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Jwd Property Management – ORIGIN & JWD Launches New JV to Own Petrate Industrial Property, Aims to Be Top 3 With Value Over 12Billion-baht REIT in 5 Years

Origin Property Public Company Limited and JWD InfoLogistics Public Company Limited have jointly launched “ALPHA”, a new joint venture company specializing in logistics. The new JV aims to be in the top three companies within 5 years with more than 1 million square meters of industrial and warehouse space and a total REIT value of more than 12 billion baht. It plans to gain market share at home and abroad especially in Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia by targeting customers in cold storage, health products, chemicals and dangerous goods, and machinery. The first project will be in Bangna, starting Q2/2021.

Jwd Property Management

Jwd Property Management

Mr Peerapong Jaroon-ek, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Origin Property Public Company Limited (ORI), says that ORI and JWD InfoLogistics Public Company Limited (JWD) have established a 50:50 joint venture, called Alpha Industrial Solutions Company Limited to support the growing demand for goods. industrial. The joint team of ORI and JWD can bring the results of cooperation under the model “ALPHA”.

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“We have expertise in land acquisition and project development finance. Our partners are leading construction companies from Japan and South Korea. In addition, we have a strong customer base in the B2C business. Currently, JWD is specialized in warehouse management and operations. It has a strong network across ASEAN and many customers in the B2B business. The partnership will create a partnership to support the needs of both B2B and B2C customers. We are confident that our strengths will transform ALPHA into a listed company by 2025 and become one of the top three companies in the business within 5 years,” says Peerapong.

Mr. Charvanin Bunditkitsada, Chief Executive Officer of JWD Infologistics Public Company Limited (JWD), adds that ALPHA will focus on three businesses, which are 1. Industrial Property, for example, warehouses, warehouses, industrial parks, industrial suppliers, warehouses. managemt, and order accomplishmt 2. Urbanized Property, for example, rtal of self-storage units in condominiums and housing estates, and micro-fulfilmt cter 3. Property Services, for example, ergy managementmt, waste water treatment and build.

“The need for solutions in Thailand has grown continuously and their demands have become more complex and unique. Therefore, JWD and ORI try to create all solutions and differentiate them from the existing solutions in the market. We do not only provide warehouse facilities, but we also provide all equipment, software, machines automation, robotics and other complex tasks for B2B customers in several businesses. Currently, we create new customer experiences for residential projects by allowing them to run e-Commerce business from their homes permanently. All three businesses have provided d-to- d for all transportation-related needs,” says Mr. Charvanin.

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By 2026, ALPHA aims to manage more than 1 million square meters of industrial and warehouse space and a total REIT value of 12 billion baht. In addition, it plans to create a real estate investment trust (REIT) to sell the property to investors by 2023.

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Mr. Patan Somburanasin, Managing Director of Alpha Industrial Solutions Co Ltd, says that businesses that are growing fast are food service providers during the COVID-19 pandemic, government policies including the Eastern Economic Corridor and the promotion of electric vehicles, as well as major promotions. the demand for urban housing has led to a demand for industrial goods. With advanced solutions, the company has six customer groups that include 1. e-Commerce 2. Companies that require cold storage, for example, food, medicine, and electronics 3. Chemical and Dangerous Goods 4. Cars and EVs 5. Urbanized Property and 6. Data Cter.

In the first five years, it will expand its additional area with 2 methods including 1. Organic Growth to create a new area of ​​120, 000 square meters per year or around 60% of its size. 2. Inorganic Growth of acquiring new office space of 80, 000 square meters per year through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or about 40% of the total growth. It considers the growth of several sectors and areas, which are 1. Industrial clusters in Bangna, Laem Chabang, Rayong and Wang Noi 2. Regional clusters in the Northeast, South and North of Thailand 3. CBDs in Bangkok and CBDs in other areas. major cities and 4. Foreign markets of neighboring countries including Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia.

“We will first focus on the areas that are in high demand, for example, Bangna-EEC. Going overseas is not difficult because JWD has their businesses and partners in Vietnam and Indonesia. Therefore, we must meet our needs in terms of organic growth and natural growth to let’s get one million square feet of factories and warehouses,” says Patan.

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Jwd Property Management

The company will launch the first development, called ALPHA Bangna KM.22, on the 24th to upgrade the site on the Bangna-Trad KM.22 road. The project is a 23-meter thermal storage facility, which is the first temperature-controlled facility in Thailand with a storage and retrieval system (ASRS) on an area of ​​22, 000 square meters. It offers flexibility in logistic management and modern storage of cold and mechanical systems, which provide its customers with the most efficient and most secure services while saving operating costs and energy costs. The project will begin construction by the second quarter of this year and resume the second quarter next year.

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Origin Property PCL operates three primary businesses 1. Residtial Developmt Business. It has developed 86 housing and condominium projects with a value of over 134 billion baht under the PARK ORIGIN, The Origin, KnightsBridge, Notting Hill, Ksington, Hampton and BRITANIA brand 2. Recurring Income Business. It develops and manages hotels, service centers and shopping centers. 3. Service Business. They provide Property Management, Property agt and consulting services with a vision to continuously grow other businesses and become an integrated real estate developer.

JWD InfoLogistics PCL provides d-to-d and supply chain solutions in eight countries in ASEAN. They manage more than 2 million square meters in the country and abroad. Its main business is logistics. It has technology for storage and management of products that require specific skills, for example, cold storage, temperature-controlled products, and cars and car parts. It also has other businesses including food business, IT solutions and investmt business.

Origin is making “ready to move” members to continuously join the “Elite Flexible One Program” which will continue for another two years from d this year until 2024.

Origin launches “Origin Multiverse” – worth a million baht, its purpose is to bring companies to IPO and create Diversified Entertainment. DJW Property Management Group has been a leader in the Investment and Management business since 2005. Our first commitment is to provide you with the best service available today. You worked hard to earn your money so we will work hard to maximize the potential of your property.

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When choosing a property management company to manage your rental property in Southern Idaho and the Treasure Valley, be sure to choose a qualified Property Manager with a passion for Property Management. We are a Designated Property Management Company with offices located in Boise and Eagle, Idaho. Our service locations include Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Emmett, Star, Middleton, Kuna, Nampa, and Caldwell Idaho.

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Our main goal is for landlords to have tenants who pay rent on time, help maintain the property, and be good neighbors. We will take care of the management of the rental property, you will take time to think about you!

We strive to build long-term relationships and have successful experiences with our tenants. We will respond to all maintenance requests within 48 business hours and provide you with a clean, well-maintained living space.

Jwd Property Management

Allowing landlords to protect tenants and tenants who pay their rent on time and help maintain the property is one of our main goals. We focus on providing owner and tenant peace of mind through portfolio growth, revenue growth, quality control, and excellent customer service. DJW Property Management will reduce your risk as a landlord and provide a clean, well-maintained property for your tenants.

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“Throughout this process, the DJW team, has been professional, courteous, and very cooperative. They helped us value our property, find the right tenants, and teach us how to live. With DJW managing our property, we don’t have to worry about what is happening with our property. – we know it’s in good hands. Owner ” I contacted DJW Property Management during my initial search for an impossible to find rental in Boise. He was very responsive and returned my emails and calls within 24 hours. We exchanged several emails, he was patient and answered all my questions. This is a great starting point if you are looking for a rental. Tenant “ I signed the lease today. They showed me the place on Saturday and went to rent it today. I have had nothing but the best experiences so far with everyone there. They are down to earth, very nice and friendly and went the extra mile to get me in the house very quickly.

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