Koren Riley Property Management

Koren Riley Property Management – The following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in the records of the Erie County Clerk’s office for the week ending June 17, 2022.

• 220 Ruskin Road, David M. Engel; Jaruwan S. Engel to Samuel Gregory Cook; Stephanie Hynes Cook, $680,000.

Koren Riley Property Management

Koren Riley Property Management

• 96 Thamesford Lane, Janice V. Roseman; Janice V Roseman Revocable Trust 080521 Tr to Richard D. Oleksy; Susan K. Oleksy, $525,000.

The Real Reporter June 2017 By The Real Reporter

• 181-a Northill Drive, Marrano/marc Equity Corporation to Douglas J. Martin; Janet M. Martin; Sean P. Martin, $449,855.

• 298 Mt Vernon Road, Aleks J. Quenneville; Joseph Spellman to David Michael Julian; Kathleen Ann Julian, $415,000.

• 15 Carriage Hill East, Michelle L. Green; Michelle L. Tuholski; Thomas J. Tuholski to Jacob Allan Morley; Mary Jane Rivington-Morley, $405,000.

• 24 Willow Green Drive, Stonish Debra A Hall; Donald C. Stonish to Brian P. Quinn; Heather L. Quinn, $380,000.

Real Estate Sales For Summit, Stark, Medina, Portage, Wayne

• 39 Lyrae Drive, Donald C. Bartha; Gloria A. Bartha to David A. Goss; Lisa M. Goss, $318,000.

• 35a Oakbrook Drive, Jennifer L. Giegel; Michael J. Zanghi to Joseph&anne Williams Revocable Living Trust 060618 Tr, $315,000.

• 187 Harding Road, Anna G. Ottaviano; Daniel J. Ottaviano to Ricci A. Elnicki; Ryan A. Elnicki, $285,000.

Koren Riley Property Management

• 208 Lafayette Boulevard, John G. Schmidt Jr.; Eight Lives Holdings LLC Rcr to Amy R. Inzina, $200,000.

Liver Macrophages And Inflammation In Physiology And Physiopathology Of Non‐alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

• 3 Keph Dr Unit 2, Cynthia M. Wong; Nicole M. Wong to Moore Anthony Jerome Jr, $192,000.

• 4613 Chestnut Ridge Rd Unit F, Chung Edmund Kin Man to Megan K. Morgante; Peter J. Morgante, $120,000.

• 586 North French Rd St14228, Darrel R. Lloyd Jr. to William T. Knox; William T. Murphy, $95,000.

• 1271 Grover Road, John T. Vickerd; John T. Vickerd II to Sayer J. Murphy; Shawn E. Murphy, $360,000.

Delhi Press 06/19/19 By Enquirer Media

• 7210 Elmtree Place, Henry M. McDonald; Jennifer L. Mcdonald to Denise E. Crowden; Loren D. Crowden, $299,900.

• 378 Breckenridge, Linda Potwora; Thomas Potwora; 5360 Murphy Road Inc; Tomlynson Enterprises LLC to Ef Homes LLC, $408, 000.

• 55 Pulaski St., Benjamin Wooley; Benjamin O. Wooley Jr. to These Ones For The Boys LLC, $82,500.

Koren Riley Property Management

• 243 Chapel Ave., Sheryl A. Cleveland; Cheryl A. Thomas to Jessica Schmidt Right; John A. Upright, $171,000.

A Comprehensive Review On The Role Of The Gut Microbiome In Human Neurological Disorders

• 10540 County Road, Dawn M. Hall; Timothy M. Hall to Brett M. Au; Jillian E. Palisano, $685,000.

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• 4578 East Overlook Drive, Robin Rice; Robert L. Zotara to Jess Timothy Mack; Kimberly Ann Mack, $432,500.

• 4260 Shimerville Road, Adam M. Haas; Tiffany L. Harper to Ellie N. Mcgee; Michael Andrew Paul, $300,000.

• 8734 Hayes Hollow Road, John J. Kane; Nancy L. Kane; Nancy Langford Kane to Worthington Family Trust 042721, $230,000.

Heterogeneous Length Of Stay Of Hosts’ Movements And Spatial Epidemic Spread

• 14148 Dupont Road, Gerald N. Mammoser; Richard P. Mammoser; Ronald L. Mammoser to Eden Valley Farm LLC, $350, 000.

• 1941 West Blood Road, Michael J. Zawisky; Michael J. Zawisky Jr.; Michael John Zawisky to Jason A. Monroe; Johanna C. Mustico, $320,000.

• 41 Golfview Drive, Natalie Dryden; Debra Ellison; John R. Kramer; Colleen Monin; Kathleen Rapp; Natalie Reuben to William Michael Gilbert; Mary Elizabeth Witherell, $278,500.

Koren Riley Property Management

• 825 Carter Creek Drive, Sean F. Donovan; Sean M. Donovan to Brendan C. Stone; Kelly M. Stone, $430,000.

Global Change Effects On Humid Tropical Forests: Evidence For Biogeochemical And Biodiversity Shifts At An Ecosystem Scale

• 4899 Holly Place, Joseph W. Battin Sr.; Kathleen L. Battin to Chloe L. Schumer; Timothy R. Schumer, $600,000.

• 6385 L#26 Boston State Road, Wetzl Boston State Road Development LLC to Gerald A. Genzel; Judith M. Genzel, $535,670.

• 5244 Innesbrooke Court, Annette Manley; Annette N. Manley; Charles A. Manley to Cheryl L. Allman; Patrick F. Allman, $275,000.

• 5098 Morgan Parkway, Barbara Boquard; Margery Boquard; William E. Boquard Jr.; Margery Salley to Kathryn Dowdell, $198, 000.

The Isogenie Database: An Interdisciplinary Data Management Solution For Ecosystems Biology And Environmental Research [peerj]

• 4928 Richmond Ave., Patrick J. Jeswald; Mary Moorman Penn to Dan Glushefski; WNY Property Associates Inc, $161,500.

• 6748 Taylor Road, Kathleen Augello; Karen A. Finnegan; Mary Kolb; John Palisano; Joseph Palisano; Michael Palisano; Timothy Palisano; William Palisano to Justin P. Juzdowski; Samantha Jo Palisano, $50,000.

• 95 Shannon Drive, Anthony Celestino III; Tia Theresa Celestino; Carla Nagel to Audrey Mulhisen; Bradley Rozwood, $252,500.

Koren Riley Property Management

• 49 West Home Road, Ann Marie George; Ronald A. George to Elaine S. Cutler; Michael S. Cutler, $500,000.

Seven Days, March 23, 2022 By Seven Days

• 11155 Hiller Road, Albert J. Moadoer; Kathleen Moadoer; Moadoer 2017 Family Trust 051117 Tr to Helen M. Domske; Jean M. Nuwer, $450,300.

• 34 Golden Crescent Way, Daniel R. Dinardo; Diana M. Dinardo to Matthew A. Ersing; Laura M. Monaghan, $605,000.

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• 47 Meadowbrook Road, Laura M. Weber; Richard J. Weber to Kelly A. Kerrigan; Scott P. Kerrigan, $435,000.

• 6832 Gartman Road, Cherie A. Kadi; Joseph S. Kadi to Michael J. Brinkerhoff; Laurie M. Meissner-Brinkerhoff, $285,500.

Rapid, In Field Deployable, Avian Influenza Virus Haemagglutinin Characterisation Tool Using Minion Technology

• 20 Niagara Shore Drive, Mary C Langenbach Irrevocable Trust 082020 Tr to Patrick J. Bannister; Tracey A. Bannister, $320,000.

• 37 Gath Terr, Donald J. Gwidzowski; Tina M. Gwidzowski to Kevin M. Dispensa; Julia Maxine Mead, $260,000.

• 339 Northwood Drive, Jean Marie Campbell; Timothy John Turcott to Kevin J. Corless; Stacey A. Corless, $310,000.

Koren Riley Property Management

• 969 Kenmore Ave., Buffalo Fire Department Federal Credit Union Suc; Crossroads Community Federal Credit Union to 969 Kenmore LLC, $250, 000.

Agora 14 By Taubman College Of Architecture And Urban Planning

• 13324 Warner Hill Road, David Friedhaber; David M. Friedhaber; Suk C. Friedhaber; Suk Friedhaber to Jill M. Laufer; Mark J. Laufer, $270,000.

• 27 Pine Ct N, Dennis M. Curtin; Joanne Curtin to Joseph S. Urban; Maria C. Urban, $325,000.

• 24 Woodbine Ave., Linda M. Garrison; Marc S. Garrison to Brian J. Detzler; Sierra M. Michaels, $232,000.

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The Intersect Of Genetics, Environment, And Microbiota In Asthma—perspectives And Challenges

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Koren Riley Property Management

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