Insync Property Management

Insync Property Management – 2 InSync Locks & SAM RF Software: The Perfect Combination of Style and Security When it comes to community needs, developers and asset managers know that a company’s hardware is just as important as a well-designed unit. Today’s renters want a place that is built with a sense of community or services that help manage the work life. All the best, all the convenience of selling offers and includes security and access control. Kaba’s InSync lock and SAM RF software provide developers and asset managers with seamless integration and security. Kaba InSync Locks are the first choice for developers and property managers looking for an advanced control solution that simplifies key management, simplifies operations, and increases community security. InSync locks are ideal for all types of multi-functional homes, including affordable housing, garden-style, mid-rise, high-rise, luxury, student, and senior living. With a variety of locking options available, InSync locking is ideal for retrofit and new construction projects. InSync locks work with SAM RF software to create a single key management and access control system for perimeter, utility and utility doors as well as apartment buildings or bedrooms. With the InSync system, asset managers close once; The app stores important information, such as access codes, on keys. When a user shows a new key that unlocks, it disables the previous key. Only one key is needed for multiple access points, creating a smooth and efficient user experience. InSync lock models accommodate almost all types of family and social security and common area uses, and the lock features modern finishes and lever options to complement any design. All InSync locks operate using four standard AA batteries. No cables required. The InSync lock fits standard door designs and meets UL requirements for a 20-minute or three-hour fire rating. InSync automatically stores log entries with time, date, and identification information; non-volatile memory maintains a system of control and information control. SAM RF Software From design to installation, SAM RF software is intuitive and easy to use and includes the following features: User interface with drop-down menus for program keys, user creation and authorization, and system transaction reporting. The group allows the group to set up to provide administrative control to employees and to restrict the creation of keys. User ID and password protection and administration. Multiple storage options to enable management of multiple properties from one system. Multiple and customizable levels, including Resident, Zone, Master, Limited Use, and Emergency. InSync Locks Work with SAM RF Software, Key Encoders, and RFID Tags to create a complete control system. InSync Locks InSync Locks includes all the features you need to match your property’s design, budget, and security needs. InSync configurations include: Features A dedicated entry point for homes, offices, utility rooms, and more. Functional Suite Ideal for multiple rentals per apartment, such as student housing. If a resident loses a key, a new key replaces the lost key and keeps the residents together. Common functions Used for perimeter access and convenient locations, including pay-to-use locations, common closures may have limitations during a specified period of use. In addition, in order to further support the energy-efficient system, Kaba’s experts are available to create a specific resource database that meets the research design and control requirements. SAM RF Key Fob RFID technology is a near reader that replaces hard fobs or readers for reliable reading, durability, and low maintenance. Read/write technology that allows the key to be repeated and repeated. Multiple security controls are unique to each property. Time-stamped expiration for added security. The unique polymer construction repels moisture and protects the embedded code. Dual Technologies: Integrated One-Key InSync RFID and dual technologies include standard HiTag technology with Prox, MIFARE, or DESFire. The key is set based on the operating protocol of the existing system. The InSync RFID key and two-way technology allows the property to use the same key to work with the access control system. 3

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3 Application Entrance Door (D, I, L, M) Bedroom Door (D, I, L, M) Storage Cabinet Patio (D, I, L, M) Community Room (CL, CM) Pool Gate (CL, CM Pedestrian Gate (CL, CM) Elevator Garage Door (CR) Parking (CR) Elevator (CR) Business Center (CL, CM) Exercise Room (CL, CM) Storage Room (D, I, L, M) Room Mechanical (D, I, L, M) Office Door (D, I, L, M) Staircase Door (CL, CM, CP) Entry Door (CL, CM, CP, CR) Rented Office (CR, D, I ), L, M) InSync is a complete line of locks for every resident and community. The Locking Suite and Locking Suite keep track of up to 200 audit trails; standard lockers are designed for heavy duty environments and can store 2,000,000 entries. InSync Lock Hardware Options Locks designed for use in all types of families and organizations: InSync D InSync I InSync M * 1″ ADB Locks designed for use in a variety of applications: InSync CR 4 InSync CL InSync L InSync CP InSync CM * Optional 1″ automatic disc (ADB)

Insync Property Management

Insync Property Management

4 InSync Locking Model Options InSync D Electronic Deadbolt InSync I Electron Interconnect Locking Note: Passage pattern shown above is not included. Description 1″ deadbolt (D, I) 2⅜” (60mm) or 2¾” (70mm) back (D, I) Front hinge (D, I) Standard door deadbolt size (D, I) Door width: 1⅜ “2” (D, I. 4 AA batteries (D, I) One-way egress connection (I) When the front lever is rotated, both the deadbolt and the deadbolt are retracted at the same time ADA compliant with thumb (I) InSync L Electronic lock with and Tubular Deadlatch InSync M Electronic Lock with ASM Mortise Description ½” tubular deadlatch (L) 2⅜” (60mm) or 2¾” (70mm) rear (L) UL approved for use on fire rated doors: 20 minute rating (L) Front hinge ( Union model only) (L. to 151 F (-35 C to 66 C) 1″ automatic deadbolt (ADB) (M) 2¾”. qualified with thumbscrews (L, M) 5

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5 InSync Area Locked InSync C products offer a variety of alternatives when it comes to solving the problem of community control. InSync CR Standard Electronic List Reader InSync CP Electronic List Locking Output Device InSync CL Electronic Lock with Tubular Deadlatch InSync CM Electronic Control Equipped with ASM Mortise Description Remote Control (RCU) Switch Works with Electric Locking Device (CR) Control electronic and magnetic fields. up to 24 volts AC/DC (CR) Functions as an electronic control unit (ECU) with one relay (CR) Environmental: Indoor/Outdoor (CR, CP) -31 F to 151 F (-35 C to 66 C) Available in flush or above surface (CR) Works with metal outlet and metal outlet for standard doors (CP) Connection with external lead hardware* (CP) Connected to different level and storage surface of vertical rod panic hardware* (CP). ” Manual or to match Lever Optio ns Apogee Arc Gala Troy Continental Vintage Bright Chrome 26 Bright Brass U3 Satin Chrome 26D Satin Brass U4 Satin Nickel U15 Dark Mahogany 10B Note: Vintage Parts are not available in Satin Nickel. All other options lever is available in all finishes Heavy Chrome (EHC PVD) finish is available on Apogee satin chrome lever ONLY Customer lever options are also available contact Kaba Access and Data Systems Americas for availability and lead time 6

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Insync Property Management

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