Jaxon Texas Property Management

Jaxon Texas Property Management – Blocked toilets are usually caused by something blocking the system, and will need to be unclogged. Flush the system once, and use a plunger to gradually pump the blockage through the system. Avoid flushing the toilet excessively while it is blocked, as this will cause an overflow.

To diagnose a non-flushing toilet problem, remove the cover on the back of the toilet to view the flushing system and make sure the flapper element is attached and working.

Jaxon Texas Property Management

Jaxon Texas Property Management

Override equipment failure by trying to power the equipment from another outlet. If you suspect the outlet is the problem, reset the breaker to see if this fixes the issue. You may need to reset the GFCI.

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If yours is the only one without power, it is most likely caused by a tripped breaker. Locate the breaker box and reset the breaker to see if the power is restored. Call your electricity company if you continue to experience problems, to see if there is an outage in your area.

A likely cause of a lack of hot water is a fault in the tank’s thermostat settings. Check to make sure the settings are correct, and not set to vacation mode, or another “off” setting. Reset the thermostat and allow the system to warm up for 15 minutes before testing.

Make sure your thermostat is set correctly, and hasn’t tripped or encountered a fault that has shut down the system. Reset the thermostat. Call your utility provider and check to see if your service has been suspended.

The Jaxon Texas team is very experienced with heating/cooling, call our office for troubleshooting help.

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1. If you are contacting us to report a true emergency that could cause danger to you or others, report your emergency to 911 immediately.

2. If you are concerned about your safety or those around you due to conditions beyond your control, call the El Paso Non-Emergency line for assistance. (719) 390-5555 or by dialing 311 and speaking with the operator.

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3. For gas leaks call El Paso GAS AT 800-959-5325 then notify our office via maintenance request. El Paso Gas Company will respond within an hour of your call.

Jaxon Texas Property Management

4. Active water leaking causing damage to property inside and out. This needs to be reported immediately to Mechanical Technology. They have a 24 hour service line and will accommodate your request. (915) 544-1550.

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5. If you experience a power outage in your home, refer to your lease so you can locate the breaker box for the home. It is the resident’s responsibility to understand how this works and where it is located. If you are concerned about an outage in your area, contact El Paso Electric at 1-(800) 592-1634

File non-urgent requests through your RentCafe account. Please note that service requests will not be scheduled if sent via email or text. If you need help with this process, call our office Monday through Thursday between 8AM and 4PM or Friday 8AM and 3PM.

Si usted está intendando notificarnos de un problema de maintenance, por favor hazlo a través de su cuenta de RentCafe. Una vez recibida esta order de trabajo será procesada al siguiente día hábil. In an emergency:

1. If the grave is exposed, the podría estar en peligro usted o alguien por favor lame al 911

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2. Si está precupado por su seguridad o la de alguien de los alrededores dueto a condiciones fuera de su control por favor llame a El paso no-emergencias para que lo assistant.

3. Fugas de gas. Llamar EP GAS AL 800-959-5325 luego notificar el problema nuestra oficina. EP GAS podría tardar hasta una hora en comunicarse con usted.

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4. Filtración de Agua causando daño a la propiedad ya adentro o afuera. Esto tiene que ser reportado imidiente a Mechanical Technology. (915) 544-1550.

Jaxon Texas Property Management

5. Si está experimentando un corte de luz por favor lea su contrato y localice la caja de fusibles. Es responsabilidad del residente saber cómo usarlo and donde está localização. Si está preoccupado por el corte por favor lame a

Jaxon Texas Property Management

Por favor envíe pedios de mantenimiento que no sean égincias via RentCafe. Por favor tenga en cuenta que su pedido de mantenimiento no será agendado si es sentivad via email o mensaje de texto. If you are supported in detail, the process in favor of preference includes a new exhibition of Lunes – Jueves de 8AM and 4PM of Viernes from 8AM and 3PM.

Submit a repair request by logging into the portal now. We will respond to your submission as soon as possible. Having trouble finding the right tenant? We use cutting-edge marketing tools to connect with a wide local audience, and we syndicate listings across a number of classifieds sites.

Never get stuck with a clueless tenant again. Our proven screening process helps us identify red flags quickly. Avoid the headache and let us find you the ideal renter.

Don’t follow up with your tenants about rent payments every month. We’ll automate your payments and pay earnings quickly to protect your cash flow.

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Tired of spending nights and weekends responding to repair requests? We provide maintenance services, keeping your property healthy and tenants happy.

Never worry about the condition of your property again. We carry out frequent inspections to ensure that tenants are adhering to the terms of their lease and to identify potential maintenance issues.

Let our team handle your accounting needs and experience the peace of mind that property experts provide. We compile and provide detailed reports on all your properties that we manage.

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Jaxon Texas Property Management

Having trouble handling a bad apple? We offer eviction protection, should something go wrong. We will resolve the situation legally and find a great new tenant to occupy.

Consultant In United States: Studio 11 Design

Are you up to date on the nuances of tenant-landlord law? Let our team provide an expert perspective, protecting you from potential legal nightmares.

As your property managers, we understand that you rely on us to do the job well. Part of that job is staying accessible to you. We respond to calls and emails as quickly as possible and work to keep you in the loop.

We are experts in property management law in Texas and New Mexico. Never find yourself in a sticky legal situation again, thanks to support from our team. We work to keep you playing by all the rules.

We have worked with hundreds and hundreds of tenants and we know what modern renters want to see in their rental property. We work tirelessly to keep our tenants satisfied, keeping problems with you.

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Our offices run on powerful property management tools that make it easy for you to manage your account with just a few clicks or ask us questions at any time. It’s a big difference you’ll notice from day one.

“Jaxon Property Management does a great job looking after my property so I don’t have to worry about them.”

Find out the monthly value of your property. Find out how to boost your profits. Find out if your property is suitable for our portfolio.

Jaxon Texas Property Management

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