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L&l Property Management – I was born and raised in Yerington, NV – my family has been farming in Mason Valley and Smith Valley since the late 1800’s. My experience in Farming/Farming/Construction/Heavy Equipment has given me varied experience. My hobbies include basket weaving, gardening and camping. I was able to work well with the salespeople with my experience in the construction area

Linda Lawton has successfully led the dynamic LL Realty Group to the highest echelons of the real estate business in Northern Nevada. In the year LL Realty Inc. was founded in 1999 by Fallon & LL Realty Inc. – Fernley, helping people buy and sell individual homes since 1989.

L&l Property Management

L&l Property Management

I originally moved to Lake Tahoe in the 70’s from a small town in Southern California. After 4 years. A casino restaurant job and life in a resort town, I was eager to find the comfort of a small community and wanted to have a horse again! I have been in Gardnerville NV for over 35 years now. I have worked in fine dining restaurants in Genoa, Minden and Gold Hill, Nevada.

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Linda Lawton, owner/broker of LL Realty, has successfully led the dynamic LL Realty team to the top echelons of the real estate business in Northern Nevada. Helping people buy and sell homes since 1986, Linda believes in the fundamentals of business: excellence in customer service, and a professional environment where people can complete their transactions with comfort and confidence. Our friendly agents have over 150 years of combined real estate experience, and along with our support staff, we’re eager to help you. The LL Realty Group makes it easy to find the right agent for you.

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Everyone here is a great realtor who is great at helping you love them all

Skye was nothing short of great from the minute I called her, we had a bad experience with our previous realtor not meeting our needs and Skye went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable in the home buying process. It’s hard for first time home buyers to understand everything and she always took the time to explain any questions we had at any time of the day. I highly recommend Skye because she is caring, attentive to your needs, very knowledgeable!

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Sky made everything easy for us! She was very helpful throughout the process, and I felt it was a great home buying experience. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home!

Skye was great! This was my husband and I’s first experience buying a home, and Sky made us look like professionals. We started looking for a house in January, knowing that we planned to close by May. Skye had no problem working with us for over 4 months. She had no problem showing us dozens of properties knowing that we planned to make offers immediately. Sky helped us get help with our down payment as first home buyers. She answered all our questions adequately. Every time Skye contacted her, she would reply on the same day. She gave us her personal cell phone number, text response, calls, weekends, holidays and vacations. I would recommend Skye as a realtor to any buyer, especially first time buyers.

LL Realty rocks!! Hilary and Clarissa are very nice and helpful people in this business! Thank you so much, LL Realty!!! There are many reasons to hire a property management company to manage your real estate investments for you, but this does not mean that all property management companies are created equal. When shopping for future asset managers, you may notice significant differences in each company’s fees. While some companies may offer impossibly low fees for their services, beware of hidden fees that can quickly turn into a financial nightmare.

L&l Property Management

Listed below are some examples of fees that property management companies try to hide. Be sure to ask your property manager how much their services cost.

Best Property Management Service In New England

Rental fees are one of the most common ways property management companies make their money. If you expect a property manager to market the property to prospective tenants as well as place tenants in your property, you will likely charge a lease fee. Generally, lease payments are about 50% of the first month’s rent, but some management companies try to add additional costs to increase their bottom line. Make sure your management company covers the entire rental process with the lease payment, from advertising photos to showing the property, from applicant screening to check-in.

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If tenants are late with their monthly rent, there is a possibility that the management company they hired to collect rent may charge the tenant a late fee. In some cases, late fees are paid directly to the property owner; However, some asset management companies may charge late fees.

If your property management company handles late payments, be sure to ask how many of their tenants are late each month. For some companies, late fees are a big part of their revenue, and they are more than happy to rent to tenants who struggle to pay their rent on time.

If your property management company does a good job of finding tenants and managing your home, you may find that your tenants want to extend their leases. This is usually great news for you as the property owner, as tenant turnover between repairs and vacancies can be very expensive. However, it is important to know the additional fees that your management company may charge for renewing the tenant’s lease.

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Lease renewal fees are typically a flat, low-cost fee that helps cover the property manager’s time preparing and reviewing the renewal paperwork. If you are charged a renewal fee, your property manager should provide you with an up-to-date market rent report to ensure your home is being held at a reasonable price.

One of the most important benefits of hiring a property management company is that they can handle your maintenance needs for you, helping to solve problems big and small quickly and efficiently. Like the other fees on this list, some property management firms add a maintenance fee that is integrated through their company. Whether your property management company charges a flat fee for repairs or adds a percentage to the final repair cost, it’s important to know the true cost of each repair.

Eviction is one of the biggest risks you face when renting your home. Hiring a property management company helps ensure that only the most qualified applicants are approved as tenants, but evictions can still happen even with the most thorough screening. If an eviction is necessary, it’s important to know how your management company can help and what their fees will cover.

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L&l Property Management

Owners are typically responsible for the cost of hiring a lawyer to evict a tenant, with some property management companies charging an additional fee to coordinate the eviction. If a property management company pays a fee for each eviction, there is little incentive to keep good tenants in the property. Property management companies that charge eviction fees may view your property as a revolving door of tenants instead of working to find high-quality tenants who will stay for years to come.

How 208.properties Stays Transparent In Property Management

When it’s time to sell your rental home, some property management companies may charge an “administration” fee to prepare your home for sale or to work with your real estate agent. These fees can quickly add up to hundreds of dollars that you don’t expect, so it’s important to know up front what your property manager’s true costs are.

We believe in transparency in everything we do, including pricing. That’s why all our pricing is available online, so you don’t have to worry about surprises but hidden fees again.

To learn more about our property management services and our transparent fee models for Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and San Diego County, don’t hesitate to contact our team today! The Property Management Mindset Ultimate Podcast, hosted by Bob Preston, RMP®, features top experts and professionals related to the property management industry. Bonus episodes are called Five Minute Fridays (FMF) offering tips and advice every Friday in five minutes or less. Watch, listen and subscribe today!

In this episode of Property Management Brainstorming, Bob discusses home security as an important part of healthy living with Director Andrew Smallwood.

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