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Kyser Property Management – The views and opinions expressed in a letter to the editor are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of The Madison Record.

At the September 23rd Council meeting, our city leaders will consider an application to rezone property near Kyser Boulevard from industrial to residential. The proposal would allow the developer to build several hundred homes on land currently zoned for commercial or industrial use.

Kyser Property Management

Kyser Property Management

What makes it unusual? Our city planning committee voted against Kyser’s proposal. Airport officials expressed their concern. School leaders expressed their concern. And the citizens of Madison protested.

Br, 1 Bath House

Moreover, the proposal conflicts with our city’s Growth Policy for Residential Development. It also conflicts with the city’s Industrial Area Plan, which the city commissioned to determine how Madison can build business opportunities in this industry-rich region.

The Industrial District Plan (driven by a cross-section of community members, as well as our Madison Development Plan, Comprehensive Plan and several other plans and studies) recognizes that our city’s industries are important components of Madison’s future. It concludes that the industrial area affected by Kyser’s proposal has the most development and infrastructure potential of all the urban areas studied. While the plan lists dozens of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, it identifies only three threats, one of which is “the repurposing of industrial land for other purposes, such as residential.”

The annual tax revenue Kyser’s proposal would generate is even less than the reported cost to the city of operating an Industrial Area Plan.

Kyser’s estimated $75,000 in revenue would not replace the $270,000 required for each new student body the development would bring in each subsequent year. This is cumulative. By the time the development is complete, we will have incurred more than $5.6 million in new Kyser students and will continue to pay more than $1.6 million in student retention costs each year. We also need $300,000 to pay for the additional buses that will be required for the 171 children, as well as $93,000 annually to pay drivers.

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The original Kyser developer agreement suggested the city would receive a financial dividend of perhaps $600,000 to avoid costs for the new road and greenway expansion, but it called for the city to fund some of the expansion itself. Any potential cost benefit from Kyser will likely be dwarfed by the larger and lasting financial impact on our community.

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We passed a property tax vote to fund new schools. Don’t have enough money and space now? Unfortunately, none!

The Kyser proposal is in addition to our school capacity and funding projections, and it will add an estimated 7 classrooms of approximately 28 students per year and more than 170 students upon completion.

Kyser Property Management

The property tax (assuming approval) will fund the two elementary/middle schools we need immediately and potentially some additions to the high schools. If construction goes smoothly according to schedule, we will face a reduction in school capacity in 2022. However, by 2029 we will again exceed capacity for our elementary schools, and then for high schools and middle schools.

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This property tax measure was a last minute Hail Mary because the increase was higher than the resource. Raising taxes is an undeniable necessity. But until we develop future financing strategies, we must continue to manage residential growth.

The proposed Kyser development is located on the flight path directly north of the airport, and airport officials have advised that the property is in proximity that violates Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) acoustic standards for residential areas.

The FAA encourages “appropriate use” of industrial and commercial areas around airports and urges local officials to keep “inappropriate use” locations, schools and churches away from airports…”with particular emphasis on noise reduction.”

The Kyser proposal proposes an extension to Westchester Drive. Interestingly, Westchester is the name of a lesson we can learn. Los Angeles’ Westchester community was forced to condemn 4,500 homes and relocate 14,000 residents because airport growth caused excessive noise pollution. It was a cost the city had to pay.

Kyser Blvd, Madison, Al 35758

Last September, Senator Shelby announced that our airport would receive a $29.1 million grant to build a new taxiway and accommodate more direct flights to the area. Coincidentally, the FAA, which oversees the grant distribution program. As a condition of an FAA-sponsored airport development project, the Federal Airport and Airway Development Act requires a written assurance that zoning laws will reasonably limit the use of the land to purposes “compatible” with normal airport operations. plane.

Common sense would call it a risk to allow Madison families to build, buy, and occupy homes in a flight path zone that does not meet FAA acoustic standards.

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Last year, the city administration established a growth policy for the development of residential areas with great thought, care and purposefulness. The policy states that conversion of industrial property to residential should not be supported.

Kyser Property Management

The policy allows for one exception…provided significant city goals are met. It is likely that any advantages the proposal presents will definitely outweigh the disadvantages.

Kyser Blvd Unit 204.547904, Madison, Al 35758

The Kyser proposal is outside the scope of growth policy. In the past nine months of public discussion, no one has offered the city a clearly compelling interest that would justify an exception. The savings the development will offer the city are offset by the greater financial obligations the city will incur. Residential taxes will bring in less revenue to the city than business.

Most, if not all development proposals will offer expected tax revenue and perhaps some modest cost offsets. Will this be our criteria for approving exceptions? If so, what is the value of our policy?

Our city is growing and it needs to do it smartly. Growth is good… if managed. Our development policy is our governance framework. The Kyser proposal shows how discretionary enforcement of the policy doesn’t work.

Although it didn’t pass a commission vote, Kyser’s proposal was brought back to the table through a largely secret development agreement.

Halcyon Park Dr Montgomery, Al 36117

This debate is not just about the Kyser proposal, it starts with Kyser. While Kyser introduced additional safety considerations for the airport’s flight path, rezoning any industrial zone for residential would have similar effects.

Our development policy is our commitment to protect the future of our community. Our Industrial Area Plan is our strategy to secure the future of our community. They represent the greater good of Madison.

Kyser pushed his proposal despite it being against our city policies and plans, and almost universally opposed by school officials, airport officials and the citizenry of Madison. Things that make you go hmmmm. MONTGOMERY, AL () – The City of Montgomery announced Thursday an estimated $12.5 million investment in downtown along with Jake Kyser of Kyser Property Management.

Kyser Property Management

Officials have announced that a new hotel, Staybridge Suites, will join the downtown area by fall 2017. The Staybridge is expected to be perfect for business and close to Cramton Bowl for major events such as the Camellia Bowl.

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Grand Reserve At Madison

Montgomery’s economic conditions and growth, especially the downtown growth that we’ve seen in the last few years, I think all of those factors have contributed to our desire to stay at StayBridge Suites for the long haul,” said Jake Kyser. “Tourism is up. Conventions are ready. The occupancy rate at the hotel has been in the 70 percent range, so with all that, we thought this would be a great opportunity for that.”

The hotel will be built on the site of the city’s skate park on Bibb Street and will have five stories of 114 rooms.

“The mayor has a saying that he likes to say, ‘If you haven’t seen Montgomery in the last 5 years, you haven’t seen Montgomery,’ and you can tell in the last year because so much is changing in Montgomery every day,” said Dawn Hathcock, vice president of the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce. We’re very fortunate to have a city that’s on the move and growing very quickly.”

Hathcock says the city has even lost some revenue in the past because there wasn’t enough hotel space for potential visitors.

Hotel To Be Built At Historic Site In Downtown Montgomery

“There have been some conventions that we haven’t been able to get downtown for the convention center, and that’s been a challenge for us. These new hotels coming online are really going to do a lot. It’s a big difference for us,” Hathcock said.

The extended-stay hotel chain will offer guests to downtown Montgomery a range of amenities, including a full kitchen, fitness center, business center, grocery store and pool. Kyser describes it as a home away from home.

“We’re shooting to break ground in the next month or so based on finalizing some paperwork and various things. Then, typically, you’re looking at a hotel of this size with about a 12-month construction phase,” Kyser said.

Kyser Property Management

The city is now looking for an alternative location for the skate park. Mayor Strange says a location for a skate park has not been found, but they are asking for input.

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