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Kdm Property Management – KDM Management Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality service as a leader in condominium property management. trying to With over 30 years of success in the industry, the firm specializes in the management of Condominium & Homeowners Associations in and around the Greater Edmonton area.

Like many other condominium management firms, KDM Management Inc. They play an active role in the activities of the properties they manage, including their Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Kdm Property Management

Kdm Property Management

Traditionally conducted through live, in-person events, the firm not only manages the preparation of meeting packages, chairing meetings and various other tasks associated with their clients’ AGMs, but also serves as a resource for board members when they are present. Questions or concerns regarding their upcoming AGM.

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That’s why when the Government of Alberta passed Bill 53: The Service Alberta Statutes (Virtual Meetings) Amendment Act; Board members of some corporations, including Omega and The Puffin, have turned to the firm for advice on whether to hold their upcoming AGMs virtually, allowing condominium corporations, RAs and HOAs across the province to hold their AGMs virtually.

Don Kerr, Senior Condominium Property Manager at KDM Management Inc., who has struggled to achieve a quorum for previous AGMs, knew that the increased accessibility and improved convenience of virtual AGMs would give corporations a better chance of seeing the increased number of owners they need. Ensure that quorum is achieved at their upcoming AGMs. After some internal discussions and both boards deciding to hold their upcoming AGMs virtually, Don began searching for a suitable solution to hold the upcoming meetings.

Early into her search, Dawn realized that both corporations needed more than a user-friendly platform to run a successful virtual AGM.

Like many other Alberta condominium corporations, Omega and The Puffin had unique requirements regarding the unit component of proxy and live vote ballots submitted by owners. It means a meeting in accordance with the bylaws of the corporation; She needed to find a platform that could calculate the unique unit factor of each proxy and live ballot submitted, something neither standalone webinar software nor many electronic voting platforms could do. However, after researching several service providers who were unable to answer important questions or meet their requirements, Dawn found.

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Intrigued by what she saw, Dawn decided to get in touch to learn more about their full service, hosted virtual meeting solution.

After his first meeting with the team, Don realized that working with them was integral to the success of the upcoming AGMs.

In terms of technology, the platform was what they needed; The secure and user-friendly platform allows owners to seamlessly join and participate in their AGM from anywhere. The voting portal was dynamic and easy to use, providing owners with a secure and convenient way to submit their ballots before and during the meeting while accounting for their unique unit component and ensuring proper listing of electronic ballots. While he was impressed with the functionality and capabilities of the platform, what really impressed Don was the client-first mentality and responsiveness the team demonstrated throughout their encounters.

Kdm Property Management

Although the team members were seasoned experts in holding virtual meetings, they realized that was not the case for Don, the board members, and the owners of Omega and The Puff. That’s why the GetQourum team understood any concerns the group had about moving to a virtual AGM and were happy to answer any questions or address any concerns the group had throughout the process to ensure they were comfortable going into their first virtual. Annual General Meeting.

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With a clear understanding of the platform and team to provide the necessary support, Don and the board members of The Puffin and Omega felt confident going into their first virtual annual general meeting.

AGM couldn’t be better. ’s full-service approach and user-friendly platform have simplified the process of holding a virtual annual general meeting for all parties involved.

The meeting went smoothly, pre- and post-meeting activities were executed seamlessly, and the platform’s dynamic capabilities ensured that proxy and live votes were accurately weighted and tabulated based on the appropriate unit factor.

Owners appreciated the improved convenience and accessibility of submitting proxy votes and conducting AGMs electronically. As a result, both Omega and The Puffin saw a significant increase in proxy submissions and meeting attendance, which resulted in achieving a quorum at their respective AGMs.

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Additionally, Don and board members from each property saw additional benefits such as improved efficiency and significant cost savings by conducting their meetings virtually.

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“During my experience they were responsive to emails, follow up and follow through were great, and they understood that not everyone in the meeting was technically savvy and worked with it. Issues.” Don Kerr, Senior Condominium Property Manager at KDM Management Inc.

Looking ahead, Dawn hopes that many of her colleagues at KDM Management Inc. will use the services throughout their properties in the future.

Kdm Property Management

If you would like to learn more about our hosted virtual meeting solution or other services for your upcoming meeting, click here.

Welcome To Kdm Management Inc.

Introducing AGM New Feature: Paper Proxy Tool Recording, scrutinizing and summarizing paper proxy votes is now easier with our paper proxy tool.

Watch AGM Now: Conducting a Virtual AGM: How-tos and Must-Knows for Alberta Condo Corporations and HOAs webinar If you missed it, you can now check out the full recording of our Conducting a Virtual AGM: How-Tos and Must-Knows for Alberta Condo Corporations and HOAs webinar. I declare the order documents (selling a unit) by entering a condominium plan number and pressing the submit button. Management Services KDM Management Inc. Specializing in condominium management for over 25 years. Condo Document Review (Purchasing a Unit) Document Analyst Condominium Docu Facts and Information Found in Client Care In this section of our website, you will find helpful information.

KDM Management Inc. Specializing in condominium management. We are based in St. Albert, Alberta and serve the greater Edmonton area. We manage traditional and bareland condominiums in all styles, including high-rises, low-rises, townhomes, carriage homes and duplexes. KDM is a company built on referrals and has grown to become one of the largest management companies in the sector.

Our web site is intended to help you learn more about who we are and what we can do for you. Feel free to browse the “About Us” section where you can find more information detailing our company’s mission statement, its history, recent KDM news, and our online staff directory.

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If you want to know more details about the services we offer, check out our “Management Services” section where we outline some of the support we can offer. KDM Management Inc. for your building. Thinking about? Click here to view our online proposal request form and someone from KDM will contact you with a personalized quote. It’s hard to be an exciting proposition in a sector that shows steady growth. Do nothing and you will outgrow the market. We do things differently and apply our innovative growth strategies to the property market. We offer an end-toned suite of services and are on a steady growth trajectory positioning our brand as one of the leading competitors in the market. The services we offer include property development, management and long-term and short-term leasing.

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We operate under 4 main pillars; Holiday homes located in Gozo, rental homes, long-term lets in Malta, managed housing, whereby we acquire third party property, manage it on their behalf and eventually develop the property.

We offer an end-to-end services and are on a steady growth trajectory positioning our brand as one of the leading competitors in the market. Martinu Homes, the brand overseeing the property division, operates under 4 main pillars; Holiday homes located in Gozo, rental homes, long-term lets in Malta, managed housing, whereby we acquire third party property, manage it on their behalf and eventually develop the property.

Kdm Property Management

Properties focuses on managing all of the group’s assets, including those located on the island of Gozo. The Group offers a full range of services to the real estate market, including development, reconstruction or redevelopment, management of residential properties, leasing, short-term and long-term leasing.

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The group started the venture with short-let holiday homes in Gozo and now has 7 large farmhouses with their own dedicated pool and sun lounge area. Over the years, .Properties has also ventured into the development of properties, with two major blocks finalized in Swieqi. The group has around 21 properties in its portfolio – a portfolio that seeks steady growth in both residential and commercial properties. KDM Meridian’s professional staff and industry partners are ready to provide any of the following services.

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