Krantz Property Management Co

Krantz Property Management Co – Co-founder and leader of the elite residential real estate team Krantz and Krantz of Halstead Property, Jeff Krantz is the latest expert to share his knowledge in our Expert Interviews series. Through endless creativity and a “listen first” philosophy, he delivers world-class results for thousands of clients. Blending deep creativity with a grounded analytical approach, Jeff guides clients through acquisition, pre-development planning, team building, pricing, onboarding and ultimately sales.

In addition to their dedication to professional excellence, Jeff and his wife, Christine, serve the community in which they live and support many charitable organizations in Harlem. Read on to learn how he got into the real estate business and how he creates successful strategies.

Krantz Property Management Co

Krantz Property Management Co

Q: Tell us about your background and why you chose real estate.

Krantz And Howard Farms

I moved from Los Angeles to New York in 2001 and the job market was terrible, basically non-existent. These were the dying days of classified job ads

, but I “Start with V.P. sales level.” Somehow it didn’t ring a bell, so I showed up and was among a few other dreamers who were completely realistic about the VP level.

I accepted the job and was promised six figures if I did; All I knew was that I met a “senior associate” on a random university campus in New Jersey. I met him in the square, and he handed me a stack of tickets and said, “Congratulations on your job. If you sell these tickets to students, you will receive a $2 bonus for each sale.” Turns out I was hired to sell discount tickets to a comedy club. After a humiliating day, I returned to V.P. about being “unemployed”.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine just got his real estate license and said, “Dude, it’s easy. You will earn tons of money! (doesn’t ring again)” I immediately got my license and joined a company that stuck me in a desk and pointed me to Craigslist and wished me luck. Turns out, it’s not easy at all, and what my friend didn’t tell me was that her father was the lead developer who was nurturing clients for her. I was 24 years old and still didn’t know anyone and quickly realized that posting NO FEE ads on Craigslist was not for me. Within a few months, I received an exclusive rental listing and instead of writing a standard description, I wrote a short story about the house. I was seen in my office as a person with strong and creative marketing ideas and was quickly asked to help with listings.

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County Treasurer’s Duties Are Wide Ranging

I love that real estate allows you to create your own path and can take you in many different directions. I started out as a letting agent, followed by 4 years as an on-site agent, after which I used my knowledge to build a team capable of managing large-scale development sites, whilst servicing buyers and sellers.

Our team shares common core values ​​that we have developed over many months of planning and structuring. We developed a mission statement and then 10 core values ​​that help define our approach to business (tip: ethics #1). Also, after reading the book

, Christine (my wife and partner, also known as “good Krantz”) and I decided that no matter how much we built Krantz and Krantz, it needed to be scaled. An agent’s business is doomed if something ever happens to them, but we’ve built our team in such a way that everyone is invested and trained to keep the business going, even if one or both of us have to step aside. while (due to illness or some unexpected life situation). Our strategy began with recruiting professionals who strive for excellence and are committed to Krantz and Krantz culture.

Krantz Property Management Co

Q: How do you expect the needs and wants of home buyers to change over the next ten years?

Krantz Dr, Frederick, Md 21703

Technology will certainly continue to play a role in the real estate process. However, people will always need experts to put the data into context and, moreover, to act as advisors on the most important investment in their lives. Homebuyers of the future will continue to trust experts, and expert brokers in micromarkets can help you with knowledge you can’t find online.

I rely on my team’s on-the-ground experience and opinions to keep up with local and global geopolitical trends (CNBC is a good one).

I want to work with developers who share my vision of building “Achievable Luxury in Manhattan,” sellers who appreciate the creativity and professionalism I bring to the sales process, and buyers who call my registration phone and say “life is real.” good, but we need more space!”

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Find your voice and promote yourself consistently. In other words, if you’re really into generating marketing concepts, don’t try to be a numbers person. This business rewards talent in many ways. Just because the agent sitting next to you does it one way doesn’t mean it’s the WAY.

Catapult Systems Fosters Employee Enthusiasm

As a licensed associate broker with Halstead Property, Jeff Krantz conceptualizes and executes sales and leasing strategies in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Jeff is married to Christine Krantz, a sales manager and the other half of the Krantz and Krantz real estate team. Developers enjoy working with his team because they constantly challenge themselves to find new ways to succeed. Learn more about it here.

Interested in being interviewed for our expert interview series? To register or learn more about this series, feel free to contact us at [email protected].THE KRANTZ + KRANTZ TEAM Harlem & Upper Manhattan’s #1 Real Estate Team LET’S BRING YOU HOME TOGETHER™

Founded by Jeff and his wife Christine Krantz, the Krantz + Krantz team has been delivering exceptional results in New York since 2003.

Krantz Property Management Co

Everyone who works with Krantz + Krantz will always hear them say, “Keep on Krantzing.” According to the hashtag, it represents the collective mission that drives each team member every day:

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Integrity, accountability, community and diversity. Simply put, ego stays at the door and customer success is the focus.

The team’s commitment to excellence has earned them several industry awards and countless 5-star reviews from peers and clients.

If you’re looking for world-class service, an unparalleled neighborhood experience, and warm, accessible style, you’ve come to the right place.

“I was very impressed that the Krantz & Krantz team really listened to our wishes. As we were determining what price point our apartment would be worth, the team listened to our individual thoughts and feelings and guided us in the direction they felt was best. You wouldn’t know it, but the team at Krantz & Krantz were able to sell our condo for the full price we agreed to list it for! The team provided a full range of services that met all of our needs during the time we worked with them. I cannot recommend the Krantz & Krantz team enough to anyone looking to buy or sell a condo.

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Neighbor Started Grass Fire, How Do I Deal With Damages?

“We really enjoyed working with the Krantz + Krantz team on our first home purchase. They were very supportive at every step of the process, including the very long board package and approval. They are strong negotiators and made sure we got the best deal and were competitive enough to be the buyers of our dream land. We can’t wait to move into our new home!”

“I highly recommend Krantz + Krantz! You guys are the best in every way. I’m very picky and couldn’t find a single flaw in your approach. You guys covered every corner to make everyone happy and satisfied. Between all parties, even the problematic bumps in the road done with careful thought and skill. You guys look like a ‘TEAM’!” SCHENECTADY — Robert McEvoy’s decades-long career as a professor at his beloved college and 22 years running the day-to-day operations of Schenectady County government have earned him a stellar reputation from one end of the state to the other, with politicians and protégés praising him as a dedicated public administrator and financial expert.

County lawmakers observed a moment of silence for McEvoy. For years, county elected officials have known McEvoy, who retired in 2000, as a nonpartisan administrator who began his career in public administration in 1964 in Yonkers, Westchester County. He then worked as a manager overseeing the day-to-day business in the nearby communities of Hastings-on-Hudson and Rye before moving to Schenectady in 1978.

Krantz Property Management Co

McEvoy is married and has three daughters. For many years, McAvoy and his wife, Nancy, lived in Schenectady’s GE Realty Plot.

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His colleagues remembered him fondly as an administrator

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