Huseman Property Management

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Kenneth Huseman provides the information you need to know if you are considering buying property in Rosarito Beach Mexico

Huseman Property Management

Huseman Property Management

US Citizens can own property in the restricted zone which is all about Baja California and I want to say right off the bat that the 99 Year Lease is just not true, it’s fake, it’s made up by the media. No one has a 99 Year Lease and the only Legal Lease in Mexico is a Ten Year Lease.

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A bank trust is a way for your assets to be protected, so you create a trust and put your assets in this trust, and then give instructions as to what happens to those assets.

When you have a trust, it’s a way for your heirs to receive the assets in the trust, and they don’t have to go through probate or anything else to get the assets, so it’s just a way to protect the assets when you pass, and that means whether they’re used for the United States, but here you form a trust, so you are not really the owner of the title but you are the owner of the trust.

Here in Mexico the only way to own property is as a foreigner, you will hear of other ways to own property, such as land leases and Ejido land, but you are not the simple title owner of the property. manner.

This is the only way a foreigner can own property in Mexico, if someone tells you differently, it’s not true and again, back to the 99 Year Lease, which doesn’t exist and everyone talks about it, but it’s not the way. So you have to go through the Bank Trust, which is called Fideicomiso in Mexico and the way all foreigners have it.

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Golf Inc. September/october 2018

Is the Bank Trust, Fideicomiso in Mexico managed by the bank, so the title will be this trust and you will be the beneficiary of the trust.

No, there are different providers of bank trusts and basically the bank manages the trust that creates the trust and manages the trust, so if you decide you want to buy property in Mexico, you go to one of these banks, one of the banks here in Mexico can make trust and they will administrate it, it is believed that the title of the trust is not the property of the bank so if something happens to the bank then the trust will move to another bank and they will not administer the trust. The trust is good for 50 years and is renewable for another 50 years.

The cost may vary, but basically the cost to set it up is $2,000 USD and the annual cost is $500 USD, the annual cost includes TAX, so it ends up being around $580 USD.

Huseman Property Management

Contact Us: info@ © All Rights Reserved 2018-2021 / This website is provided by Baja123.comMark Huseman was born and raised in Southern Maryland. They really believe in the “handshake deal” and your word is what you do. Mark has been involved in property management, real estate and now in the concrete coating business.

How Foreigners Can Get Titles In Mexico?

The best advice Mark gives to everyone is to say “Yes!” People get too caught up in it when the opportunity comes to them, they get too caught up in it, “I don’t know if I can do this” and they talk themselves out of it. He always tells people to say yes because if you don’t, there’s a one hundred percent chance you’ve failed. I If you say yes, at least you have given yourself a 50-50 shot of doing it.

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You should go out and get your feet wet. It just requires you to jump in with both feet, enjoy the journey, take it day by day and see where it takes you. With business people, no matter what they do, the most successful people are the ones who are passionate. If you’re excited about it, you’ll know. The money will come and everything else will. If you really like it, you can do it.

If you ask a business person who has been doing what he has been doing for 20 years if he knows everything, he will answer, “No, no. We are still living day by day. We are still just making it work.” With the pandemic continuing, there is no plan; but as an entrepreneur, you must be open to see the problem, learn how to fix it and determine what the next 5 or 10 steps are.

The property business came to Mark in 2006 where he was selling real estate and he saw that the flow of business he was riding would not last. The owner of a previous property business wanted to get out of the business and come to Mark, so it seemed like an opportunity fell into his lap. During that time, Mark didn’t know anything, but he said yes. 15 years later, the company is very successful and works out very well.

Meet The Team

Amvet started with a “Come-to-God Moment” in Mark’s life because of a personal problem. After that happened, he found himself in a place where he didn’t like what the business was doing. His friend came with a company he found and he was looking for a dealer. His friend asked him if he could come down and meet him, he went and the only chance he threw was to Mark and he said yes.

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Mark’s advice to new entrepreneurs is that if you have something you love, go for it and give it a try. Sometimes people just need a little kick to put them over the edge or for someone to say, “Listen, if you think you have to have all the answers, we all don’t have the answers. We’re all in the same boat. Just get out there and try.” because you will surprise yourself every time.

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Huseman Property Management

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