J&h Asset Property Management

J&h Asset Property Management – This paper aims to gain an understanding of the involvement of facility management (FM) and medical staff in Norwegian new hospital projects and to study the results. and lessons learned through collaboration.

This study is based on a cross-sectional study of eight hospitals by using data analysis, interviews and case studies of FM and medical staff and managers. lead projects (PLs) at Sykehusbygg.

J&h Asset Property Management

J&h Asset Property Management

Service design with the interaction of PL’s at Sykehusbygg, and the different disciplines of medical staff and FM experts are beneficial and efficient. The service role of Sykehusbygg is important to manage the extensive and complex cooperation process that uses different methods at different levels of the project (interviews, review meetings, training, background writing, 2-D drawing, mock-up and 3-D modeling, including virtual reality (VR) and Building Information Modeling Technology). The medical staff process is more dynamic and more complex than the participation of FM skills from different levels of the project. Equipment management capabilities are involved in the initial concept and design stages, while Operations and Maintenance (O&M) capabilities are involved through construction and operation. stage. The value of FM participation in all phases of the project has been shown to be beneficial, especially when the FM specialist has become part of the design team and is physically present at the same location. The main reported benefits of early FM involvement are better solutions and settings, better design and improved performance, as well as stronger ownership and collaboration. quality of treatment and FM discipline. However, not all hospital organizations see the benefits of FM participation at all levels, as they are driven by capital cost reduction. In one of the new projects, another way of engaging FM skills was tested. In addition, especially for O&M capabilities, networking with the clear purpose of sharing knowledge with different solutions has shown a positive effect on the results effect of costs.

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This study does not consider the social impact of the choices made in the design phase. The findings also indicated some improvements in FM participation. This has not been studied in two of the newest projects where they are still in the design phase and the FM role is not being interviewed.

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Discussions with an O&M group were found to be useful and useful for knowledge sharing. This process can be developed and tested further, because the stakeholder group is not always available to provide input into the project.

The value of this study is to describe the interaction between PLs and the hospital organization in eight projects and lessons learned from the participation of FM expertise and staff treatment.

Støre-Valen, M. (2021), “FM and medical staff involvement in the design of eight Norwegian hospitals”, Sources, Vol. 39 no. 11/12, pp. 778-801. https://doi.org/10.1108/F-06-2020-0076

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Medical facility management (FM) is different from other professions, because they work for medical staff, patients and visitors in the hospital. Health workers are recognized as experts in the design of health services and FM treatment is an important component of health service delivery (Gelnay, 2002) in Lavy and Fernandez-Solis (2010).

Performance measurement is important for making the workplace efficient (Lai and Yuen, 2020) and is especially important for measuring improvement. Finding key performance indicators (KPI’s) has been debated among researchers and has been reported to monitor and evaluate the quality of FM services (Amos et al., 2020).

J&h Asset Property Management

Rodríguez-Labajos et al. (2018) looked at how performance measurement is a tool for informing decisions at the strategic level in four English-speaking countries. They found that the performance measurement tools adopted by the government’s health care assets were important.

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In 2016–2019, the Norwegian Government requires regional health trusts to present a long-term development plan (up to 2035) that sets out the overall plan for their development healing the future of religious health and buildings [Free text: Meld. St. 11 (2015/2016)]. The development plan consists of KPI’s at the competitive level, use of space and capacity, technology, usability and transformation of existing products, as well as the space and the production capacity.

However, as stated by many researchers, the effect of KPI on the level of work is about not only the measures related to planning maintenance and estimating work costs. every year but also measures services like work, professionalism and skills (Amos et al., 2020; Lai and Yuen, 2020; Lai and Man, 2018; Lavy et al., 2014) .

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Boge and Salaj (2017) describe the evaluation process of the FM department of a Norwegian hospital. The FM department participates in the national evaluation process run by the Sales and Management Office (Nfn). Participants can meet annually to compare results and seek to improve their services. As this is not a government requirement, not all Norwegian hospitals are participating in the research. This is not the purpose of this study but is an interesting topic for further research.

In Norway, FM practices in hospitals are often called “hospital services”, divided into property management (PM), Office and Maintenance (O&M) and side services. in, with discipline under. In addition, the FM organization has access to some support such as marketing, human resources and consultancy [information and communication technology (ICT) and other service providers]. In general, the method of FM operation can be easily illustrated as shown in Figure 1.

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The hospital service organization works for hospitals that are part of the regional trust, meaning that they work for somatic, as well as psychiatric hospitals and medical centers, located at various locations in the following regions: Helse Vest, Helse Sør-Øst, Helse Midt and Helse Nord.

Shohet and Lavy (2004a) divided the FM elements into 6 main categories: Management, Operations Management, Safety Management, Development, Support Services and ICT, which ICT function integrates all other.

Today, many FM projects are handled by Building Automation Systems (BAS) or FM equipment, so the ICT project is not a separate project, but instead becomes part of the entire FM project. . However, monitoring, performance and risk management are still relevant today, although there is less focus on working with audits and reports. check, a model uses a digital web that communicates with interfaces and units. This project is organized in the O&M department, while Development is managed by the PM department. Shohet and Lavy (2004a, 2004b) group Supply Service management into a group, similar to “internal services” in Norwegian hospitals (Figure 1).

J&h Asset Property Management

In 2014, Sykehusbygg was established by the government, consisting of four regional health authorities, to contribute to the future development of hospital construction in Norway. As Norwegian hospitals are mostly publicly funded, Sykehusbygg has been given the responsibility to collaborate, learn from successful new projects through innovation and experience. , and the transfer of knowledge. They are responsible for setting up both the building project and the planning and interpretation of key projects in the concept phase. In the design and construction phase, they enter the main role in project management and work well together with the project organization on the one hand, and the hospital organization on the other.

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The role of Sykehusbygg is well recognized in the hospital sector and as an intermediary, thus facilitating the process of the client and the work organization. They also contribute and coordinate ideas through the continuous process of the hospital’s organizational development process (OD process) and development.

Over the years, they have accumulated expertise and experience as project managers (PL’s) at various hospitals. Based on this experience, Sykehusbygg has developed guidelines for end-user engagement processes to help healthcare professionals communicate the big picture and the overall goal. on the job, as well as ensuring participation and ownership of the project. They have experienced from a previous project that the participants in this process will need some education and training to understand their role in the process, in addition to their availability real potential of how they can influence decisions. This framework is based on service design (Sykehusbygg, 2017), and will be further explained in the findings section.

This paper presents a study of how early FM involvement in the design and construction phase of new hospitals has been implemented. The participation process is compared with the way of practicing the end user participation of the medical staff.

This has driven the writer to gain more insight into the complex process of user engagement. Therefore, the method for this study is

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