Kirch Property Management

Kirch Property Management – Madelyne Kirch is the founder of Sun & Moon Marketing Communications in New York. What sets the agency apart is its focus on real estate – from corporate, commercial and retail, to residential real estate. Madelyne founded her company nearly 30 years ago in her basement with an investment of $2,500. She is always focused on real estate, a unique and much-needed niche. Developers are not trained in marketing and often need help. And her projects vary enormously in scale – sometimes working on an entirely new project and sometimes working on repositioning existing space.

Madelyne sees a story in every project. “We are Real Estate Storytellers” pronounces her website. Finding the story that represents the developer’s idea, project goals, and physical build is the first step in the developer’s process. Her secret sauce is her insider understanding of the real estate industry. She is a member of industry groups such as the Women’s Development Collaborative and an active member of the Urban Land Institute. Her control over the experience of being a developer, including the difficulties that come with it, helps her effectively guide clients to a meaningful and impactful story about their project.

Kirch Property Management

Kirch Property Management

Sun and Moon’s marketing has worked with several developers, but Madelyne says her biggest and most impactful project was the development of Hudson Square – a 30-year project that transformed a previously undesirable and underserved neighborhood into the site of Google Campus and the company’s headquarters. Disney. Madelyne knows the importance of real estate and its power to transform a place; the Hudson Square project did just that. Sun and Moon has been around for decades, and Madelyne’s method has stood the test of time (and technology), but even in the age of digital media, she emphasizes the importance of incorporating real-life marketing. Marketing tactics change consistently, but Sun and Moon has shown its ability to adapt to changes in the way marketing is done, helping real estate developers succeed in their projects for nearly 30 years.

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Eve Picker: [00:00:11] Hello. Thank you for joining me at Rethink Real Estate. For good. I’m Eve Picker and I’m on a mission to make real estate work for everyone. I love real estate. Real estate makes places good or bad, rich or poor, beautiful or not. On this show, I’m interviewing the disruptors, those creative thinkers and doers who are shrugging off the status quo in order to build better for everyone. If you haven’t already, check out all my podcasts on our website or you can find them on your favorite podcast station. You’ll find much worth listening to, I’m sure.

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Eve: [00:01:17] Madelyne is the founder of Sun and Moon Marketing Communications in New York. What sets the agency apart is its focus on the real estate market, from corporate, commercial and retail to residential. Madelyne founded her company nearly 30 years ago in a basement with an investment of $2,500. She is always focused on real estate, a unique and much-needed niche. Developers are not trained in marketing and often need help, and their projects vary enormously in scale. Sometimes working on a new project and sometimes working on repositioning the existing space. Over the years, marketing has changed a lot, from hard copy to experiential marketing. Gone are the days of advertisements in a newspaper. Today, you need to find your audience in other ways. Listen in to learn how Madelyne thinks real estate marketing works best. If you want to join me in my quest to rethink the real estate market, there are two simple things you can do, share this podcast and go to where you can sign up to be the first to hear about my podcasts, blog posts, and other goodies.

Eve: [00:02:52] On your website you say we are storytellers and those are the words on your company homepage. And what does that mean for you? Why you say that?

Madelyne: [00:03:02] I’ve spent my career trying to encourage my team to answer two questions about every project or every company that we’re marketing. And that really takes a strategic perspective on how we’re doing what we’re doing. It’s never just about making a color or do we like that font? Is it really about what is our story and how are we going to tell it? Every project has a story. Every company has a story. It may not necessarily be the story the developer thinks it is, and there are often components of a story that are hidden early on. But when you think about them more broadly or more strategically, they become, they become the forefront of how you engage who your audience is. We really start from a perspective, from a developer perspective, at a 30,000 foot level, they want to maximize return and minimize risk, and when it’s a for-profit venture, they want to monetize land or air. Those are the three components. How you define return is very broad. Not everyone does it for the financial return, although certainly many do it for the financial return for both themselves and their investors. So we believe that when you look at marketing through a strategic lens, it helps to maximize return and minimize risk, because you’re asking a lot of questions to tell your story and you need to start from the point of view and finish before you start. So you ask questions like, who is this going to appeal to? Who is our audience? What action do we want them to take? Why would they do this? Okay, you do a whole SWOT analysis. I see a SWOT analysis as not necessarily a financial component, but also a marketing component, because it will tell you how to tell your story and what is important to it.

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Eve: [00:05:08] Stepping back a little. His company, Sun and Moon, is focused on real estate and economic development, which is perhaps a little unusual for brand marketing. Very specific niche. So, what led you to focus on the real estate market?

Madelyne: [00:05:30] And so, I have this very unusual mix of interests and I kind of fell into real estate through public administration many years ago. My first job was as a marketing director when the Port Authority was building the north end of the bus terminal a long time ago. And they decided that they had 60 million people a year passing through this bus terminal and a lot of stores that weren’t earning a living. And so, they thought they should treat it like a shopping mall. And I didn’t know anything about malls or how to market malls, but it got me involved with ICSC. And from there I got involved in all sorts of other facets of the real estate market. Yes, I love real estate. I really, like, their impact on the world I think is different from just about everything else.

Madelyne: [00:06:27] My friends will tell you what I’m always saying, it’s always about real estate. And when you think about your life, both your personal life and your professional life, there are very few aspects of your life that don’t have some real estate element. Where will I live? What city do I want to be in? How much space do we need? Is work too far from home? I mean, there are a lot of decisions related to real estate, and I think that’s an integral part of our lives. Also, the impact that real estate is capable of having on our world. How are the places? How do we make places? How are the buildings? How is the urban landscape? All of this has a very subtle effect on us that even real estate people don’t have, they don’t necessarily identify with it, but they absolutely feel it.

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Kirch Property Management

Eve: [00:07:20] Yes, I agree. So what kind of services do you provide to real estate developers or others in the industry?

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Madelyne: [00:07:28] We started at the very beginning, really with a strategic approach, and we’re going to ask developers a lot of questions about how to get to their story. We often name a project, everything has an address, but the address is not always necessarily the best thing to call it. That’s the first part of telling a story and what’s the name. We have a proprietary process that we go through and how we look at each piece of land and create a series of lenses through which it can be viewed. So we make a lot of names, both neighborhoods and individual properties. We also name companies. We’ve had cakes with our logos.

Madelyne: [00:08:10] And then of course the name becomes the whole branding process where you develop the look and feel and aesthetic that reinforces the strategy that you’re trying to get.

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