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K&k Property Management – ​Are you a home owner looking for help managing or renting your property? We can help! We handle every aspect of management, from tenant screenings to rent collections and everything in between. If you want a management company that will handle all your concerns, big or small, we offer you our services.

We believe you deserve the highest level of service, without having to pay exorbitant fees. As a full-service real estate company, if you decide to sell your property, we can be of great help. As we become familiar with your property and have established a successful working relationship with your tenants, we are in the best position to ensure that the sale of your property goes as smoothly as possible. We offer all our property management clients a discounted commission rate that could save you thousands.

K&k Property Management

K&k Property Management

24K Property Management is owned and operated by a fully licensed real estate broker who is a member of the National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors and Pacific Southwest Association of Realtors. With 24K you have an expert on your side to keep you up to date with ever-changing landlord regulations, who will maintain credibility with tenants, who has the experience to overcome all the unique situations that may arise, and who will help you to build the value of your investment over time through our pool of resources and streamlined process.

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Our personalized approach means you have flexibility in how you want to be a landlord. It also means we make every client a priority. We are available when you need, with direct communication and guidance from a reputable Broker, with your best interests in mind, every time. No dealing with automated recorders or phone operators, miscommunication across departments, having to repeat yourself, or passing the blame up or down the ladder. At 24K Property Management, you can expect honesty, reliability, integrity, and trust in a personal relationship. You will benefit from a company that is technologically advanced, but will meet your needs more efficiently and effectively than a larger company.

Being a landlord is like having another job where one must simultaneously be an accountant, a contractor, a lawyer and a diplomat. Not only that, but these duties cost time and stress and can get you into trouble.

24K Property Management will carry the weight of these hats for you. We help you by preventing issues before they arise. You can be sure that we will look after your property, with care and commitment as if it were our own, minimizing your overall risk (and worries) through the many ways we can serve you.

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“We are very pleased with the services you have provided us as our property manager, we look forward to your continued leadership in the management of our property.” There are different rental methods in Japan for managing a real estate property (a house and an apartment room) for investment. These methods include short-term rentals called minpaku (lodging in a private residence for example Airbnb/Vacation Rentals), weekly apartments, monthly apartments, long-term furniture rentals, and regular rentals, which are rented annually. basis (long-term lease).

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In this short article, we will explain how to manage real estate investment for each type of rental method. If you are considering purchasing real estate for future investment, or if you are having a vacancy problem in a real estate property you own, please use the following information for reference.

An important factor in the profitability of a real estate investment is knowing how to reduce the vacancy rate. Here we will look at the characteristics of the different methods of operating a lease and how to find tenants for each method.

In Japan, this is the most common rental contract and the contract period is usually 2 years. It includes two types of contracts: an ordinary lease contract that can be renewed for extension and a fixed lease contract without renewal. When using an ordinary rental contract, it is difficult to terminate the contract and evict a tenant at the convenience of the landlord. In this sense, a fixed-term lease is recommended if you want to lease out your property for just a few years. For more in-depth information about the differences between an ordinary lease contract and a fixed lease contract, read our article “Ordinary Lease Contract vs. Fixed Lease Contract.”

K&k Property Management

Compared to other rental methods with shorter contract periods, the demand for an ordinary year-round rental contract is high, and the income from the contract is stable because you can rent out your property for a long time using an annual contract.

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It is usually good for you to ask a real estate company around where your real estate property is located because it is easy for them to get applicants to preview the property. However, in Tokyo, there are many real estate companies that cover relatively large areas for finding tenants. These real estate companies attract tenants by advertising a wide range of real estate properties on their website, using real estate company information systems, portal sites, etc. In Japan, it is said that the busy period for real estate rental is from January to March when many people start their new life, such as studying in higher education, looking for a job, moving jobs, etc. Leasing demand also increases from September to October as many companies make personnel changes and many work-related relocations take place.

This type of lease is for a furnished property with furniture and household appliances needed for daily life, where the contract period can last from one month to one year. This style of rental usually does not require a security deposit, key money, income screening, etc. Since the property comes with furniture, household items, and internet connection, this method is attractive for a tenant to start his life right away. Tenants who choose to use this type of rental include businessmen in Japan or from abroad for long-term business trips and training, students during entrance exams, or those in need of temporary shelter while they move, rebuild, or repair their homes.

Unlike the general rental process where tenants visit multiple properties in person before making a decision, short-term rental tenants often search for properties on the Internet and apply. online without visiting and previewing properties, so it is important that you use a real estate company that attracts and finds tenants effectively through the Internet. However, since there are only a few real estate companies that support short-term rental properties for tenant searches, contracts, and management, we suggest that you look for a favorable real estate company on the Internet, etc. and consult them in advance. .

This is a form of accommodation that is usually intended for use by tourists to allow them to stay in private residences for a fee. This rental method includes different styles such as; accommodation in a private accommodation with prior notice in accordance with the Residential Accommodation Business Act, “Special Zone Private Lodging” which may be permitted to receive guests only in certified properties in special zones , and a common lodging house under the Hotel Business Act.

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This section covers accommodation in a private residence under the Residential Accommodation Business Act, which is relatively easy for individuals to operate. To start operating a private lodging business, you must first report to a local public health center your intention to engage in lodging business. An individual starting a lodging business who does not stay or live in the apartment unit they use to accommodate guests is required to outsource various administrative tasks such as safety and sanitation measures to a residential management company.

When advertising to guests, you can post your property information on the listing page of a website that specializes in private lodging. A few managing agents handle most of the tasks, from property acquisition to notifying the private lodging business, preparing rooms and furnishings for accommodation, and proxy services for business operations. , so they can save you a lot of time if you choose to outsource all the work to them

At PLAZA HOMES we support our customers’ real estate investments by providing one stop seamless services from real estate purchases to advertising for tenants, restoring units to their original state, renovation proposals, and property management. We suggest the best rental method by considering the characteristics and location of the property, the circumstances of the owner, etc., and by choosing from long-term, short-term, fixed-term rental methods , and unregulated leases.

K&k Property Management

The property is located within walking distance of Yokohama Station, one of the main terminals, but in a quiet residential area with abundant nature, surrounded by greenery such as Yukigaya Park, Kanagawa Park, and Tanmachi Park. This detached house with freehold land was newly built in December 1990, as a women’s dormitory, but was never used, and was bought by the current owner, and used as a SOHO residence. Five stations within walking distance (Yokohama stn.

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