Justin Cochrane 805 Property Management

Justin Cochrane 805 Property Management – Old San Jose On The River Sunset, 1311 Heritage Manor Dr 202, Patricia S Campbell Revoc Trust, $720,000

Aphora Coach Homes At Marina San Pablo, 14374 Marina San Pablo Pl, Lee B & Joann I Rice, $879,000

Justin Cochrane 805 Property Management

Justin Cochrane 805 Property Management

Glen Kernan Golf & Country Club, 4544 Glen Kernan Pkwy E, Kathleen T and Robert E Zellner, $1,227,500

Coastal View News • October 10, 2019 By Coastal View News

The Landing At Cross Creek, 12332 Casheros Cove Dr S, Thomas J Iv and Miryam E Callahan, $280,000

Queens Harbor Yacht & Country Club, 13697 Longs Landing Rd W, Steven R and Catherine R Eastburg, $1,210,000

The Palms At Marsh Landing Condo, 1701 The Greens Way 1314, Christopher R and Barbara R Hughes, $154,000

The Palms At Marsh Landing Condo, 1701 The Greens Way 423, Carl M and Anne S Warren, $180,000

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The Villas At Marsh Landing Cond, 1800 The Greens Way 1502, Jeffrey C & Sara B Toler, $191,000

The Reserve At James Island, 10961 Burnt Mill Rd 311, Margaret L Smith & Randolph M Et, $195,000

This is a partial report of the real estate operations of single-family homes and owner-occupied communities acquired during the indicated period. The data is based on the warranty file and not the closing. Subdivision, addresses or lot identification numbers are generally listed as they appear in court records.

Justin Cochrane 805 Property Management

NOTE: Records usually include subdivision names. In some cases, instead of a subdivision name, you will see the term “metes and bounds.” This means that a plot of land has been surveyed using measurements and boundary markers.

Tax Lien Information

QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS INFORMATION? The above data was compiled from public records by Metro Market Trends, a provider of real estate sales, tracking, market share reports and analysis information for the southern region. The information was purchased and printed without independent verification by the Times-Union. For more information, visit MMTinfo.com or call 1-800-239-1668. Below are real estate transactions over $5,000 listed in Erie County Clerk’s Office records for the week ending December 11.

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• 194 Cherry Laurel Lane, Marrano/marc Equity Corporation to Elena J. Slawson; Maria J. Slawson; Martin K. Slawson, $539,896.

• 2 Wik St., Craig M. Roberto; Julie M. Roberto to Jonathan W&barbara R Brown Irrevocable Trust 112720 Tr, $428,000.

• 100 Montbleu Dr 1406, Christopher R. Platt; Kelly C. Ries to Tayler K. Covington-Holler; Eric Holler, $299,000.

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• 346 Tonawanda Creek Road, Phyllis A. Schnirel; Phyllis Ann Schnirel to Amanda K. Scholz; Kenneth C. Scholz, $295,000.

• 223 Surrey Run, Piyare L. Jain; Piyare Lal Jain to Sarah V. Lintner; Michael E. Tully, $280,000.

• 128 Hickory Hill Road, Joan Cohen Friedman Irrevocable Trust 011119 Tr to Sharon A. Trusso; Stephen A. Trusso, $250,000.

Justin Cochrane 805 Property Management

• 40 Lynndon Lane, Hall Fdba Baker; Olv Human Services; Baker Victory Services dba to Kathy A. Kastan, $250,000.

Nd St, Oakland, Ca 94608

• 200 Amherstdale Road, Charlotte L. Grantham; Charlotte L. Patterson to Megan E. Sykes; Michael C. Sykes, $228,000.

• 196 Mill St., Jason Duffy to Alyssa A. Bokor; Denise M. Bokor; James W. Bokor Jr., $225,000.

• 50 New Road, Tami L. Foster; Brian L. Geercken to Alyssa E. Ramunno; John A. Ramunno, $222,000.

• 68 Beaumont Drive, Giovanna Difranco; Marco G. Difranco; Nicoletta Difranco; Concetta Vacanti; Maria Weber; Sebastiana Madonia to Connor Walsh; Gina Ailanjian, $180,000.

Vision Magazine Summer 2022 By Cacm California Association Of Community Managers

• 626 Unit 3 North Forest Road, North Forest Properties #5 LLC to Fjm Property Management LLC, $155,000.

• 5 Woodbrook Drive, John L. West; John Lee West to David A. Hennig; Karen L. Hennig, $130,000.

• 56 Depew Ave., Fitzpatrick J. Michael; Joseph Michael Fitzpatrick; Loretta M. Fitzpatrick to Michael G. Bruns; Victoria M. Bruns, $728,000.

Justin Cochrane 805 Property Management

• 1038 Amherst St., Johnna E. Mauro; William T. Oconnell to Elizabeth Rose Bailey; Ryan Edward Blodgett, $450,000.

Recent Real Estate Transactions In Northeast Florida

• 447 Amherst St., Daneen L. Deboth; Doreen E. Deboth; Richard D. Deboth; Daneen L. Woolstrum to Amherst St. Properties LLC, $335,000.

• 1 Agassiz Circle, Congregation of The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Buffalo to 1 Agassiz Circle LLC, $250,000.

• 80 Carmel Road, Michael Amato Jr. to Kevin F. Garvey Jr.; Matthew T. Garvey; Susan P. Garvey, $189,000.

• Avenida Lisboa 652, Lori F. Wagner; Mark H. Wagner to Kathryn L. McClain-Meeder; Jesse P. Meeder, $182,000.

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Real Estate Agents Database.16aecea1.i3tkhmezzij.16aecf53.fohc2xkzl4o

• 311 Ave Ave., Isabelle Bochiechio; Isabelle V. Bochiechio; Loretta Cammilleri; Pedro A. Cammilleri; Peter F. Cammilleri to Salvatory Izoduha, $121,000.

• 100 Roebling Ave., Graham John Christianson; Sally Sye-Lee Christianson; Sally Sye-Lee Hong to Md Jalal Hossain, $70,000.

• 5 Wood Ave., Lsf10 Master Participation Trust Tr; US Bank Trust NA Tr to Mahbuba Sultana, $42,500.

Justin Cochrane 805 Property Management

• 99 Kennedy Court, Angela R. Czerniejewski; Paul B. Czerniejewski Jr. to Bradley D. Cochrane; Jenna Marie Cochrane, $338,500.

N E St Apt 3, Lompoc, Ca 93436

• 33 Claude Drive, James C. Pusateri; Patti Ann Pusateri to Martin J. Card; Tiffany E. Card, $330,000.

• 100 West Grand Boulevard, Irv Harrell; Irv Harrell Jr.; Neyda E. Harrell to Dr. Nasir Bepari, $263,000.

• 21 Calderwood Drive, Elaine H. Zilliox; Robert W. Zilliox; Robert W. Zilliox Sr. to Sufian Ahmed, $233,000.

• 253 Wayside Drive, Richard A. Frederick; Audrey Frederick; Audrey D. Frederick to Michael Ivory; Malack Naderpour, $205,000.

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• 62 Gabrielle Drive, Galuski 2013 Family Trust 010913 Tr to Chad M. Agen; Kathryn E. Agen, $190,000.

• 171 Farmingdale Road, Madeline A Valentic Family Irrevocable Trust 092815 Tr to Mohammad N. Amin; Rabeya Begum, $130,000.

• 113 Lincoln St., Betty A. Kubik; Ronald J. Kubik to Paige E. Minard; Carrie S. Preston; Shawn R. Liddick, $120,000.

Justin Cochrane 805 Property Management

• 6 Monterey Lane, David P. Fissler; Robert W. Fissler; Cheryl A. Lally to Vincent M. Consiglio; Rachel G. Lally, $92,700.

Nickel Miners News For The Month Of May 2021

• 8395 Black Walnut Drive, Gloria Wang; Raphael P. Wang to Anupama Rajesh Iyer; Rajesh Ramachandran Iyer, $520,000.

• 4941 Anfield Road, Harris Hill Commons Condominium Development LLC to Lisa P. Vacanti; Robert L. Vacanti, $509,000.

• 8171 Golden Oak Circle, Susan C. Altman; Jeffrey J. Chameli; Michael J. Chameli to Gilbert Licata; Paula Licata, $460,000.

• 41 New Bullis Road, David B Laufer Revocable Living Trust 040220 Tr to Rfw Enterprises LLC, $250,000.

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• 551 Madison Ave., Courtney J. Jasinski; James Michael Smerka to Patricia Jo Pendleton; John Timothy Raymond, $167,000.

• Vacant land Eisenhower Ave., Richard A. Ferrino; Richard A. Ferrino Jr. to Katy L. Rivers; Mark A. Rivers, $20,000.

• 5564 Pebble Beach Drive, Anthony J. Gruppo; Cathleen M. Gruppo to James A. Mikolajczak; Julie Mikolajczak, $405,000.

Justin Cochrane 805 Property Management

• 6457 Hackberry Drive, Karen S. Howard; Michael F. Mather to Kim M. Patterson; Robert J. Patterson, $280,000.

Pdf) Scoping Study On Place Based Approaches In The Management Of Florida’s Coastal Marine Fisheries Final Performance Report Scoping Study On Place Based Approaches In The Management Of Florida’s Coastal Marine Fisheries Final Performance

• 4639 Chapman Parkway, Karen Citrin; Susanne Krause; Christopher Regan; Daniel Regan; James Regan; Michelle Solazzo; Duesen Kathryn Van; Scott Wertz; Scott G. Wertz to Patrick M. Anderson; Alexandria A. Solazzo, $162,500.

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• 4 Pear Tree Lane, Kelly M. Kellogg; Michael S. Kellogg to Michelle Macey; Richard Phillip Macey, $465,000.

• 45 Rose St., Corinne M. Monette; Corinne M. Puszert; Justin E. Puszert to Andrew A. Wydysh, $295,000.

• 43 Robert Drive, Lsf10 Master Participation Trust Tr; US Bank Trust NA Tr to Bryan Green; Chelsea Green, $210,000.

Erie County Real Estate Transactions

• 34 Glendale Drive, Thomas P Schuster Ira Ben; Equity Trust Co Fbo to Katie L. Szczesny, $160,000.

• 870 South Four Rod Road, Andrew Koch; Laura Koch to Angela A. Babiak; Kenneth W. Babiak Jr., $275,000.

• Vacant land Gowanda State Road, Ronald C. Hirsch Jr. to Joshua J. Adams; Robyn L. Adams, $30,000.

Justin Cochrane 805 Property Management

• 6551 East Quaker St., 6551 Quaker LLC to Smf Village Square I LLC; Smf Village Square II LLC, $3,400,000.

Ppp Funds $350,000 To $1 Million

• 40 Quaker Lake Terrace, Kaitlyn P. Brooks; Kaitlyn Woodard; Paul A. Woodard to Adriana G. Bardaro; Jeffrey M. Bardaro, $400,000.

• 4563 Duerr Drive, Charlene M. Marcus; David W. Marcus to Johnna Elizabeth Mauro; William T. Oconnell, $400,000.

• 220 Summit Ave., Claudia L. Hamilton; Christopher Harmon; Christopher B. Harmon; Cynthia Harmon; Cynthia M. Harmon to Delaney Enterprises LLC, $118,000.

• 143 Franklin St., Alan R. Lillie; Kathryn C. Vosseller to Erik Jarl Hjemdahl-Monsen; Sara Mary Hjemdahl-Monsen, $200,500.

Our Annapolis Real Estate Office

• 82 North Central Ave., Nora H Harrison Intervivos Revocable Trust 113093 Tr to Jhs Property Holdings LLC, $160,000.

• 176 Kinsey Ave., Mary Lynn Bieron; Todd S. Bieron to Deborah Kay Kephart; Jeffrey Michael Swan, $181,176.

• 86 North End Ave., Denise Stewart; John Stewart; Maria R. Stewart; Mary T. Stewart to Kenneth Joseph Colella; Alize Ayala Rosado, $165,000.

Justin Cochrane 805 Property Management

• 299 Victoria Boulevard, Marie E. Rueter; Marie E. Wilcott; Matthew J. Wilcott to Dana Giglia; Matthew Mcdougle, $162,000.

Cobalt Miners News For The Month Of May 2021

• 3362 Clinton St., David C. McAnulty; Margaret R. McAnulty to David W. McAnulty; Henry J. Secord, $280,000.

• Center Road 945, Esther Casciani; Giraldo Casciani; Gira-The Quiet Man LLC to 965 Center Road LLC, $267,500.

• 55 Smallwood Drive, Erin M. Halladay; Nicholas B. Halladay; Erin M. Mcisaac to Marie E. Wilcott; Matthew J. Wilcott, $260,000.

• 158 Wind Mill Road, Lisa M. Wheeler; Justin J. Zappia; Kyle J. Zappia to Carrie Ann Crowley; Russell W. Crowley IV, $250, 100.

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• 40 Hybank Drive, Gisella T. Moss; Richard J. Moss to Jason G. Holgate; Lauren G. Holgate, $180,000.

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Justin Cochrane 805 Property Management

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