Imc Property Management Hilton Head

Imc Property Management Hilton Head – Stories everywhere; from the above picture of a house in Bluffton, SC to the incredible pictures of the houses at Hilton Head Plantation – the house was cut in half by 2 pine trees falling together on the roof, on the roof and below the ground. front door.

The best part of the story is that America is great; we are resilient people, strangers who help each other, people who care. From the little kids I saw selling lemons to benefit Bluffton Self Help, to the little girl I saw dragging a big branch down the street in her wagon from her neighbor’s yard to put it in the garbage provided by the homeowners association, in restaurants. in Bluffton that was not affected by the storm and brought hot meals to first responders and lines of people trying to restore power; was surrounded by love, care, and help.

Imc Property Management Hilton Head

Imc Property Management Hilton Head

Our Realtors® have been everywhere; shooting photos and videos for many out-of-town clients concerned about the condition of their remote properties. I photographed yesterday for people who turned me down for rent; I just know their desire to have specific stories, insights, reports, and pictures; Thanks, I had good news to report. One Realtor® I know in particular, Bland Kiser, gathered his friends and a fellow builder and posted his number on Facebook so people could reach out and ask for help with tree removal and installation. the roofs.

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Realtor® and Mayor extraordinaire, Lisa Sulka, Mayor of Bluffton, leading her team with the strong support of City Manager Marc Orlando, has been overwhelmed by the support of people and businesses throughout the city of Bluffton and in the Beaufort County was not incorporated. Staying during the storm, advertising and communicating until the power goes out, then quickly realizes that social media is the only way to get the word out; amazing and outstanding – representing the best of a true Realtor® – a social worker.

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The town of Hilton Head in the person of Steve Riley is coordinated with many ‘farms’ / organizations that were impressive.

Just in case you think it’s back to normal; that’s not right. The result of the uprooting of large trees cut off underground water and canals; is working closely with the Beaufort Jasper Sewer & Water Authority (BJWSA) at all times.

The advisory has been lifted for most, if not all, of the island as of the morning of 10/14/16. At Port Royal Plantation, I witnessed crews knee-deep in water trying to repair water lines on Coggins Point Road in front of Sally Port; they stopped the flow and repaired it within a few hours.

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Roads in many communities have been cleared of large trees but some roads in Hilton Head Plantation and Sea Pines Resort remain impassable due to remaining trees. fallen trees or water bodies. That is as of Friday 10/14/16 – just one week after the storm hit. I bet with confidence that by the end of the week, everything will be confirmed. The speed is amazing! For specific information on trails in Sea Pines Resort  USE THIS LINK provided by Community Services Association (CSA).

FEMA was on the ground and in the air; there are specific procedures that must be followed to ensure that federal funds are received. The City of Hilton Head has been thorough in their handling of the information needed to ensure that residents, and The Town, can receive adequate funding.

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Many of the company’s affiliates, boards of directors, group emails, facebook pages, and special shout outs to IMC Resort Services are provided. Communicate closely, pollinate, and report to each community and facility they manage. If they manage your property, or you’re thinking of buying a property in one of their managed communities, or you’re just curious, use the NEXT USE THIS to search for personal information.

Imc Property Management Hilton Head

Restaurants are gradually reopening and many, if not most, stores are now able to restock. Although it is an “R” month, but the authority to confirm that the oyster beds are no longer damaged is the DHEC and due to problems with the damage to the pipes and tanks, it is not said when they will allow let us eat our beloved May River oysters.

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For those who are thinking of buying real estate on Hilton Head and are now worried, or considering taking the island off their list – my advice is please don’t. In many ways, Hilton Head Island will be stronger, definitely brighter and more open – sometimes visitors complain that they can’t see the shops or sign up at night and you can now. So, there is always a rainbow. When will you come again; it is autumn, the weather is beautiful, there are festivals, we welcome you.

Provides a window into Hilton Head Island, Bluffton & the lowlands, and all that is happening in the area.

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