Kbk Property Management

Kbk Property Management – Insurance can be expensive, especially for the restaurant business. However, if you have property loss or damage from a lawsuit, commercial insurance can help prevent major financial losses for your restaurant.

I can list more than three reasons to buy restaurant insurance, but I always tell restaurant business owners that the annual premium […]

Kbk Property Management

Kbk Property Management

The catering industry is fast, fun and exciting. Opening a restaurant or catering business can be overwhelming due to the many different demands and needs coming in from all directions. Restaurant insurance will help protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

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Every business is unique, however every business has one thing in common and that is change. Often business owners buy an insurance policy or create a risk management program and save the paperwork. It is imperative that business owners review their policies and programs frequently and make sure they […]

What are you going to change in your commercial insurance policy? Maybe everything. Maybe nothing. It all depends on your current and future needs.

You have just invested in commercial real estate. Along with your investment, you also purchased property and liability insurance (commercial property insurance) because the bank required it for your loan, but did you renegotiate your policy? Do you understand how this can protect your assets? Even though you are not required to purchase insurance, it is still a legal part of […]

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