Justus Property Management Inc

Justus Property Management Inc – The Justus Seamans Trust Farm is located in Bowdre Township 8 miles northeast of Arcola. This flat, black farmland offers almost all arable land with a weighted land productivity index of 129.4. The farm is being sold based on 80+/- taxable acres without survey. There are no improvements on the farm and open rentals for 2022.  Contact Auctioneer, Justin Wheeler at 217-421-9615 or [email protected] for additional information.

The live auction will be held at 10:00 AM on November 3, 2021 in the Best Western Small Conference Room located at 917 Green Mill Road Arcola, IL 61910.

Justus Property Management Inc

Justus Property Management Inc

Remote bidding for eligible bidders through our online bidding platform can be accomplished on our website a few days prior to the auction or through the App on your mobile device through the Apple or Google Play app stores. If you have any questions regarding the process, please contact the Auctioneer, Justin Wheeler at 217-855-8358 or [email protected]

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Disclaimer: Information provided is believed to be accurate and representative. It is subject to verification and no liability for errors or omissions is assumed. There are no warranties, expressed or implied, regarding the information contained herein, and it is recommended that all buyers make an independent inspection of the property. Plat Map reprinted by permission of Rockford Map Publishers, Inc. Advice on joining a multifamily with no experience, and what you need to consider in acquiring your first property with Nathan Justus and Kayla Wilmot.

— Nathan Justus Nathan has over 15 years of experience in real estate investment and currently owns and operates 414 doors. After years of acquiring single-family properties with holdings in Seattle and Oklahoma, the time has come for a transition to an asset class with economies of scale that will withstand economic downturns. Starting in 2019, the transition to Multifamily assets began with the intention of transferring the largest share of rental and paper assets to Multifamily. Nathan is also an experienced cyber security consultant with over 11 years in corporate America as a systems engineer, 5 years full time Real Estate Broker and a wartime veteran as a U.S. Marine. in both OIF I & OIF II.

— Kayla Wilmot Kayla has 8 years of experience in management and people. She successfully managed an FDA-regulated Plasma Donation Center before continuing her studies to become a Physician Assistant. He brings expertise in medicine, management and networking. As a medical professional, she loves networking and she finds great joy in helping others.

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— Your host, Brian Briscoe, is a co-founder and principal in the real estate investment firm Four Oaks Capital. He and his team currently have 485 units worth $21 million in assets under management and growing. He will retire as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps in 2021. Learn more about him and the Four Oaks team at www.fouroakscapital.com  or contact him at [email protected] – be sure to let him know where you found him.

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Nathan? I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on someone getting into multi-family investing with no previous real estate and scary experience, what advice would you give to someone who doesn’t have that background?

I think a lot of times, you know, people get distracted, right? There are shiny things here and shiny things here. Honestly, I mean, you said you join a mentor, a team of mentors, that’s probably the most critical thing that I do, I would say is, you know, I would recommend that I do it I do it myself. I didn’t mention the beginning. But you don’t, you don’t jump into dealing with 25 $50 million properties. We have all this money online without doing that. And that’s where your resources come from. And you know that and that’s why you joined the Mentor Program.

Welcome to the apartment investor podcast diary with your host Brian Briscoe. In this podcast we bring together some of the top professionals in the apartment investment field to discuss various aspects of the apartment investment journey with the sole purpose of educating listeners to make smart investment decisions. The apartment investor podcast diary is sponsored by four oak capitals, providing you with high returns through complex apartment investments. Welcome to the apartment investor podcast diary. I’m your host Brian Briscoe with four oaks capital. I am very excited for today’s show. We have another episode of us as experts, with two great people online. We have experienced investor Nathan Justice and a highly motivated potential investor, Kayla Wilmot. So I’ll put biographies for both of these individuals in the show notes. So if anyone wants to know more about them, check out the show notes. But that said, you know, Nathan, the first European Welcome to the show.

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Justus Property Management Inc

Yes, I appreciate it. So let’s do this. Let’s talk a little bit about your background and in your history and kind of lead us into what led you into apartment investing.

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Yeah, so Yeah, actually, was actually born in Virginia. And growing up overseas, my dad was actually active duty Navy, retired and a missionary there. A very different upbringing in America when I was 19, joined the Marine Corps. Four great years. And after that, I don’t know what I’m going to do. So I got into residential real estate, that is, which went great for the first few years, and then the market tanked. And all my progress at that point was basically wiped out and I had to start over. So that’s when I clawed my way to the United States. Unfortunately, unfortunately, fortunately, I have, I work. But unfortunately, I’m still in corporate America. For now. We will fix it here soon. But I think maybe four years ago, I started to get that itch again, corporate America wasn’t for me, I didn’t really want to climb the ladder, I started down the process, but the door kept slamming inside me. face So I decided that it wasn’t for me. And I’m going back to real estate full time. So, you know, at that stage, it’s like, Okay, I need to, you know, I need to brush up, right, and figure out where I want to go. There are so many different paths now, aren’t there? Self Storage, single family, etc, right? Anything you want to know that way. So I started educating myself like everybody else, and ended up going to a conference about syndicates that was really widespread, you know, what I knew was out there, right. And it changed my mind, because I started down the path of, you know, maybe I’ll acquire five single families a year myself, but then realize, you know, I can use other people’s money to accelerate my progress in acquisition and to achieve this full time . And that was an eye opener, and I decided to go in that direction. Right, so I started Yes, so I started getting to know you, some single families, and then immediately stopped as soon as I went to this conference, I decided to go 100% into multi-family through syndication. So that, that, that’s up to me

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Good good. So, you know, a lot of similarities now. over there. I mean, we talked briefly before we started recording that we were actually training camp at mcrd san diego at the same time, it’s just that I think you put me aside for a few weeks but and we started a multi-family trip at the same time and I just got out , you know, after 20 years, the Marine Corps and you’re looking to get out of your corporate path, so a lot of similarities there. So, from here, why don’t you talk about some of the projects that you’ve done a multi-family project syndicate that you guys have been able to do?

Yeah, actually so I’ve already started let’s see officially start in the multi-family 2019 When is September, October, and you know, in your that’s Okay, I need to build a relationship with a broker, I need to get out there that you need to take, right? That you have to get in line. So, starting to underwrite properties and, you know, handing over, handing over ello eyes is a challenge, but actually in 2020, I can get properties under contract, it’s 146 units, the actual portfolio in Arkansas is like that. So that is fast forward. And there is another agreement that we put an offer in, that we did not get, and finally returned to the market, the buyer failed. And finally got the second portfolio under contract before the first, even close to two simultaneous offers two simultaneously. And those, those were my first two offers. So you are in it

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