Hsm Property Management

Hsm Property Management – The integration of SiteMinder with the Thales Hardware Security Module (HSM) enables you to store private keys in the HSM.

Since Release 12.8.06, SiteMinder can be integrated with a hardware security module (HSM). SiteMinder supports Thales Luna HSM (formerly SafeNet Luna SA HSM) Client 10.2 and 10.3 on HSM Appliance Version 7.x for storing private keys that are part of asymmetric x.509 key pairs. For information about supported versions of Clients and HSM Appliances, see the Platform Support Matrix.

Hsm Property Management

Hsm Property Management

You can use private keys that are stored in either a data store (CDS) within the policy store or the HSM.

Extending The Benefits Of Hsms For Protecting Private Keys

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As an HSM Administrator, install the HSM Universal Client (HSM Client) on the machine where the Policy Server is installed. If you want to install HSM on a new machine, make sure you install Policy Server on the same machine in the next step.

On Windows, use an Administrator account to install the HSM Client. On Linux, install the HSM Client as the root user. If SiteMinder was previously installed on the machine using a non-root user, make sure the non-root user has read and execute permissions on the HSM Client installation directory.

On Linux, if SiteMinder was previously installed using a non-root user, add this non-root user to the hsmusers group when the HSM Client installation is complete. For more information, see the Thales Luna documentation.

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Demystifying Kms Keys Operations, Bring Your Own Key (byok), Custom Key Store, And Ciphertext Portability

To establish trust between the HSM Client and the Appliance (HSM Server) as an HSM Administrator, register the HSM Client with the HSM Server and then assign the Client to the server domain assigned to SiteMinder. Make sure the HSM Client and Server are communicating.

This process can be done in many ways. For information on possible methods, see the Thales Luna documentation.

If the Policy Server is still to be installed on the machine where the HSM Client is installed, proceed to install the Policy Server on the same machine, as the SiteMinder Administrator.

Hsm Property Management

For details, see Install Policy Server on Windows or Install Policy Server on UNIX depending on your operating system.

Cmfs For Facility Types Of The Hsm Supplement To The 1st Edition

On Linux, if Policy Server is installed using a non-root user, add this non-root user to the hsmusers group. For more information, see the Thales Luna documentation.

When you configure the HSM Client on the Policy Server, SiteMinder uses this configuration to communicate with the HSM Server using the HSM Client.

The configuration of the hsmconfig.properties file is optional as all configuration parameters are set to default values ​​using the information provided in the wizard or using the standard required for the integration to work. Edit the file to perform only the following functions, as needed:

SiteMinder provides the following options in smkeytool at /bin to import the public certificate of the private key stored in the HSM:

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When importing the public certificate of the private key, make sure that the value of the Alias ​​field matches the private key registry stored in the HSM Server.

The new parameter called Device has the following possible values ​​introduced in the CdsCertificate object to determine if the private key should be stored in the CDS or HSM:

For information about signing and encryption, see Signing and Encryption Dialog (SAML 2.0 IdP) and Signing and Encryption Dialog (SAML 2.0 SP).

Hsm Property Management

SiteMinder now uses private keys stored in the HSM during signing and decryption operations, as specified, in the transaction.

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The Policy Server trace log file contains information when the private key in the HSM is used for signing and signing operations.

The existing private key in the CDS that is used in the following operations can be transferred into the HSM:

If this private key is used in other features such as WS-FED or SAML 1.1, the private key cannot be transferred into the HSM as these features are not supported in this integration. If you want to continue moving the private key into the HSM, use a new key-pair for other things.

Note: If FIPS is enabled in SiteMinder or in HSM, before transferring an existing private key from CDS to HSM, ensure that the private key algorithm is supported by Thales. For information on FIPS-approved methods by Thales, see the Thales documentation.

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