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Janko Property Management – A few former Silicon Valley executives who crew on Harvard’s rowing team; A fast-growing Ohio company that owns more than 13,000 rental properties in 14 states; a native of Peru who runs real estate companies in Houston and Palm Beach, Fla.; And a Southern California woman looking for a place to park her car.

This diverse group represents a phenomenon that could have a major impact on the housing market in Milwaukee and other downtown areas. Out-of-state companies and investors attracted by cheap property and healthy profits are snapping up single-family homes and two-story units, including some apartment buildings, in Milwaukee. They rent them out, sometimes with no interest — or knowledge — of the neighbors around them.

Janko Property Management

Janko Property Management

About 6,000 properties, or 14% of all Milwaukee rental housing, are currently owned by out-of-state landlords, according to an analysis by Marquette Law School’s Lubar Center for Public Policy Research and Civic Education. In 2015 there were 4,600 houses for rent and in 2015 there were only 1,500 houses.

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This project is supported by a grant from the Marquette University School of Law’s Lubar Center for Public Policy Research and Civic Education to make possible journalism on issues of importance to the Milwaukee area. All work is carried out under the supervision of the editor of the Sentinel magazine.

These national companies and investors buy real estate in neighborhoods of all income levels. But in Milwaukee the greatest impact was in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods. Three-quarters of these vacant homeowner properties are on the north and west sides.

Cheap properties combined with tenants willing to pay rents high enough for owners to quickly cover their purchase costs and then some.

Highgrove Holdings Management Inc. Claims on its website that its Milwaukee properties “provide a substantial cash flow of 12%-18% annual returns.”

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The Southern California-based company, which has about 130 homes in its fast-growing Milwaukee portfolio, added that “each property generated an annualized gross rate of return of just over 20% and in some cases exceeded 30%.

“What we’re seeing here is people from the coast and even Chicago coming in,” said Alex Segal, a Realtor at Re/Max Lakeside, who represented the seller in the 2017 purchase of a $4.55 million Milwaukee home by a California company. Called HVL97-Mke-2017 Iceman LLC. “The cost of housing is very low here and the rent is good. The rent makes it work.”

Cheap real estate and the need for affordable rental homes brought a pair of former Silicon Valley execs to Milwaukee in 2017 to buy properties that were being sold by Segal’s clients.

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Janko Property Management

Jonathan Kibera and Thomas Fallows, his Harvard classmates and shipmates, created HVL97-Mke-2017 Iceman LLC in 2017. The company paid $4.55 million to buy 56 properties on Halloween 2017 in a deal involving Segal, according to Mkeswald’s filing. Registration of the province.

Janko Property Management

The company, along with SFR3, its sister company, currently owns approximately 95 single-family rental properties in Milwaukee. The name HVL97 is an obvious reference to Harvard University’s lightweight sailing.

The Milwaukee deal proved to be the launch for the pair’s fast-growing single-family home rental business. SFR3 currently owns about 4,000 properties in at least two metro areas and hopes to own more than $2.5 billion in properties by 2024, according to the company’s website. Since 2018, SFR3 has raised $130 million through stock sales, according to filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Buying Milwaukee initially “was an amazing opportunity,” Kibera said, because of low property costs, Kibera said, echoing reasons voiced by other large property owners. “We’re not real estate people, we’re technology people.”

Corporate America began buying rental homes after the 2008 recession, when millions of foreclosed homes hit the market.

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“Post Great Recession … there’s a lot of existing inventory — a lot of supply — and few existing home buyers,” said David Howard, executive director of the National Rental Council, an industry trade group founded seven years ago. . “The industry is still very much in the early innings.”

To date, the single-family rental industry — a phase that didn’t exist 10 years ago — accounts for a small percentage of the estimated 23 million single-family rental homes, the trade group said. But the share is rising as the company smells the potential for more profit.

“You will not be disappointed (to rent) affordable housing,” Kibera said. “I don’t see affordable housing going anywhere.”

Janko Property Management

There were 106,903 owned homes in Milwaukee in 2010, according to the US Census Bureau. In 2019, the number dropped to 95,247, a decrease of almost 11%.

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Daren Blomquist, vice president of market economics at Auction.com, an online marketplace for distressed properties, said the quality of properties owned far and wide varies.

“Some of these people take pride” in hiring good local property managers, Blomquist said. However, “out-of-state investors get a bad rap because some people don’t take care of their property.”

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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett — who often gets the chance to talk about the city’s quality of life — declined to be interviewed about the story.

But Milwaukee Assembly President Cavalier Johnson watched in dismay as absentee homeowners, some living as far as 2,000 miles from their generators, flocked to Milwaukee.

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“Sometimes they buy these houses sight unseen. Put a body in there, pay the rent and use it as a cash cow,” Johnson said. “They’re disconnected from the landlords who don’t exist … they don’t really care about the fabric of our neighborhood.”

Mike Gousha, left, expert in law and public policy, and John D. Johnson, researcher at Marquette Law School. Rick Wood / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Additionally, the Lubar Center has determined that renters often pay more monthly rent than they would on a mortgage if they owned the home.

Janko Property Management

The average assessed value of the nearly 1,000 homes owned by the nine largest out-of-state homeowners is $61,500, according to a Lubar Center analysis.

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In contrast, at least four out of nine single-family homeowners outside the largest state of Milwaukee live in homes valued at more than $1 million, the Journal Sentinel found. They are on both sides.

Kibera lives in Mill Valley, Calif., in a home valued at more than $5.2 million. The median assessed value of the 95 Milwaukee rental homes his company owns was $89,700 last year, according to a Lubar Center analysis.

“I grew up in New York City,” Kibera said. “I know what the other side of the song looks like.”

But local officials — and national housing experts — say neighborhoods and cities can lose more than money when rentals go from mom-and-pop operations to distant corporate moneymakers.

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“It’s a no-brainer if you’re sitting in Silicon Valley and your only interest is making money,” Aaron Glantz, author of “Homewreckers,” a 2019 book that chronicles the early growth of the single-family rental industry. “Suddenly you have the last absentee landlord who doesn’t know anything about the community, and the tenant doesn’t have the possibility to talk to their landlord.”

At a time when housing insecurity—and evictions in particular—is a local and national crisis, the resurgence of out-of-state groups is more aggressive than most homeowners, the Lubar Center found.

Milwaukee homeowners filed an average of 8.6 evictions per 100 units. The Lubar Center found that seven of the nine largest countries exceeded that rate, with four being evicted at a rate of at least 24 people per year per 100 units.

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Janko Property Management

The nine largest homeless landlords filed 821 evictions from 2016 through last year, according to data compiled by the Medical College of Wisconsin.

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“This is not for the faint of heart in these neighborhoods,” said David Tomblin, founder and CEO of Highgrove Holdings in Torrance, Calif. “You need to know what you’re doing, and you need to follow very strict policies. In your rental collection.”

Highgrove’s units, including the Residential Property Fund, have filed 97 evictions since 2018 for a rate of 24.4 per 100 units, according to the Lubar Center. Tomblin said many of the evictions were of tenants it inherited.

From the fall of 2016 to 2020, Milwaukee homeowners were cited for an annual average of 58.2 building code violations per 100 units. Six of the nine largest out-of-state homeowners exceeded that rate, according to the Lubar Center study.

“It’s cause for concern, obviously,” said Erica R. Roberts, commissioner of the Department of Neighborhood Services, who said she was not aware of the rate of code violations among large homeless landlords.

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This home in the 3200 block of North Buffum Street was recently acquired by an affiliate of Highgrove Holdings Management LLC, Torrance, California. Highgrove plans to renovate and rent it out. Highgrove acquired about 135 properties in Milwaukee, including about half of this block. Cary Spivak/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Houston-based Milwaukee Capital Properties LLC and its sister company, SCV Ventures LLC, had the highest eviction rate and the highest rate of building code violations among the nine largest landlords in the Lubar Center study.

Milwaukee Capital owed $186,570 in back property taxes — plus penalties and interest — as of Feb. 5, according to city records. Both companies also owe the city about $6,500 in municipal court fines.

Janko Property Management

The company is owned by Sergio Pejoves, a Peruvian who came to America in 1999 and moved to Houston around 2006. Shortly after that he began “buying distressed real estate to renovate and resell,” according to South’s website.

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