Landa Property Management

Landa Property Management – As someone who has seen the company and decided to give it a try, many of the past issues have been addressed and many of the issues have been resolved. As many of you can see from past reviews, this app has faced many issues during its release. There are some issues I’ve experienced with the graphs on the app, but that’s about it for now. Keep doing what you are doing, keep listening to your community, keep working hard and you will have great success as a company.

After linking your bank account, you get free share. After looking at some of the most appreciating cities in Georgia, and looking at affordable properties like those in Atlanta, I was going to buy a part of a certain house. After linking my bank account, I found the same property I was going to buy 😉

Landa Property Management

Landa Property Management

This app is the best app to start earning extra income. Every month they collect the rent, they let you know if there is a maintenance issue or a change of tenant. This is a great app to get into real estate without too many headaches. Thanks, .

Landa Fls, San Antonio, Tx 78254

At the moment it’s really the only option I know of that’s open to anyone serious about building a diversified passive income and growth portfolio (outside of the high-cost and low-yield public markets).

Very impressed. A great way to diversify for the average investor. I was very excited about the idea when I first heard about it, and was really blown away by how well it managed. The reporting and disclosures are fantastic and highly professional. It is at the forefront of providing alternative investment options for everyday investors who don’t want all their assets locked up in the public markets.

Great real estate investment concept. Love the ability to invest less money in real estate. Would love to see more investment options. Great work team,!

Real estate is the most interesting place to put your money. We sweeten the deal by removing the middlemen (and most of their fees) and passing those savings on to you.

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Now we are talking. If you want to connect with the new era of real estate investors, where people talk and help design the future, join us here – Reddit, Facebook, Discord.

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When you invest in a property, you are buying a share in a limited liability company (LLC) that owns a single rental property. Each share entitles you to your fractional (aka “pro rata”) profits earned by the LLC. Since each LLC offers a total of 10,000 shares (for single-family homes) or 100,000 shares (for multi-family properties). We have to keep them affordable! Each share you buy will entitle you to a share of the LLC’s profits. If you buy all of the LLC’s shares, you will receive 100% of the profits from its property.

Honestly, it’s easy. download from here. You will be asked to answer some onboarding questions. Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to connect to your bank, browse available properties, buy shares and complete your first investment. Keep in mind, currently only available to US residents 18 years of age or older.

Landa Property Management

All rights reserved © Holdings, Inc. Holdings, Inc. (“Holdings”) operates the www. website (the “Site”) and mobile-based app (the “App”). Holdings LLC and serves as manager of 2 LLC. From time to time, Holdings may organize limited liability companies or series limited liability companies, such as LLCs and 2 LLCs, and will raise funds through the App for such entities that are subject to Regulation A under the Securities Act. are exempt from registration requirements accordingly. of 1933 (“Regulation A”). Such companies shall be collectively referred to herein as “”. Neither Holdings nor any broker-dealer is an investment adviser. All securities-related activities are conducted by Dalmore Group LLC (“Dalmore”), a registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA/SIPC, located at 525 Green Place, Woodmere, NY 11598. You can review Dalmore’s broker check. Banking services provided by Evolv Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. By opening a Custodial Account on the App, you agree to Evolve Bank & Trust’s Custodial Agreement. All securities (“Shares”) are being offered through one or more series (“Series”). Investing in securities involves risks, and there is always the possibility of losing money when you invest in securities. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Such investments that are offered are speculative and involve substantial risks to consider before investing, which are outlined in the relevant offering materials and are not These include, but are not limited to, legality, lack of diversity, and complete loss of capital. Investments in the Offering constitute investments only in a particular series and not in holdings, or in any underlying assets. Investors should carefully review the risks contained in the relevant offering materials for a more comprehensive discussion of risks. You should consult your financial advisor, accountant, and/or attorney when evaluating any securities offering. Neither Holdings, nor Dalmore makes any recommendations or provides investment advice, nor does any communication through this website or through any other means on this investment platform. or should not be construed as a recommendation for any security offered outside of it. Nothing in this material should be construed as investment or tax advice, or as a solicitation or offer, or as a recommendation to buy or sell any securities. The Site and/or App may make forward-looking statements. You should not rely on these statements but should carefully review the contents of the offering to evaluate any investment opportunity, including the full set of risk factors that are part of the offering circular for your consideration. are provided as We request you to review the applicable offer circular, which is available here. Holdings intends to offer securities through each series to be registered under Regulation A. From time to time, the Company will seek to qualify for offerings of additional series of securities under Regulation A. is being solicited and will not be accepted if sent in response. No offer to purchase shares of a particular offering may be accepted, and no portion of the purchase price may be received, until such series has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). The offering statement is not qualified by the SEC. . Any such offer may be withdrawn or canceled at any time, without liability or obligation, at any time prior to notice of acceptance given by the SEC after the qualification date. Expressions of interest do not involve any obligation or commitment of any kind.

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Landa App Llc Offering Statement 1 A/a

Investment reviews on the Site and/or App include a summary of the objective and basic business terms of the investment opportunity. Such summaries are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be complete, and each is qualified in its entirety by reference to the more detailed discussion contained in the applicable offering circular filed with the SEC. Neither Holdings offers refunds after investment. Please review the relevant offering materials and subscription documents for more information.

All shares will be issued in electronic form only and will not be listed or quoted on any securities exchange. We expect that after the series offering closes, the Public-Private Execution Network Alternative Trading System, or PPEX ATS (the “Secondary Trading Platform”), which is registered with the SEC and owned by North Capital Private Securities Corporation (“North Capital ) operated by.”), as a broker-dealer member of the Secondary Trading Platform, a venue will be available for the resale of such Shares through Dalmore. However, any such resale of shares will be subject to federal and state securities laws and restrictions in the series operating agreement, and there can be no assurance that an active market for any shares on the secondary trading platform will exist. provided, that the secondary trading platform will be available to allow resale of shares to residents of all states, or that the secondary trading platform will be available at all. For these reasons, investors should be prepared to hold their shares indefinitely.

You can obtain a copy of the applicable offering circular here. Disclaimer Holdings maintains this website for informational purposes only. All offers of Series Shares (and information about each Series and its underlying property) are made exclusively on the Mobile App. All images and figures shown are for illustrative purposes only and are not original customer or model returns. Not a cryptocurrency app, all monetary values ​​are in US dollars and only available to US investors. All rights reserved © Holdings, Inc. Why is investing in real estate so difficult? (And how Linda hopes to improve it.)

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