Khp Property Management

Khp Property Management – Yes we do! However, we require all tenants to sign the lease we provide (not the housing agency’s) unless otherwise stated in the listing. This requirement may disqualify certain programs. A background and credit check along with a security deposit is still required.

Our properties generally require an annual lease, depending on the circumstances we may allow shorter leases, but there is usually a fee for shorter leases. Please contact us for more details.

Khp Property Management

Khp Property Management

Pets – Approved pet friendly, with a maximum of two pets per unit. A $200 non-refundable pet administration fee is required for the first pet and an additional $100 for the second pet. Renters are required to have $300,000 in liability insurance for animals over 25 pounds. No animals over 25 pounds are allowed in multi-family units, and we do not allow exotic pets or fish tanks. An additional $10 monthly rent is also required. All animals must have a current rabies vaccine per PA law.

N Dover St Floor 1, Philadelphia, Pa 19129

Registered service animals are exempt from pet fees, with proper documentation of the animal’s disability-related needs. Emotional support animals are exempt from pet fees with a signed emotional support letter from their mental health practitioner. The tenant can be required to pay for damages caused to the animal during the lease.

For single-family homes, the tenant is responsible for all utilities, including cold water. For multi-family homes, tenant is responsible for all utilities except cold water (unless listed). If the landlord pays for any utilities, the tenant is still responsible for excess usage (such as an unreported running toilet).

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If the consignor is required (due to poor credit or insufficient rental history), the consignor will be required to comply with all rental requirements. In addition, submitters must also meet one of the following requirements: (1) own real estate in PA or NJ, (2) provide proof of funds of at least $10,000 in their personal name, (3) earn at least 5 Equality of the rental amount. All signed signed contracts must be notarized and an original submitted for our records.

No, it is actually recommended that you view the property before submitting an application. We offer self-guided demos here. We also offer limited in-person screenings.

Locations Of Test Samples And Prediction Uncertainty Attached To Them….

No, we do not rent to smokers and we do not allow smoking, controlled substances, or the use of vape products in any of our units.

Yes, Philadelphia allows up to 3 unrelated tenants per property. We combine the entire shared income into the program.

If you have specific questions about your application, please contact us, but note that we can only legally provide limited information from your credit report, any disputes should be contacted directly by the credit bureau.

Khp Property Management

Our screening criteria take into account a number of factors. including credit score, past due debt, total debt, income, discharge and criminal history, and references.

Homebuyers’ Desires, Needs, And Aspirations Are Evolving

In single-family homes, tenants are responsible for paying for all exterminator services. According to Partners for Good Housing (page 12), in the case of insects and rodents, in single-family homes, the tenant or landlord must keep the home clean and sanitary. Removal of insects, rodents and other pests is the responsibility of the residents.

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In multi-family buildings, it is the responsibility of the owner to pay for exterminator services. However, in multi-family homes, if the tenant’s home is found to be the only infested home, that tenant will be billed for exterminator services.

Unfortunately, we do not allow this. The first approved applicant can send a deposit to the house they applied for. The security deposit must be sent within 3 working days of approval, otherwise we will move on to the next approved applicant. After depositing the security deposit, if the applicant changes his mind, it is non-refundable. This is because we are taking the property off the market and reserving it for an approved applicant.

Please note that we will continue to market the property until the application is approved and all required documents are received. This process may take several business days, so please contact our office directly if you would like to know if we already review requests for this property prior to your tour or request.

Joyce St, Philadelphia, Pa 19134

It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay for all drains, toilets, sinks and traps to be kept clean and unclogged. Before the tenant moves in, the landlord will clear all drains and sewer lines. Please note that cooking oil must be disposed of properly and not down the drain. See

We take pride in the cleanliness and condition of our properties. To help us ensure we house responsible tenants, we ask potential tenants to submit photos of their living room, common space, bedroom(s) and bathroom(s) as part of the overall screening process. We have found that applicants who keep their current accommodation clean and tidy are more likely to treat our property with respect. We understand that everyone has different cleaning habits and standards and we don’t expect perfection, just to see that the property is kept to a reasonable standard. To view sample photos, please refer to the gallery below.

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