Jackson Lastra Property Management Group

Jackson Lastra Property Management Group – MIAMI – A family of three is desperate for help in their housing crisis, taking to CBS4. They tell us they are in dire straits financially and paying for two apartments, including one they never wanted. We share their request for help.

Craig Shubin’s family makes two large home payments. They juggle their mortgage at Plantation while paying rent in Weston.

Jackson Lastra Property Management Group

Jackson Lastra Property Management Group

Shubin told CBS4 that his homeowner’s association was to blame for failing to make legal decisions to fix the damaged building.

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Heartbroken, Shubin looks at his daughter’s temporary room. Except it’s not the bedroom. This is their living room and he sleeps on the pull out couch.

“His whole life turned upside down when he was 12,” Shubin said from his Weston rental. “Unfortunate deal we had to put up with because of the conditions the HOA put us in.”

A stressed-out Shubin told us she was “desperate” wondering how long she would be able to afford her rent in Weston while paying the mortgage and HOA fees on her Wimbledon apartment in Jacaranda.

Shubin showed us the water damage in every room. According to this December 3rd report, some stains have microbial growth.

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He pointed to the area outside the fence as the culprit. He said the HOA failed to install proper drainage in the common areas.

He said he could hear the sound of water coming from under the tile floor in the bedroom. We’ve seen titles transfer easily when he steps on it.

The contractor listed on the estimate told us it was based on the scope of work submitted by the previous HOA and management company.

Jackson Lastra Property Management Group

By November 2021, the neighborhood had a new property management company, Jackson Lastra. Shubin said they told the family to vacate the apartment for repairs.

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The chosen contractor told us the first time we walked into the condo. They understood that the scope of work was different from what was presented and they were never offered a contract to start work.

On Nov. 19, Shubin’s attorney told Shubin that the owner of the company had cut Shubin a check, saying, “[the contractor] has no contract with this project and wants to end it.”

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Shubin said the original estimate of $152,000 in home renovations from July 19 was insufficient.

Renting in Weston, paying $4,500 plus mortgage and HOA fees, waiting to fix up.

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“[The HOA] is aware of the situation,” Shubin said. They did nothing for any of us. We are the people who suffer.”

The Shubin family is suing again to recover additional out-of-pocket expenses while renting in Weston. Shubin said they hope to reach a financial agreement with Jackson Lastra and Wimbledon at Jacaranda.

Shubin’s homeowner’s insurance is through the HOA. Neither they nor the property management group returned our calls, so it’s unclear whether the group’s insurance company or just the HOA should be responsible for the new settlement agreement.

Jackson Lastra Property Management Group

Many people are asking for help because of the housing crisis. That’s why CBS News Miami wants to share your story to show how you’ve been through a crisis or how you’ve navigated the system. We will highlight these issues and work to find answers and solutions. Email us at [email protected]

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Joe Gorchow joins CBS4 News as a seasoned reporter and anchor with extensive live and breaking news experience. Joe’s competitive nature and passion for community relations are a perfect fit for his role at WFOR. He strives to deliver the coverage our viewers deserve. Eroding Land and Erasing Land: A Qualitative Study of Land Attachment, Risk Perceptions, and Coastal Land Loss in South Louisiana.

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Jackson Lastra Property Management Group

Received: April 20, 2021 / Revised: May 21, 2021 / Accepted: May 26, 2021 / Published: June 1, 2021

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As the pandemic continues and lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted, authorities have provided beachgoers with several social distancing options. These include various options, such as placing terraces and beach umbrellas at specified distances, and establishing physical limits using ropes and even fences and huts (Figure 1). More drastic measures required reservations to visit beaches in Spain [3, 6], Italy [7], and Argentina [8]. These guidelines may seem relatively simple to implement, but are they?

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