting the use and content of information, pictures and/or videos. The partner also undertakes to send files free of viruses, images and/or videos, and in any case not to interfere with any hardware or software of the portal or of people watching or downloading them.

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By “project” we mean all activities that aim to improve and/or improve the leadership and public service of the organization. Any activity that positively affects leadership is necessary:

However, has the right to refuse the publication of the Job or suspend the competition, in any case that the goods or services offered by the partner do not match the image or the reputation and morals of .

Lehndorff Property Management

Partner raised Restart S.r.l. by a guarantee of the project both in the design phase and the construction phase, promise to follow the instructions in the project describing the purpose and time, also guarantee Restart S.r.l. and encourage users that what is published corresponds to the truth and especially that the project has been drawn from specific topics.

By (1980) And Submitted To The Department Of Urban

The partner has the right to receive payment of the income, net of the Payments specified below and at an agreed rate of 5% including VAT of each payment.

The Sponsor receives the loan from the payment service owned and managed entirely by STRIPE Inc. (or other payment managers choose from), through its own platforms, which are business models. In this regard, therefore, the partner exonerates from any responsibility in this regard. For each payment made, STRIPE Inc. collect payments for the management of payment services (referred to above as Payments), according to its rules and agreements. So the partner gets the money from the sponsors of this project. The amount of the payment is established by the manager and, using credit cards and current funds in the Euro area, is usually the following:

Resume srl, through the platform, is not responsible for the exchange rates used by the users to pay, or for the change that these rates may pass over time, limiting its order to provide adequate information to users. on the platform regarding such changes.

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In addition, in the event that the service is charged, STRIPE Inc. also retain this amount on all payments from Sponsors, and withdraw by agreement. In this case, therefore, the partner receives the income from the sponsors of the payment and the payment because:

Veruschka Von Lehndorff

Funds are paid for each donation. Both STRIPE and will provide financial evidence related to collection and production to the recipient, as required by law.

An accounting, financial and management success in the subscriptions received is the responsibility and liability of the partner, which will therefore immediately provide for billing, reporting , certificates and other things required by the current law.

Reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the layout, graphics, dimensions, colors of the site and the pages in which the project is presented. It also has the right to insert, add, modify and in any case freely manage the location of these pages, add, remove, duplicate information, communication, advertising, images , flag and other content he approves.

Lehndorff Property Management

The partner remains the exclusive owner of what is published on the platform in its terms of use. may use the method of its disposal, online and offline, information, advertising content and information about everything that will be published on www. to promote and advertise the platform and partners. This contract is under Italian law and, in the event of a dispute, the competent court is Rome. Roma, Rome, February 2022

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The website is an online multilingual platform dedicated to the promotion of cultural organizations. The content of the site and its rights are reserved and may be referred to for personal information only. Unauthorized use of site information without prior permission is prohibited. Restart S.R.L is a company located in Rome, Viale Angelico n.101, registered at the Registro delle Imprese with number RM – 1450606. Tax and VAT number 13481941006 and owned, available online at http:/ /www.. The following guidelines include the rules governing the relationship between Restart S.R.L, its customers and visitors to the platform.

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The Visitor becomes a User when he completes the registration form with personal data (username / email / password), or login through their Facebook account. The user undertakes to provide information that is true and correct, and to update it later in their current form. Each user is responsible for his own account and for all activities performed by him; Each user is responsible for keeping his/her credentials confidential and not giving them to other users. In that case, the user is exempted from any responsibility in the matter.

Any permanent or temporary cultural organization that, as its own identity, manages and preserves historical heritage for the benefit of the public can be a partner on the platform . reserves the right to evaluate the suitability of each registration request.

Any organization that meets the above requirements can become a partner after providing all the necessary information to identify themselves. The following details are also required for creating the Institution page of:

Location Of Excavated Archaeological Sites Containing Guarita Strata In…

All information included in the profile must be correct, complete and accurate. Once the required information is provided, it will take time to verify its suitability and will start to open the online space reserved for the partner

Information: this section focuses on the importance of the location of the Institute. A brief description of the Department together with photos of its location and information surrounding opening hours will be included, along with a link to the Department’s website.

Collection: A brief description of the works of the collection. In the case that the partner does not have a permanent collection, the images of the work that are affected temporarily will be displayed.

Lehndorff Property Management

The content published on the Profile is public and can be found online. The Affiliate undertakes to submit information, images and/or video material independently, avoiding any responsibility of publishing copyrighted information without prior permission from . Likewise, mate

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