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J Loew Property Management

J Loew Property Management

Glenloch Corporate Center is a three-storey multi-tenant Class A suburban office building of approximately 95,800 square feet in the Exton/Whitelands office submarket. The property, built in 1988 and renovated in 2013, is zoned OL (Office Laboratory) and is intended for multiple purposes, including business, medicine, research and development. The outdoor area offers ample landscaping including mature trees, shrubs, three ponds and an outdoor deck overlooking the ponds. The tenant has access to a loading dock and employees have access to a shared kitchen with sales services. Glenloch Corporate Center offers excellent freeway access with direct access to Route 202 and secondary access to Swedesford Road and Route 30. Route 202 is a major limited access regional artery connecting King of Prussia with I-76 and I-276. on the east, West Chester, Exton, Chadds Ford and Wilmington, Delaware, on the west and southwest. In addition, the area is served by more than five stops on SEPTA’s Paoli/Thorndale Line, which provides direct connections to and from downtown Philadelphia. This convenient connectivity provides easy commuting and access to nearby shops, restaurants and industrial parks.

What The Future Holds For Pittsburgh’s Water Authority

The office property at 1475 Phoenixville Pike, West Chester, PA 19380 is currently available for lease. Contact Hunter Durant, LLC for more information.

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Former De Ruad Street resident Devin McClain outside his former apartment building in January. (Photo by Jay Manning/)

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Nearly six months ago, on August 17th, residents of the De Ruad Street Apartments in West Oakland watched their homes go up in flames.

J Loew Property Management

A five-alarm fire left seventeen units uninhabitable at a low-income apartment complex owned by Allegheny Housing Rehabilitation Corporation [AHRCO]. Some residents lost everything.

After Six Months, Former De Ruad Street Residents Find Both New Beginnings And Ongoing Struggles

According to the AHRCO president, the company found places for all 17 households within a week, but only nine accepted the offer. Some families were offered housing in the Hill District; some families accepted the housing offered in West Mifflin, but about half of the families found more housing near their previous residence because moving that far would be a burden for them.

According to Cassandra Williams, director of community relations for Councilman R. Daniel Lavelle, three other families whose units were not deemed uninhabitable also decided they needed to move because they were concerned about how the smoky buildings would affect their health.

Four out of 20 De Ruad Street households registered in the last six months. Some residents described how aid was slow to arrive and not enough to make up for all they lost. This meant their lives were in turmoil for weeks or months.

AHRCO, local elected leaders, nonprofits, universities and local government agencies offered assistance to residents, including temporary shelter, gift cards and bus tickets. They brought them warm food while they were in temporary shelter and helped them get new ID cards.

Fifth Avenue Luxury Rental Apartments In Upper East Side, New York City

Some residents complained that AHRCO did not adequately repair their apartments before the fires and did not provide enough assistance afterward.

In response, AHRCO President Lara Washington promised to start meeting with residents more often and educating them about the importance of having renter’s insurance to cover fire damage. The company has also said that the repairs were made on time.

“We have 3,000 residents and most of them are very happy with their housing and there are always dissenters and we’re open to that and we want to hear their opinions as well,” said Washington, who described the company’s operations. answer in December 2nd entry.

J Loew Property Management

For low-income residents already struggling to make ends meet, starting over made life even more difficult.

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A fire on De Ruad Street on August 17 forced the evacuation of 17 households. Another three households sought alternative housing due to smoke damage. (Photo by Ryan Loew/)

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Geraldine Shields was frustrated trying to replace more than 15 years’ worth of belongings. She worried her mental health was being affected as she got used to living more than an hour’s bus ride away from her home and friends of more than 15 years.

Devin McClain refused the housing offered to him by AHRCO because his workplace and the network he relied on were still in the Hill District. He then became homeless for months and bounced between friends’ apartments.

Desirea Pate couldn’t find transportation for her son, Ny’Air, to get him to school safely until early November. He had to give up jobs as he waited to find permanent housing.

J. Loew & Associates, Real Estate Development & Management

Shortly after finding permanent housing in West Oakland at a nonprofit where Ny’Air received tutoring, she was awakened in the middle of the night by a police officer.

His building was on fire. A downed power line was the likely culprit in the Jan. 12 fire.

So a few days later, when Desirea and Ny’Air returned, they found a hole in the hallway and Ny’Air’s belongings in a mess: her mattress, bed frame, sheets, curtains, rug, and some of her clothes were all ruined.

J Loew Property Management

Facing adversity after the August 17th fire, four households shared the story of how they coped with sudden displacement and the search for stability.

Phoenixville Pike, West Chester, Pa 19380

Former De Ruad Street resident Devin McClain placed his hand on a tree trunk in the front yard of the Hill District home where his grandmother lived. (Photo by Jay Manning/)

On a recent January afternoon, Devin McClain stopped by the empty lot where his grandmother’s house used to be in the Hill District. The plot was overgrown and the litter scattered.

He hadn’t been in years, he said, pointing to a scar on the bark of the tree in front of him. He remembered the scar from when his uncle had taken a bat to it. But the mark seemed to be slightly out of place, he said, slowly rubbing the front of his hand against the tree, as if he could still feel the roughness of his childhood bark.

Devin, now 38, moved into his grandmother’s house with his mother and sister in ninth grade around the time his father died. He was kicked out of Schenley High School that year after a fight and commuted to Brashear High School until graduation.

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Our People Are Our Foundation

The home is a block from where Devin’s father grew up and about a block from where playwright August Wilson grew up, he said. It’s not far from the site of the Civic Arena, which was built when his parents were growing up after mass displacement in the Lower Hill District.

When Devin watched his apartment building catch fire on August 17, his eviction was underway and he had already moved most of his belongings out. Some of the residents had lived in the building for years, but Devin had only been there for about two years.

Home has rarely been a source of stability. He spent his early years in a newly built middle-class cul-de-sac in the Hill District with both his parents. But divorce, death and drug addiction in the family made the rest of his childhood difficult.

J Loew Property Management

He made it to his senior year of college before falling behind and dropping out. Since then he has lived in many buildings, sometimes with family, sometimes with friends, often paying rent based on income; he’s been evicted more than once, lived out of a truck for nine months, and lived in a tent in the woods near Fifth Avenue for another five.

One Carnegie Hill Luxury Rental Apartments In Upper East Side, New York City

In 2017, an apartment on De Ruad Street, where he paid only $25 a month in rent for a while, was a godsend. He had been homeless for less than a year then, and the person he lived with before had no hot water, so he had to boil water on the stove to take a bath.

Instead of just a physical home, he has built a small community of friends and associates in the Hill District. He said he developed a reputation as a reliable errand boy who walked across the Birmingham Bridge to fetch liquor and cigarettes from the South Side. He helped elderly people clean their homes and tried to inform other residents

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