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Knudson Property Management – Joining us on this episode is Robert Pesapane from FEMA. Robert is an emergency management professional with over 10 years of experience in state and federal government. He currently serves as Director of the Division of Recovery for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) of the US Department of Homeland Security, where he is responsible for providing guidance, direction and oversight to state and local governments to help them recover from all types of disasters. .

He provides valuable insight into what a jurisdiction looks like to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a disaster.

Knudson Property Management

Knudson Property Management

You listened to insights from local governments, a podcast for the state and local governments. If you want to optimize operations, improve services to your constituents and maximize revenue without raising taxes, this is the podcast for you. Let’s go to the show. Hi Everyone, welcome to another episode of the Local Government Insights Podcast. Modernizing Government Management, your source and overview of local government technology. My name is Brenda Middleton, and today we have Robert Pest from FEMA to discuss the importance of local leaders creating a disaster financial plan before an emergency strikes and what steps to take to prepare. One from the Roberts show. Nice to have you, thanks for being here. Thank you I have. Nice to have the opportunity to be with you today and talk about FEMA’s expertise. Awesome. So very quickly before we jump right into the first, first question, Robert. For those listening, Robert is an emergency management professional with over a decade of experience in state and federal government. He currently serves as Director of the IE Recovery Division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the US Department of Homeland Security. We all know that FEMA or he is responsible for providing guidance, direction and oversight to state and local governments to help them recover from all disasters. Robert joins the day to discuss the importance of preparing a disaster financial plan before an emergency occurs. So, Robert, if we just dive into the first one, I’ve just laid the groundwork. Local jurisdictions face many different types of emergencies, and for most, tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes quickly come to mind. like. What other emergencies have you dealt with? Great question. So I think we also routinely see a lot of flood emergencies across the country, and that’s probably the biggest threat to communities, flooding. But also in Human Area I and here in Oakland, California, as you mentioned, there’s a lot of fire risk associated with fire, and in the far western Pacific we’ve had typhoons hitting our US territories. and then even in the volcanic danger of Hawaii. In 2018 we had a big book on corruption in Hawaii County. So there is a risk mirror that local communities face and it is important to understand the risk profile of the community and there are many ways to do that. In particular, working with a local emergency manager who understands the threats this community faces is a deliberate planning process. Excellent. And in the event of a disaster, as we all usually hear on the news, federal funds are provided. That’s really what we’re talking about here today. This process. How federal grants play a role in disaster recovery and…

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…another other part I’ve been wanting to know. How does a jurisdiction access these funds and how long does it typically take? Can talk a little bit about that process, it depends on the seriousness of the event and so if a woman is engaged, it’s a presidentially declared disaster and so the presidents in the community declared it a major disaster for the state and so we get involved in that process and that process is requested by the governor through the president. Once this major disaster is approved, our women’s recovery programs will kick in, and what most communities have experience with when they’ve been on nutrition is the public assistance program, and that’s our grant program that we reimburse the state for. . and this is the subject of the process. But as we know, depending on the severity of the event that that community might be facing, there may be other federal grant programs available and the timing of those grants will vary, and that’s where the county or local government really needs to understand what’s out there. there and part of that is understanding what their recovery outcomes are and what their needs are. So not all programs start when a disaster occurs. Some of the other federal programs or matching funds from Congress, and so they can come at different times, unlike the FEM, which funds are authorized the moment the president declares a disaster, and when we start talking about recovery results, Robert, like can you talk a little bit about your experience , which can help some of those who are now, like working with local communities to determine these types of recovery outcomes, like how should they approach this? What level doesn’t start? So, you know, we say that all recovery and all disasters are local because it affects their community and it’s important that they work together to understand what impacts their community has faced and where they want to see their community. in terms of recovery. And it happens. You know, we love to have recovery conversations before an event, but we know that many communities face such different challenges on a daily basis. So for the first time they are dealing with an emergency. When that happens and their recovery process really has to start from the moment a disaster occurs in the local community, our emergency, because time is precious and that time cannot be regained. So you work with communities to respond, which is critical to saving lives and protecting property. But then you know to understand to understand…

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… what that recovery is going to look like for this community, and it’s going to be really hard, and so it’s going to take a lot of partners and stickers to come together pretty quickly with some dynamic leadership to start mapping out what those recovery outcomes could be. It could be housing, it could be infrastructure, it could be that you know, depending on the devastation, the community had a lot of housing stock or infrastructure destroyed. What do you want it to look like? And when you start to figure it out, the conversation becomes, how do we finance it? right? Is this some sort of recovery fund that the woman may have authorized? Is that what we need? If I’m in a rule community, maybe there’s USDA funding available, or a Farm Service Agency from a rural area, and so there’s a lot of federal programs. And then, for community reasons, we have to start mapping out how they want to fund it, and that’s going to be very difficult, and they’re going to get through it. On If you have a dynamic team with different skills and experience. This is when the community can start to really build their team and move towards recovery results and really start to prepare. And if we could take a step back, if you wouldn’t mind talking a few moments before the disaster actually happens and all the different options and recovery outcomes that you just described, we’ll just take a minute. let’s talk about how disaster financial management plays a role in planning and preparing for these types of events? GICK question. So I think that plays a critical role, and I imagine most communities have a process where they look at response plans regardless of whether they’re at risk. So if I have a flood hazard, I’m sure the communities working on it is a flood hazard plan. Because My community is at risk of fire, I’m working on my escape routes. And so we have these deliberate processes in place because, again, we want to save lives and protect property. But when disaster strikes, we need to start focusing on those recovery plans, and ideally that starts in the preparedness phase, and so when we’re working on those response plans, we need to be just as focused

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